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Another disgraceful handball decision costs Wolves Champions League qualification. Coady gets overhead kicked in the head and the ball hits his arm in the process as it’s in a natural position ...Mike Dean gives a penalty This game is gone 🤦‍♂️

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Schaumburg Boomers
Schaumburg Boomers ()

Mike Valadez, Jordan Dean (@Jordan_Dean1), Eddy Cody, Craig Massey (@scraigmassey) were all selected to represent the Boomers to play in front of the hometown fans

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wear a damn mask
Wear a damn mask ()

mike leach is going to run in vermont or some shit in 2028, put together a series of attack ads that make the mouthbreathing shitforbrains who love him go wild and lose by 50 to howard dean’s corpse

Mel&Mike ()

🎉🎉Congratulations to the nephew on making the Dean’s Honor List- Spring 2020 🎉🎉 @DL0_____ 🖤

Tom ()

Still trying to get over that decision by mike dean today how the fuck has VAR not overturned that

Arsenal women’s stan
Arsenal women’s stan ()

The Mike Dean handball call today was an abomination. How does he continue to be employed?

Mark Taylor
Mark Taylor ()

Just want to put it out there but I personally think Mike Dean is a self centred prick

Jase 🐺🐺
Jase 🐺🐺 ()

Coady saying to Mike dean your the most corrupt cunt on the planet!!! #wwfc

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Imran khan
Imran khan ()

Never a pen in a million years. Kevin friend and mike dean are clueless. His arm is there cos he thinks he’s about to be booted in the face. Never intentional #MOTD


Jaime Dean Lewis-Until Dawn age: 19 aliases: jj, j, james dean(from mike only), jd.

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Salmon Piccanti 🐠
Salmon Piccanti 🐠 ()

@jasoncundy05 Mike Dean “it’s all about me” rendition - almost certain was “it’s alll about you” by McFly. Fairly niche reference there from Tony 👏

Nick Bennett 👨🏼‍🍳
Nick Bennett 👨🏼‍🍳 ()

I seriously regret cooking properly for Mike Dean at my old place. Opportunity missed #wwfc

Jorge ()

@AFTVMedia We really need to appeal to a board or whatever about the bad officiating against Arsenal, Mike Dean was always against us,a Tottenham fan at petition and just fair officiating always

S Hayre
S Hayre ()

Mike Dean is actually the twattiest twat in the history of twats

Jay Electronica 🇸🇱
Jay Electronica 🇸🇱 ()

how mike dean gave a penalty for doherty protecting his face is actually criminal loooooooooool

Nav ()

@fergie2804 Laugh now Laugh later Mike Dean will get you again eventually Wont be laughing then

Marc F 💙💛
Marc F 💙💛 ()

@JacquiOatley Because that’s the problem with our VAR protocols. Fellow ref who dare not challenge his mate and in this case most senior referee Hollywood Mike Dean. This deference to a senior colleague is what’s wrong with #VAR #lufc

Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith ()

@voetzet2 @Klobo15 Nah arm is close to the face. Tbf Mike Dean always has a way to screw us over tried to do it a few years ago vs Cardiff.

George Farr
George Farr ()

If Mike Dean had given a free kick for dangerous play they wouldn’t have overruled it And given a penalty they’d have protected the referees original decision.

Dan Southall
Dan Southall ()

Need Sheff Utd and Leicester to draw tomorrow. Leicester & Utd to lose both their last games. We beat Palace and Chelsea. All because of Mike Dean. #wwfc

Robert Sadler
Robert Sadler ()

Oh look, there are death threats against Mike Stay classy Wolves fans, stay fucking #BURWOL

Gareth⚽️🔴⚪⚫ ()

@W_D_MUFC Never a pen mike dean cost me 200 pound the bastard 🤣🤣 had wolves in me bet

JL ()

@TimSpiers Thank god for VAR being there to overturn stupid decisions. Any other ref gives a high boot but Mike Dean loves his penalties against Wolves.

Jay 111
Jay 111 ()

@TimSpiers What’s the point of VAR, “it’s all about Mike Dean”, it’s dangerous play first and the suppose handball only happens as the useless Wood misses the feckin ball and Doc turns away to protect himself !! Waste of time !!

David Porter
David Porter ()

You’re not telling me that football wins in this position. If he doesn’t commit a foul, his hands don’t go up and he sees the ball . Mike dean superstar on bbc prime time #wwfc #wolves

Chris WWFC Wood 🐺🇺🇸
Chris WWFC Wood 🐺🇺🇸 ()

@NBCSportsSoccer What is it with mike dean and giving pens against wolves in injury plus shambolic VAR 🤷🏻‍♂️

Richard Turner
Richard Turner ()

@R_Hawkes Mike Dean was awful and VAR is killing the game. it’s a shame as if you’d have won tonight and your home Palace game and Chelsea had lost to Liverpool, it would have been a great final Chelsea V Wolves game. It’s a cruel game but your season ain’t over yet. Chin up.

WolvesFirst ()

Would love to see our full record with Mike Dean officiating, seems things go against us when he is in charge #wwfc

Edd Cooke
Edd Cooke ()

Mike Dean strikes again!! More penalties given against wolves!! 2 last minute ones against now clearly Doherty was protecting his Chris Wood was dangerous anywhere else on the pitch it’s a foul, so why not there?! Joke!! @FA @premierleague

TB ()

Imagine my shock that Mike Dean gives a decision to make it all about him again. The fucking cu*t.

Carlo Garganese
Carlo Garganese ()

Another disgraceful handball decision costs Wolves Champions League qualification. Coady gets overhead kicked in the head and the ball hits his arm in the process as it’s in a natural position ...Mike Dean gives a penalty This game is gone 🤦‍♂️

☚ Lockdown 2 #GhostofTsushima ☛
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