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How’s Morrison! calling Albo a squib? He just did the shortest presser in history before he bolted like Usain! & why? Just like his other failed 52 housing policy’s in 50 months, his latest is imploding. Yep! another one bites the dust. Metricon is about to be bulldozed! 😇.

No joke, I reckon there are more @freodockers at Metricon today than there are Suns supporters. #foreverfreo #AFLSunsFreo.

The building industry is in trouble (Metricon and others) and the DOW dropped 1,100 points last night. The absolute last thing this country needs is clueless Albanese in the Lodge. Leave your protest vote for another day..

Shadow housing minister Jason Clare asked about Metricon/building crisis on AM says there is no quick fix but Australians want a serious government, not a PM clowning around tackling 8yos on the soccer field..

Metricon on the brink of collapse. They are having crisis talks with Victorian Government.

#Metricon: Crisis talks as building giant on brink of collapse via @newscomauHQ.

A few days ago the tool on the left stood on a Metricon building site to rob people blind of their super and land them into serious debt. Now Metricon aren’t travelling too well either. What’s the opposite of the #MidasTouch? #VoteMorrisonOut.

Metricon Photo,Metricon Photo by Michaela Newell 🇵🇸 🇺🇦,Michaela Newell 🇵🇸 🇺🇦 on twitter tweets Metricon Photo

یکی دیگه... کمپانی Metricon یکی از شرکت های بزرگ خانه سازی استرالیاست با ۲۵۰۰ کارمند و چهار هزار پروژه در حال ساخت....

If #metricon does fail it will almost certainly be due to this kiss of death. #auspol.

Metricon Photo,Metricon Photo by Aaron Dodd - Loose Unit,Aaron Dodd - Loose Unit on twitter tweets Metricon Photo

Just so everyone knows…there is no “heavy dew” at Metricon Stadium this arvo. It has been raining in SEQ. The ground is wet from said rain. And it’s an afternoon game. The only Dew at the match is the Suns senior coach. Thankyou. #AFLSunsFreo.

Metricon to meet with Victoria’s treasurer after company denies rumours of collapse @GuardianAus.

Game Day!! Looking forward to heading down to Metricon to watch @freodockers #aflsunsfreo #foreverfreo.

You are telling stories about how tough it is for Metricon when they have said they have no financial difficulties. How about a story about people not having their contracts honoured! Why do wealthy construction companies get to pocket Hugh profits and then change contracts?.

If you want to know the genesis of why everything is so fucked just look at the bailout that will doubtless get chucked at Metricon. Markets that can’t clear can’t function. Let shit fail!!.

Still (unfortunately) bullish on Sydney #realestate. Less new supply with home builders like #metricon under pressure. Neither side of politics has any idea how to constrain property growth, taking money from super will simply inflate the bidding. 🏡🔥.

Property market sh*t going to hit the fan in my opinion Metricon customer concerned over $30k deposit amid company’s crisis talks. via @newscomauHQ.

ABC # Target has lost value by 25% in a day! Metricon is on a knife’s edge, building hardware is like hens teeth, and petrol prices have exceeded Frydenberg’s pre budget price’s already. Wow oh wow & shontra f**ckin’ liza! …..And Morrison has just started? 😇😇😇.

How good is construction industry when its collapsing before the bubble has even burst? There must be a bridge to nowhere or car park near nothing or 100% cost blow on infrastructure project. It may be different this not!.

A NSW mum-of-six is worried her $580,000 dream home is in jeopardy after hearing that her construction company, Metricon, has entered crisis talks..

The Age
The Age

“We’re strong, we’re paying everybody on time, nobody’s behind in any payments,” acting Metricon chief Peter Langfelder assured customers and creditors. #metricon #construction.

Victoria’s treasurer, Tim Pallas, has emerged from a meeting with Australia’s biggest home builder, Metricon, as rumours race around the construction industry that the company is in deep financial trouble..

I hope Metricon don’t get bulldozed, …..there’s probably a lot of superannuation’s gambling on it? #AlboForPM …and let Government take the risks! 😇😇😇.

Nothing in footy is less inspiring than the early Sunday game at Metricon 😴 #AFLSunsFreo.

Tough conditions at Metricon today. Humidity is super high today, no wind and has been raining most of the morning. Schultz gonna kick a bag today! #foreverfreo #aflsunsfreo.

Metricon to meet with Victoria’s treasurer after company denies rumours of collapse..

Did anyone else notice Morrison chose a Metricon building site and later, stood in front of various Metricon homes when announcing his deliberately ill-conceived plan allowing people to remain poor by raiding their #Superannuation to buy an overpriced home? Bodes well #Auspol.

Metricon Photo,Metricon Photo by Michaela Newell 🇵🇸 🇺🇦,Michaela Newell 🇵🇸 🇺🇦 on twitter tweets Metricon Photo

Under-pressure building giant Metricon said its business as usual for the company at a press conference on Thursday, denying any risk of financial collapse..

@theheraldsun Metricon have already met with Mr Pallas this morning… maybe update your story with facts instead of scaremongering.

@GoldCoastSUNS Are we any chance of changing the dimensions of Metricon to match the SCG?.

Metricon: Crisis talks as building giant on brink of collapse via @newscomauHQ.

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