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Great thing about test cricket is that you have to keep up intensity over long periods. England go from130-2 to 207-7 as Australia benefit from the freshness of Mitch Marsh..

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If Mitch Marsh thinks I’m giving up the title of Australia’s most hated athlete without a fight he’s got another thing coming.

If we somehow get to 250 and bowl em out for 67 we can win this test by 6 wickets with Mitch Marsh hitting the winning run.

Aussie pace ace Pat Cummins joined @samuelfez before play to preview day two and share his thoughts on THAT spell from Mitch Marsh. #Ashes | @BKTtires.

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Well said Mr Ponting. Couldn’t be happier for Mitch Marsh. Ignore the white noise that’s all it is. Just getting to the stage of being able to put on the Baggy Green is huge in #Respect #Ashes2019.

“I lost a close friend to suicide. When things like that happen, I didn’t handle it as well as I could. Mitch Marsh on a tough year 👇 #Ashes.

It really is sad to hear Mitch Marsh say “most of Australia hates ” He’s only half joking..

In Mitch Marsh’s own words, “most of Australia hates” him. After destroying England with the ball, that might not be the case much longer. #Ashes ✍️@J_Polychronis.

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“Most of Australia hate me.” What gave you that idea, Mitch❓🤔 #Ashes.

I really like Mitch Marsh. I think he’s a good guy. Quite sad that someone who is so likeable can have the impression everyone in the country hates him. Great to see him do well last night #Ashes.

All of us, everywhere, with anyone we ever come across. NB: Mitch Marsh, AKA the realest #Ashes.

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I can never understand the lack of respect for sportsmen like Mitch Marsh. Aside from the brutal mental and physical battle to make it - which few could endure - he is one of the most delightful people you would ever encounter..

As I said yesterday I wasn’t sold on the selection of Mitch Marsh ... but hats off to the selectors and the man himself ... terrific display of genuine swing bowling ... 4-35 including a spell of 3-16 off seven overs after tea ... put AUS firmly back in the game 👏 🏏 #Ashes2019.

Stumps, day one. Where Mitch Marsh played Damien Fleming. #Ashes.

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Never quite understood why Mitch Marsh divides opinion in Australia so much. Frustrating, maybe, but comes across as a genuinely lovely guy. As he said tonight in a very honest press conference: Hopefully I win them over one .

If this was cycling, Mitch Marsh was picked as a domestique, a rider who works for the benefit of his team and leader, rather than to to win his race. Only Marsh didn’t get the memo, and used the doubters to spur him on. #Ashes … via @telegraphsport.

Mitch Marsh starred with the ball to claim 4-35 as England finished day one at 8-271 at The Oval #Ashes.

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Mitch Marsh has four wickets in an innings for the second time in his Test career - his best bowling before today was this spell against the Windies in 2015 #Ashes.

Great thing about test cricket is that you have to keep up intensity over long periods. England go from130-2 to 207-7 as Australia benefit from the freshness of Mitch Marsh..

Looking forward to the Mitch Marsh critics seeing the scoreboard in the morning. He has bowled beautifully. Swinging the ball both ways. England have lost 4-36 after tea. Marsh has 4-33..

GOT HIM! MITCH MARSH HAS FOUR. What a spell. Another brilliant yorker and Woakes is on his way lbw for 2. England 7-205 #Ashes.

Mitch Marsh has 3-31 from 13. Bowling fast with a bit of swing. Quality Test return so far #Ashes.

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In Mitch Marsh they have a batsman who can bowl a bit & a bowler who can bat a bit. Typical Bits & Pieces player..

It’s only been four overs, but Mitch Marsh nay sayers should be eating their humble pie. Swinging it around corners and pace right up there with Hazelwood and Cummins, clear as day he’s been working his bollocks off to improve #Ashes.

GOT HIM! Mitch Marsh with the massive breakthrough as Stokes skies a pull shot and Lyon takes the catch. Gone for 20. England 3-130 #Ashes.

Stokes the benchmark for fitter-than-ever Marsh: #Ashes.

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