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Number 1 in the #UEL?⁣ ⁣ Allan McGregor in fine form for Rangers! 🙌 @therealgreegsy1 | @RangersFC.

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Lee McGregor gets the decision over Kash Farooq in a gruelling battle. But did the right man win?.

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El luchador de MMA deja unas imágenes muy tiernas junto a su hijo 🥰.

Bad judging imo BUT a v good fight & take nothing from McGregor’s win - always feel bad for fighters (Canelo & a few excepted) when there is bad judging because they did nothing wrong in that sense & should be able to enjoy their win #McGregorFarooq.

Blood, Sweat and Tears: The rise and fall of Conor McGregor.

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Just watched that boxing again ... terrible decision in the end how that can be a 115-112 card to McGregor on the judges with a point off 💩💩.

Doctor sueño es una maravilla de película, me encanto la trama y la historia se desarrolla de manera correcta así como las actuaciones de @mcgregor_ewan y #rebeccaferguson son implacables.

A wonderful article about the pain and beauty of humanity. I dare you to read this and not think about it again. Return of the prodigal daughter @CateMc3273.

Really looking forward to seeing how Isaak Luke goes when Mary McGregor plays him at fullback. #RedV.

God, Ewan McGregor is such a King. He been Dan Torrance, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Catcher Block /and/ Christian in Moulin Rouge. Get u a man who can sing, dance, use a lightsaber, and lock ghosts in his brain. 🏆.

@ID_R_McGregor I don’t think I’ve seen this. Will have to mentally prepare before viewing..

Connor mcgregor just pulled up to up and down and i just left no one talk to me all week.

Fell asleep and missed Farooq v McGregor and even I know Kash was robbed. Time to bang it on and score it properly.

And with that, our comic comes to a close. Thanks for sticking with it..

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Lost Dog- McGregor- American Bulldog- Female Date Lost: 11-16-2019 Dog’s Name: Diamond Breed of Dog: American Bulldog Gender: Female Closest Intersection: Hey 65 City where Lost: McGregor Zip Code 55760 County: Aitkin Color: Grey Dog’s Age: You….

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More trans people are speaking against trans activists’ demands. In this clip Cate McGregor calls out a lot of the issues we have raised. Activists don’t speak for the whole community and there are many who want to protect women’s rights as Cate discusses.

@aaronbronsteter Cant wait for the winner to call Jones. I swear, if the winner actually does that, it will be worse than Oliveira calling out McGregor..

que nocaute mais xexeu, e ainda chamou o mcgregor kkkkk, uma bosta.

Eu só pesso que eu possa viver pra ver CharlesDoBronxs amassando Conor McGregor depois disso eu posso morrer feliz.

Charles Do Bronx dá show com nocaute avassalador no UFC São Paulo e pede luta com McGregor.

PEDIU MCGREGOR! E aí, será que esse nocaute brutal credencia @CharlesDoBronxs a enfrentar o ex-campeão do UFC @TheNotoriousMMA? COMENTE! #UFCSP.

@SammyboyBowers Cant blame him for calling out an irish legend but why did he call out mcgregor too?!.

Understand why Charles Oliveira called out Conor McGregor, but we all know Conor is not coming back to the UFC to fight him.

Charles Oliveira shoots his shot ... and calls out Conor McGregor. I respect the ambition, but I think he could have shot a more .... realistic shot. He does add he would take Paul Felder, who was the last man to beat him six fights ago..

Lee McGregor beats fellow Scot Kash Farooq on a controversial split decision in Glasgow to add the British bantamweight title to his Commonwealth belt..

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Number 1 in the #UEL?⁣ ⁣ Allan McGregor in fine form for Rangers! 🙌 @therealgreegsy1 | @RangersFC.

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