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BREAKING: Taylor Swift is no longer performing at the Melbourne Cup, the Victoria Racing Club confirm. Full story soon..

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i am so happy that taylor canceled her performance at the melbourne cup i think it was the best decision and this also means that she might add a new show to australia in 2020 which is what australian fans deserve.

Refunds will be issued for those who purchased tickets for the Melbourne Cup.

I’m sad for the Aussie fans who miss out on seeing her BUT I’m thrilled that Taylor has withdrawn from the Melbourne Cup. She really does listen to her fans and her values are in the right place 🙌.

So sorry to all of those that bought tickets and accommodations for the Melbourne cup. I hope Taylor comes to you all soon ❤️.

Taylor not performing at the Melbourne cup anymore is best news I woke up to. So hopefully now she adds a Lover Fest date to Australia..

A Apresentação no Melbourne Cup estava marcada para 5 de novembro e a agenda promocional de Taylor pela Ásia se estenderá por esse mês..

Taylor cancelou seu show no Melbourne Cup por causa de problemas na agenda. Os promotores de Taylor anunciaram que devido a mudanças em sua agenda promocional pela Asia fizeram com que não fosse mais possível sua apresentação na Australia..

Omg you need to re-evaluate your life if you’re mad at “do-gooders” for not supporting Melbourne Cup..

Taylor swift has pulled out of the Melbourne Cup and what is particularly beautiful about that is that she is a hugely influential person, who has actively listened to her fans (and probably non fans too) and taken their advice. There are a lot of people who could learn from her..

Taylor Swift cancelou a performance na Melbourne Cup, na Austrália. Michael Gudinski, da Mushroom Events, disse: “Lamentavelmente, Taylor não consegue mais chegar à Melbourne Cup deste ano. Alterações em sua agenda de promoções asiáticas tornaram impossível para ela estar aqui.”.

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. #BreakingNews Taylor Swift has cancelled her appearance at the Melbourne Cup. Organisers of the event are in absolute panic, how can the Melbourne Cup be run with this withdrawal? Said a spokesman. People on the streets of Melbourne have moved into bars to drink. #apocalypse.

Surely Taylor Swift signed a contract for Melbourne Cup before it was announced . Reneging no matter what the excuse, must mean a huge financial penalty . 10am “Sunday Morning” @3AW693.

I’ve fancied Finche for this year’s Melbourne Cup ever since he finished fourth last year. I fancy him even more after his win at @royalrandwick today. The 20-1 still available looks perfectly fair..

@TSUpdatesNYBU “Changes to her Asian promo” Oh please, we know why Taylor cancelled it. Taylor listened to her fans and did her research on the cruelty of the Melbourne Cup. Not to mention that she is probably aware that the MTV EMAs will be on November 3rd in Seville, Spain 😍.

The discourse around Taylor cancelling her Melbourne cup appearance is ... yikes.

@cruelboysummer She could’ve easily worked around it because the Melbourne Cup was arranged first and she’s only cancelled a show once. She purposely put other dates around it so she can cancel.

The real story on Taylor’s scratching from Melbourne Cup. How she begged to be released from a signed contract. She sensed the room & its disapproval & she’s super sensitive to online reactions. But why did she agree in the first place? I’m live from LA tomorrow on @sunriseon7.

📲 | If you purchased tickets to the 2019 Melbourne Cup from the time Taylor was announced as a performer, you can get a full refund for your ticket(s). See below for details..

Taylor Swift cancels Melbourne Cup performance after criticism from animal rights groups.

most of the people originally against the melbourne cup performance were australians bc the race is massively divisive here so the fact that there’s now drama where people are accusing other countries of celebrating australia’s loss or something has SENT me like this ain’t it!!!.

Taylor Swift cancels performance at Australia’s Melbourne Cup under pressure from animal rights activists.

Breaking: Taylor Swift pulls out of the Melbourne Cup, Horses say they didn’t know that was an option.

Taylor Swift has pulled out of her Melbourne Cup show appearance because of scheduling issues. #9News.

BREAKING: Taylor Swift is no longer performing at the Melbourne Cup, the Victoria Racing Club confirm. Full story soon..

Breaking: Taylor Swift has pulled out of her Melbourne Cup appearance @7NewsMelbourne.

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