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Daniel McStay to @CollingwoodFC is what they are saying. 5 years at 600k they are saying. I’m saying that’s overpriced for a run of the mill 3rd tall forward. Is he going to become the Key Forward the Pies desperately need? Mihocek would one day love being the number 2. #confused.

McStay is a 400k a year player. It’ll take 600+ to get him to leave QLD. I’ve never been a fan, his best return on a season is 28 goals, never kicked a bag of 5, he’s kicked 4 THREE times in 151 games. He’s not the answer, save your money @CollingwoodFC . #AFLDemonsLions #GoPies.

Mcstay with his third goal less game in a row. No @CollingwoodFC we do not want him. #gopies.

McStay on 600k over 5 years can’t be good business. 2 years ago we had to force players out the club due to poor money management, now we are going to pay a 27 year old 3 mil. I understand he will have a different role and I’m happy to be proven wrong, but I don’t see it. #GoPies.

Fox Footy
Fox Footy

The Bulldogs are expected to trade for a $ million Docker, while a Lions forward is a certainty to land at Collingwood. 🔃 TRADE WHISPERS:.

McStay Photo,McStay Photo by Fox Footy,Fox Footy on twitter tweets McStay Photo
Fox Footy
Fox Footy

“It blows my mind how some players are in the right place at the right time just because they’re out of contract.” 🧐.

Collingwood offering to pay Dan McStay 600k a year is the worst panic buying decision I’ve seen since all those idiots who loaded up on toilet paper during Covid #AFLLionsDogs.

@beetgordon_ McStay is worth 400k a year at most, if 600k is his market value then oh well let him stay in Queensland.

@MickMCG34 @CollingwoodFC Dont have a dog in this fight but would have though mihocek a better player than mcstay.

@Jen2310 To be fair Henry has kicked more goals and takes more marks I50 than McStay this season, Ollie will probably still cop the better defender.

Watching mcstay play the last 2 weeks. I’m afraid to say he’s checcked out #AFLLionsDogs.

After all the chat this week reckon he should McStay in Brisbane save the coin for a proper forward.

@Jen2310 I thought that was the whole point of getting him. So Checkers & McStay could take the best two defenders and Henry and Johnson got the 3rd & 4th..

Did laugh at Weideman and Mcstay going up in a centre bounce. Pies been linked to both. Last thing we need is another second ruckman #gopies.

Surely @CollingwoodFC aren’t seriously entertaining the thought of 5yrs and $600k a season for McStay? Is Ned Guy back at the club? He’s a 3rd banana at best, and Mihocek already plays the same role. And better. #nothanks #AFLDemonsLions.

Just popped in for a cheeky pie on my way home. Had a look at McStay play, got cold and then I McWent home..

McStay Photo,McStay Photo by Ꮆ㇄ə𝓝𝓝 尸ə七ə尺丂,Ꮆ㇄ə𝓝𝓝 尸ə七ə尺丂 on twitter tweets McStay Photo

People just realising now McStay is a flat track bully. Told y’all I didn’t want us to take him.


I’ll die on this hill but McStay in our system providing him an opportunity for more one on ones, he’ll thrive and look like a 600k a season forward.

@MickMCG34 @CollingwoodFC 💯 mick. He works for Brisbane playing along side Daniher and Hipwood. Pies need a number 1 forward. McStay isn’t the answer.

@Jen2310 Isn’t that Krueger’s role going forward? Maybe McStay is going to play back.

How the fuck was that 50 against McStay, he fell over! Umpires are fucking us in the ass again 😡 #AFLLionsDogs.

@PaulJohnDykes You can hear the @BrendanMcGeever Paul McStay/Jacques Brel patter here, worth your time 🍀.

If Graeme Wright wants McStay, we really should all just be backing him. It might be a slight overpay but that’s the way free agency works, we won’t even have to give up a pick for him. Also, the Lions are offering him 5 years so they clearly value him highly.

@MickMCG34 @CollingwoodFC About time we started trusting Graeme Wright. No one on here has an opinion more worthy than his. If he wants McStay, we should all want McStay.

Do Pies fans want McStay? Average footballer everytime I watch him..

McStay Photo,McStay Photo by LONGY,LONGY on twitter tweets McStay Photo

Hope McStay has signed the Collingwood contract already because his value is plummeting right now.

Brisbane CEO Greg Swann has his fingers crossed that McStay will remain a Lion. via @SportsdayRadio.

@1116sen The average afl salary is $372,000. Paying Dan mcstay who’s an above avg player is not paying overs at all Kane. You don’t need to be controversial everyday mate.

@emmalouiseprho1 @hellenicblues I will give Hipwood some grace because he is coming back from an ACL. But Joe is such a conditional footballer. When it is on his terms he is elite, when it is not he is dire. As far as McStay goes, laughable the money being talked about for him.

@RationalPies Mcstay had a couple of Cox moments where he should have clunked them but didn’t plus he’s a bit slow checkers is reliable enough just put Grundy in the fwd line for a bit see how that goes.

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