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Updated: July 23rd, 2021 06:41 AM IST

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@Socceroos I’m not gonna get carried away but… Atkinson is better than Cafu, Deng is better than Maldini, Glover is better than Buffon, McGree is better than Zidane and Tilio is obviously better than WHAT A RESULT

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@RNogarotto 100% Remo - totally agree. COVID has undeniably played a part. Not only in giving many of these players a better go in senior football, but also enabled Messrs Wales, Atkinson & McGree time to serve out a suspension that would have ruled them out 12 months ago.

@AndyHowe_statto And here I was wondering how McGree didn’t score a brace. Amazing mate, hope you are well!!

12 – Phelipe Megiolaro [I] 13 – Riley McGree [I] 14 – Andy Najar 15 – Federico Versaci [SM – I] 16 – Matko Miljevic 17 – Brandt Bronico [SM] 19 – Matías Arezo [I] 20 – Alejandro Fuenmayor 21 – Brian Nicklaw [GA] 22 – Desevio Payne 23 – Tomás Conechny [R] 24 – Andrew Tarbell

Fantastic win by the #Olyroos over one of the world football’s Riley McGree certainly doesn’t die #ARGvAUS

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神インテリアデザインスタジオのStudio McGreeが自宅プール公開したんだけどまじで素敵すぎてやばい。美しすぎる…。カラフルなのとかが好きな人には物足りないだろうけどニュートラルなデザインが大好きな私にはStudio McGeeのすべてが神すぎる…。


@Rachel_Organa Great result for you today. Missed the match as was working. How did Riley McGree play. He’s been a great player for us at Birmingham

Después de 4726 días, la selección de Australia u23 #Olyroos jugó nuevamente un partido en unos Juegos Olímpicos y lo hizo con VICTORIA 🎉 Este fue el once titular con dos jugadores mayores de 23 años como Duke y Deng #ARGvAUS Mediocampo top con McGree, Metcalfe y Genreau

#Olimpiadas2020 Termina em Sapporo Dome Argentina 0x2 Austrália Destaques individuais (Minha Opinião): ✅🇦🇷 Vera - 21 anos ✅🇦🇷 Valenzuela - 24 anos ✅🇦🇺 McGree - 22 anos ✅🇦🇺 Genreau - 22 anos OLHO NELES!!!

McGree, Arsani, había nivel. Pero era hoy. Es complicado empezar así un JJOO en el que te vas a cruzar con una España de plantel Euro+figuras juveniles.

@TP0wen Riley McGree with two spectacular attempts for Australia and then tried to tee a team mate up when it would have been better to shoot himself.

Pretty awesome to see a guy like McGree come up from Gawler, get his chance at AU, turn himself into a standout at A-League level and now deliver a performance like that against Argentina. And there’s still more to come

@RobbieSlater17 @Socceroos Great result Robbie. played so well. Deng was immense at the back. Mcgree had a great game. All round fantastic performance. Too many yellows anly downside.

McGree might get MOTM, Wales and Tilio may have got the goals, but this guy was something else. #Tokyo2020 #GoOlyroos

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dont feel bad for the argentinians. feel bad for the poor japanese bird that mcgree’s gonna bring back to his room

@Socceroos I’m not gonna get carried away but… Atkinson is better than Cafu, Deng is better than Maldini, Glover is better than Buffon, McGree is better than Zidane and Tilio is obviously better than WHAT A RESULT

Finally Arzani is off 78 minutes too late. Interesting that almost all the players with yellows are still on. Wonder is McGree is feeling a bit tight #ARGvAUS

What’s the bet McGree attempts a Scholes-esque volley direct from a corner this Olympics #ARGvAUS #TokyoOlympics

@scout_aussie Great performance from all the lads so far. Metcalfe solid, McGree just box office

McGree knows he was robbed of the Puskas award, loving him trying to score goal of the tournament wherever possible 😂#Argvaus #Tokyo2020

After being robbed of the Puskas, it is all McGree can think about going by this evidence

Riley McGree will shoot from hallway but not under no pressure in a one on one from 12 yards?

Fucking McGree he only wants to score the greatest goals in football history?!? Hahaha #ARGvAUS #TokyoOlympics

in an alternate universe Lachie Wales got a brace and Riley mcgree scored a bicycle and one from halfway #ARGvAUS

Riley “highlight reel” McGree gives it another go haha. The guy must be wicked to watch in futsal #ARGvAUS

Fuck off McGree you shit cunt having a ping from there Couldn’t even set up a Jew goal on FIFA

Thought McGree was in a great position to take on the strike. Wales probably needed to hit it first time when it came to him. #ARGvAUS

A confident Mcgree buries that with ease. Remember him doing it consistently with Adelaide.

Watts on for Wales. Arnie now playing McGree from the right as I flagged as a possibility in my article for @kick360au! #ARGvAUS #Tokyo2020

That really shows with that McGree/Wales chance…wtf was going on there. Dino Kresinger would have scored that goal. #ARGvAUS

Riley McGree so close to another Puskás nomination 🤯 #ARGvAUS #GoAustralia

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