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[email protected] has been named Western Conference Player of the Week! The Trail Blazers went 3-0 with Melo averaging: ♨️ ppg ♨️ rpg ♨️ apg (via @NBA).

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@toxtoo__bin 제 말이 그 말이예요....... 넘어지는 거 보자마자 진심으로 마음이 찢어졌다구요.......... 바닥샛기 눈치가 1도 업서,,,.

Devin Booker better come to play the second half. Every time I draft this guy he does nothing. Posting videos of him hitting 45 3s in a row but he’s doing nothing in the game. Who is this guy, Melo?.

@RedNationBlogga I can’t believe it lmaoooo Melo really got the league giving him sympathy amazing.

[email protected] has been named Western Conference Player of the Week! The Trail Blazers went 3-0 with Melo averaging: ♨️ ppg ♨️ rpg ♨️ apg (via @NBA).

@krm_qr0 الدباب تتحكمين في سرعته احس احلى 🙊😂🏃‍♀️.

Melo Wins Player of the Week🏆: Carmelo takes home award for the West after averaging PPG, RPG and shooting from the floor 📸 (@NBA).

@trailblazers How can i get an AUTHENTIC Hardwood Classics Melo jersey!?.

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@DaveDuFourNBA Well my problem with that is once again Giannis loses the headline battle his been the best player in ball but the media is probably just going to focus on Melo being back which is good for him rooting for melo..

Grosse mine avec melo ce week end pour oublier qu’on a pas eu nos places pour PNL.

Let’s be real tho. Melo won it bc the league office wants publicity and eyeballs talking about it..

Real hoop fans knew melo could still hoop. The league just wanted that man outta there.

@goknickstape Lol people was just saying Dudley was a better team player. I’m pretty sure no one said dudley had more skill than Melo..

Melo has plaid well on Portland but player of the week ? The NBA is reaching for a feel good story but I think they are pushing it here ! There were players who played great and won every game averaging damn near triple doubles and melo got the player of the week over them ?.

minha mãe chegou do trabalho mediu minha febre e agora foi comprar um suquinho de laranja natural p mim 💖.

Amazing how many folks can’t just go “ah, that was a fun week. A great story. Good for Melo”.

I don’t mind Melo winning player of the week cause really if you’re counting player of the weeks you’re not focused on what matters anyway.

Hace un par de semanas realizamos la ELEVAInnovatón Melo utilizando la misma metodología de ideación ágil que se desprende del video para abordar problemas locales. Asimismo partimos de la misma premisa de fomentar el desarrollo local #elevainnovatonmelo.

@Thadeacon_ People are .... talking ... about. The actual product. Lamar Jackson. Playoff race. Division race. NBA we talking Melo winning awards he shouldn’t have/Kyrie crying about being booed. Mid season tourney. Overlooking actual basketball stories like Toronto. All in what you want..

@jkirk41 W’s are W’s, L’s are L’s. I don’t make up the rules. We know the Melo slander will come soon..

Makes I mean why on earth would Doncic, Harden or about 10 other players get it? Melo is clearly the best in the West now..

@rynej__ on the contrary im tweeting like a sad sack of shit because MELO won player of the week.

Carmelo Anthony wins player of the week award just six games into return 👍🏼happy for melo!.

---man, that is amazing. Melo was out for over a year and comes back and wins player of the week. All the hate he got @trailblazers for taking a chance. Nothing but The real wins again. 🙌🏾.

ESTAMOS FAZENDO HISTÓRIA! Com gols de Bruno Melo e Osvaldo, derrotamos o Goiás por 2x1. Com mais essa importante vitória, chegamos aos 49 pontos e subimos mais uma posição. Garantimos classificação para nossa primeira competição internacional. Pode comemorar, torcedor tricolor!.

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No segundo tempo, Felipe Melo organizou assentos para que os jogadores do Palmeiras assistam a aula do Flamengo com melhor conforto..

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