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The Cabinet MPs retiring: Foley, Pakula, Neville, Merlino #springst.

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The Age and the Herald sun both reporting that the retirements of James Merlino, Martin Foley, Lisa Neville, and Martin Pakula will be announced tomorrow. (I’m not helping them get clicks by linking but that’s the whole Age article below) #springst.

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On a brighter note, four of @DanielAndrewsMP ministers, Merlino, Foley, Neville & Pakula smell definite defeat at the November election & are jumping ship👏. Got to protect their pensions, that’s their priority. Stuff Victoria. Good riddance.#SackDanAndrews.

“I’m sure you’ll hear from me tomorrow,” says @MartinPakulaMP He’s one of four senior ministers - Merlino + Foley + Neville - expected to announce their retirements. @9NewsMelb.

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Deputy premier James Merlino among senior Victorian Labor MPs set to retire via @GuardianAus.

Outgoing Victorian Deputy Premier James Merlino says he knew in his heart, he didn’t have the “fuel in the tank” for another term in cabinet as he announced his resignation..

@benitakolovos @GuardianAus Merlino did a great job during our lockdowns. Wishing him a long and happy future..

@Voice4Victoria Would dearly love to see Pakula, Foley or Merlino crossing the road in front of my truck..

@Leo_Puglisi6 @6NewsAU Merlino has been around for almost 20 years so it is a fair tenure..

I was actually expecting Premier Merlino one day. Well, there we go..

@PotterPig_ oh no adesso anche le pickup lines? che merlino mi sì mon beau, abituati.

@MatthewGuyMP So are are they staying till the election I’m guessing? Merlino will loose his seat maybe Foley too.

@Winterknell @rwillingham People liked Merlino as acting premier so it seems like an odd one to be resigning.

Deputy premier James Merlino among senior Victorian Labor MPs set to retire.

¡Celebramos la noche de San Juan a través de esta ardiente obra del napolitano Silvio Merlino! Y tú, ¿cómo la vas a disfrutar?.

@cheryl_kernot @slsandpet Merlino has made that point. One of the others has a serious health condition. People run out of puff..

Four of the state’s highest profile ministers are set to retire including Health Minister Martin Foley despite the hospital system being under siege..

Losing Martin Foley, James Merlino, Lisa Neville and Martin Pakula before the next election is not great at all 😞.


For the love of god, please resign Merlino. For the sake of every Victorian school child..

@azzzzlil @6NewsAU Didn’t see Merlino retiring coming. All the others absolutely. They’ve served us long and well..

@ratcoffin1 @prestontowers Would need a swing of which, while not unheard of, would be extremely unlikely to occur. Given that Merlino already had more first preference votes before distribution, it’s going to take a miracle to topple the ALP here..

Australia news live updates: Victoria’s deputy premier James Merlino and other senior ministers to retire before election.

@rwillingham Merlino and Foley busted a gut for Victorians, their exhaustion would be real..

@tigertuffmark After they abused tax payers money they walk away with an annual pension of up to $126k, they have fucked this state for 30 years! Merlino is the only one with half a chance who could actually get a job in the real world…..

Australia news live updates: Victoria’s deputy premier James Merlino and other senior ministers to retire before election.

James Merlino, touted as a future Victorian premier, is expected to announce his resignation on Friday, along with three other top figures in the government..

Todos los días espero para ir a la escuela, porque cuando llego recibo esos abrazos tan especiales que solo vos sabes dar, le ruego a dios que nuestras locuras jamas se acaben, sabes que siempre vas a poder contar Te quiero negrita❤❤❤ PD: sigo esperando mi Cafe.

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Deputy Premier James Merlino is among four senior Victorian government ministers to announce their retirement from politics, sparking a major cabinet reshuffle. More via @calgodde: #SpringSt #AusPol.

@ClaireS___ @BelindaJOConnor Very surprised by Merlino. But maybe like a lot of people these past few years have made him change his mind about his career?.

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