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Allan border, Ricky ponting, Kim Hughes, Greg Chappell, Steve Waugh, Michael Clarke, Steve smith , Don yr boys took a hell of a beating😂 #ENGvAUS.

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World Cup Final at least guarantees two things tonight. 1. The drought in winning the trophy will end for one of these sides. More importantly. 2. No more Michael fuc*ing Clarke in commentary. #CWC19Final.

Michael Clarke: Guptill definitely knicking or missing the next ball. Next ball: Guptill LBW..

Nice to see my two favourites commentator Nasir Hussain and Michael Clarke both are on their duty together on board. 😘 #CWC19Final.

Honestly what did we do to deserve Michael Clarke behind the mic to get things started ? #CWC19 #CWC19Final.

Things annoying Aussies tonight: - New Zealand in the World Cup Final - England in the World Cup Final - Michael Clarke in the World Cup Final #CWC19Final #ENGvNZ.

@JohnRentoul The idea of Michael Gove & Lady Macbeth in Downing St. I suppose it might have been entertaining in a gruesome way. He is as untrustworthy as Boris, lying and leaking, & Ken Clarke said even Liam Fox found him extreme!.

#Yankees Prospects: Michael King makes first appearance of the year.

Vista Club is the destination, Sunday is The Day! @SolidGrooves_ return this week at Privilege Ibiza with Richy Ahmed · Michael Bibi · Dennis Cruz · Pirate Copy · Calvin Clarke. Tickets 👉🏻.

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#NRLKnightsBulldogs Billy slater is the rugby league commentatory Version of Michael Clarke . Both super irritating lol.

This is quite simply a brilliant interview by @sebwhale, full of great anecdotes as well as tributes from the likes of Tony Blair, Jacob Rees-Mogg, Bill Cash, Harriet Harman, Anna Soubry and Michael Howard..

18 perguntas, 18 nomes 1- paulo, cristiana 2-Lara 3- Francisca 4- hugo 6- clarke 7- Eduarda 8- João 9- Joana Francisca 10- 11- paulo João 12-não 13- cristiana 14- João 15- Gustavo 16- Michael 17- Gustavo secalhar ahahah 18-maria Fav q te mando.

Commentators who are full time BCCI asslickers - Aakash Chopra - Michael Clarke - Matthew Hayden - Brett Lee.

Allan border, Ricky ponting, Kim Hughes, Greg Chappell, Steve Waugh, Michael Clarke, Steve smith , Don yr boys took a hell of a beating😂 #ENGvAUS.

Mike Atherton has just burned Michael Clarke live on air about that slower ball from Harmison in 2005. What a time to be alive 😂 #CWC19 #WeAreEngland.

Class from Athers reminding Michael Clarke he never won a test match at Edgebaston.

Michael Clarke: it is brilliant, not briwlyant. You are making something uncomfortable, intolerable. #AusvsEng.

Michael Clarke gave me the shits as our captain. He shits me even more as a smug commentator. #ENGvAUS.

Michael Clarke as a commentator can get in the sea 🌊 🤦🏼‍♂️ #changeinthecommentarybox.

The tail need to wag. And Steve Smith has been sensational. How much they paying Michael Clarke 😊? #AUSvENG.

Been saying the exact same thing for 2 years ! He is a punish. Richie also commentators we are only a guest in someone’s living room. Michael Clarke is that annoying squatter !!!.

I genuinely think Australia perform better during the periods when Michael Clarke isn’t commentating #AUSvENG #CWC2019.

Can Mel Jones please take the rest of Michael Clarke’s commentary stints? #CWC19.

Gus Gould one night, Michael Clarke the next. When will it fkn end? #CWC2019 #torture.

Look at it this way: if England keep this up and finish us off quickly, Michael Clarke will stop speaking. #ENGvAUS.

Would almost take 15 all out here if it meant Michael Clarke’s commentary shift was over.

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