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#ICYMI @TheNotoriousMMA listed in Forbes 100 Highest Paid Celebrities list once again.

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Le onze des Glasgow Rangers : McGregor - Tavernier, Goldson, Edmundso, Barisic - Jack, Davis - Aribo, Candeias, Jones - Morelos #RFCOM.

@Carlosdino88 @ElConjuntoVacio Esa pelea es lo único rescatable de esa peli, junto con Henry Cavill y su planta como Superman (si tan solo los guiones que le dieron hubieran estado a su ). Es un poco como Ewan McGregor en las precuelas de Star Wars xD.

Rangers: McGregor; Tavernier, Goldson, Edmundson, Barisic; Jack, Davis, Aribo; Candeias, Jones, Morelos.

El ex boxeador estadounidense desestima la chance de una revancha en el ring con el luchador irlandés.

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@_ohmanemane__ City-Bernardo Dk Tyson Fury dk Celtics-Kyrie Irving Ronnie O’Sullivan Lewis Hamilton Conor McGregor.

@rvpredv Before i was rooting for the Dragons but I can’t anymore. I really hate to see the Dragons lose but if it will get rid of McGregor then I will ahve to do it. We have no chance of making finals.

@mcgregor_scott1 @redflag3rd What this means is that the attacks will continue and become more vociferous. Expect loads more articles in the MSM and various Labour MPs coming out with more statements. #FightBack #JC4PM.

@NRL_Dragons The worst coached team in the league. Five State of Origin players and we are racing to the bottom of the ladder. How good is Paul McGregor?.

Kamura Usman Listed as Favorite, Conor McGregor.

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#Efemérides Nacen: 1988: Conor McGregor, 1989: Sean Flynn, 1992: Malena Luchetti, 1993: Ailín Salas.

@Abraham_kawa @John_Kavanagh Big fan of jorge, but I think McGregor k ock him out, and take jorges place in the spot light. Then he be going for khabib again.

@JayHulmePoet @A_C_McGregor Copper shortages, yeah. Previously, every mains socket had its own connection to the fuse board. Lots of wires! If you individually fuse each socket, you can run a single ring circuit around the house and save on metal. And the fuses went in the plugs, not the sockets..

@breenie9 @NRL_Dragons What’s doing? McGregor is in way over his bald head, he is incompetent & needs to go..

@NRL_Dragons How good is McGregor going great signing him for 2 more years just brilliant by the board.

Activities in your professional life intensify, calling More for Aries.

@rvpredv Feel for some of the players. How McGregor not discusssd as having his job on the line is beyond me?.

I’m not going to get somewhere and say, ‘OK, I’m done.’ Success is never final; I’ll just keep on going. The same way as failure never being fatal. Just keep going. I’m going to the stars and then past them. —Conor McGregor.

Do Woody Harrelson, Chuck Liddell and Conor McGregor all have the same supplier? FIND OUT ON THE NEXT EXCITING EPISODE OF DRAGON BALL Z.

McGregor has had 6 seasons to prepare for Origin periods and continues to prepare poorly each year. He is an amateur coach,simple. Quit defending him.

@NRL_Dragons Question 12 men on that field who have out scored us and Coach McGregor still has a job. Any other club would of sacked him 4 years ago. Hell Yes I’m one agitated fan among a lot of others. Fix the problem. Enough is Enough. #REDV #StepDownMcGregor.

This is peak embarrassment for @NRL_Dragons yet nothing will get done to move forward and improve. Just fall on your swords and admit the McGregor is not the man for the job..

Look, I have defended Mary McGregor for a long time. He seems like a great man. But there are extreme problems with this football club and it’s time to move on. #NRLDragonsRaiders #RedV.

🇮🇪🎸Happy 31st birthday, Conor McGregor! Any excuse to listen to this banger 📹 @MickK_music.

#ICYMI @TheNotoriousMMA listed in Forbes 100 Highest Paid Celebrities list once again.

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#DailyDebate results for @MMAJunkieRadio: Should Jorge Masvidal (@GamebredFighter) fight Conor McGregor or go for a title? #UFC239.

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