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McLaren have told Daniel Ricciardo they intend to replace him with Oscar Piastri next season, a source has confirmed to ESPN. ✍️ Full story from @natesaundersF1:.

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McLaren has communicated to Daniel Ricciardo that it intends to replace him with Oscar Piastri in #F1 next season. Full story with all the latest developments:.

McLaren has told Daniel Ricciardo it plans to replace him with Oscar Piastri for 2023 and is now in talks to end his F1 contract early. Nothing done yet, but clear what way things are moving. Latest updates here:.

This page has yet to be ever topped. McLaren Kimi was a fucking menace..

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Hello McLaren friends, hope that you’re all ok, took a pic of the papaya sunset yesterday to send the Race team off on their hols 😎.

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When your watching the Commonwealth games Pole Vault final and you see a young boy in the crowd wearing a McLaren, Lando Norris cap ☺️🧡.

I love Daniel as much as the next one, but some of you guys need to stop over dramaticizing things about him. Replacing him for Piastri is pretty sensible move for Mclaren.

Si Ricciardo tiene una gran segunda parte del 2022 con 🤔¿Podría seguir en el equipo? O ya está tomada la decisión de sumar a Piastri. #Formula1 #F1.

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#LoMásLeído 🔝 Se cree que el contrato inicial de Oscar Piastri con McLaren para 2023 es de piloto reserva #F1..

mclaren are really trying to look like nice ppl here. it’s so annoying. disgusting behavior..

Nell’articolo di Variety Ricciardo viene descritto come la star di DTS quindi mi aspetto che Netflix dedichi come minimo due episodi della nuova serie alla decisione della McLaren di appiedarlo e non vedo l’ora di vedere Zak Brown dipinto come il villain💀.

@imkevinsanders @wtf1official Thank god I’m a McLaren fan and would love it if he stayed but I think it’s time for him to move on but not leave f1, i would be happy if he went to hass.

Really don’t get why people are crying at Daniel losing his seat. He hasn’t been performing for years and is a shell of what he used to be. And McLaren aren’t doing anything he didn’t do to Renault back in the day. Simple put if you aren’t quick you don’t deserve the seat. @F1.

@victorabadf1 Es bastante que Ricardo se piloto de McLaren en otras categorías donde se pueda divertirse. Ese va a ser el gran atractivo de McLaren ahora y en el futuro..

DTS va a tener chamba de a madre esta temporada. Pole y P1 de Sainz, primeros puntos de Mick, la pelea Checo vs Lecrerc vs Hamilton, la puteria Alonso-Alpine-Piastri-Ricciardo-McLaren, P1 de Checo en Mónaco, mala estrategia de Ferrari etc etc.

Un paso en falso en 2021. Daniel quiso dar un paso a un coche más competitivo, el coche era bueno pero no se adaptó y su rendimiento no fue el esperado, Norris le ganó, pero aún así consiguió la única victoria para McLaren en 2021. 115 puntos (8o) 1 victoria.

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@StevoEisele Ricciardo vraj nemá v zmluve klauzulu o výkone, čiže ak ho McLaren vyhodí musel by mu zaplatiť odstupné. Neoveroval som si informácie, ale podľa tohoto videa to vyzerá na Alpine a odstupné od McLarenu k tomu.

Piastri: Υπέγραψε με την McLaren για το 2023;.

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🚨McLaren no anunciará a Piastri hasta que Ricciardo resuelva su futuro [].

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@philtheref The free kick was taken in-line with dinanga, so I would assume that’s who they pulled..

[Reddit F1] [Baz (McLaren mechanic)] F1 twitter is impressive to say the least the rumour mill is in full swing, you guys really go at each other & nothing has even been announced so much hate for so little news, chill and enjoy the br ....

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@angus_mclaren Stills are very dangerous to assess a decision from and the offside decision was well before this.

NO ME PARECE GRACIOSO. Primero la estrategia de Ferrari, y ahora McLaren me joden con Daniel. De verdad que esto va de mal en peor..

@fred_mclaren Hier sitzt eine Blonde und wirft dir gerade den Blick des Todes rüber..

@The__RA2511 I love Ricciardo as much as the next bloke. But i think theyre also forgetting firstly Lando himself has a massive following, and 2, because of the history of the team there will always be McLaren fans.

O que fizeram com o Daniel Ricciardo foi uma falta de respeito tão O Norris é engraçadinho — no diminutivo para combinar com a McLaren —, mas sinceramente, McLaren. Não tenho nem simpatia mais..

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