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“i can’t even clear the barricade” gerard, about throwing bottled water to the crowd. we know babygirl it’s okay #MCRSYDNEY.

once again im watching a pit stream for foundations for a good view of outfits, then switching to balcony streams for less chance of cutting out/better audio/not having to hear american accents in the pit #MCRSYDNEY.

being awake at 6am for these shows is the only thing giving me the will to live while simultaneously killing me from exhaustion with my weird af work hours #MCRSYDNEY.

What if the chorus line changes throughout the song? What if this is dealing me psychic damage every night Gerard Arthur Way?? #mcrsydney.

Gerard saying “everyone likes their picture taken” is fucking amazing 💀 #MCRSYDNEY.

Manifesting Kill All Your Friends, Cemetery Drive, Demolition Lovers and Summertime #MCRSYDNEY.

Hello to all of us sleepy people watching the streams in the wee hours of the day #MCRSYDNEY.

my favourite bit is clicking on a stream and it immediately telling me that my twin is watching the same one #MCRSYDNEY.

literally getting up to teach a class in 8 hours and yet here i am getting ready to watch a 2 hour live stream pray 4 me #mcrsydney.

Como caminó Gerard hacia Frank al principio de the world is ugly, pensé que se la cantaría jajajaja #MCRSYDNEY.

🚨SETLIST #MCRSYDNEY Foundations Venom NaNaNa Give em hell Ghost of you DESTROYA Vampire $$ Not Okay Boy Division WTTBP Disappear Eagles The World Is Ugly.

need the updated eagles lyrics asap. what did he say after and im her kinda girl #MCRSYDNEY.

fuck yeahhhhh multiple balcony streams today win for me specifically, locals i love you #MCRSYDNEY.

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