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Put your hand up if you agree that #WikipediaPesutto needs to go, not the brave Moira Deeming. 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️.

The Victorian Liberal Party did not make a compromise today when they suspended Moira Deeming rather than expelling her. Instead they highlighted how the entire party’s values are compromised. They stand for nothing. They are equally afraid of the imaginary monster lurking….

✊🏾 100% with Moira Deeming 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾.

Moira Deeming Photo,Moira Deeming Photo by Nyunggai Warren Mundine AO,Nyunggai Warren Mundine AO on twitter tweets Moira Deeming Photo

An Australian politician is set to be expelled from the Liberal Party after she attended a rally intended to platform women critical of gender ideology. Moira Deeming was smeared as being associated with a neo-Nazi group despite having no ties to them..

Paul Karp
Paul Karp

Strong signals in #qt that Labor will restore funding to the National Library, Trove, collecting and arts institutions. #auspol.

BREAKING: Opposition leader @JohnPesutto says he will move to expel Moira Deeming from the Liberal parliamentary party room this week..

Moira Deeming Photo,Moira Deeming Photo by Sumeyya Ilanbey,Sumeyya Ilanbey on twitter tweets Moira Deeming Photo

If you think these 2 events aren’t closely related, think back to not long ago when Nazi-adjacent Pauline Hanson had a solid plan to get semi-automatic guns legalised in AUS again. Now Hanson shares a similar platform to Moira Deeming & thus, to the LNP. If we don’t fight hard,….

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Sam Groth willing to do more for a vote to expel Moira Deeming than Scott Morrison was initially willing to do when the country was on fire..

John Pesutto tells ABC 7:30 ‘there will be consequences’ for Moira Deeming - if what she told the party room today is different to her true intentions. Comments come following these tweets from Deeming this evening. Mr Pesutto says the party will now have to review the tweets..

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“There just wasn’t a case against ⁦⁦@MoiraDeemingMP⁩ ,” one MP told The Age, speaking on the condition of anonymity. “Once again, a woman has to take the fall for a decision made by men in this party.”.

Sky News host Peta Credlin has shared the speech Victorian Liberal Party MP Moira Deeming gave to defend herself from possible expulsion which “brought some in the room to tears”..

The Liberal Party room has avoided a move to expel Moira Deeming. She will be suspended for nine months, according to Liberal sources..

did they condemn their own MP Moira Deeming, who attended the anti-trans hate rally and espouses dangerous transphobic rhetoric?.

Daniel Andrews knows he has a comically pliant media in Victoria that will give a fraction of the coverage to this - esp compared to a Moira Deeming tweet.

An admission by the Liberal Party (previously Conservative) of a Social Engineering Agenda to promote Transexualism in our Children. As a Liberal MP gets a 9 month suspension for objecting to that Agenda WHOA! Victorian MP to be suspended.

オーストラリア Moira Deeming議員 イスラム教徒である友人女性の願い「身体性別に基づく男女の境界を守って欲しい」 をスピーチで述べている動画 こんな当たり前の主張をする女性演説集会に参加協力したことが、関係のないネオナチが現れたことで問題になり、所属政党から除名されるかもと。.

@ElliotHammerSR @annikasmethurst Why is Moira Deeming being smeared & threatened with removal from VLP for reading a letter from a Muslim woman asking that #WomensRights be respected? Women had NOTHING to do with vile MEN hijacking the #LetWomenSpeak event or TRA’s assaulting a speaker & punching police horses!.

Did you know: Liberal members who campaigned for lifelong Liberal Fred Ackerman instead of the hard-right’s Moira Deeming were threatened with disciplinary action and expulsion….

Moira Deeming Photo,Moira Deeming Photo by Brent Hodgson,Brent Hodgson on twitter tweets Moira Deeming Photo

Could the Moira Deeming saga be impacting the Liberal Party vote in Aston? With early voting well underway, Peter Dutton has reportedly raised the concern with the party room. Polling day is this Saturday, April 1. #AstonVotes #auspol.

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Before we offer our congratulations to the LNP for their move against Moira Deeming, remember she is: -Anti-vaxx -Anti-mandates -Anti Safe Schools -Anti Euthanasia -A pro-lifer (including in rape cases -Pro conversion therapy Why was she in the party at all?.

@JNampijinpa @JohnPesutto Victorian MP Moira Deeming replaced Bernie Finn. Both have been expelled for Christianity form the Fake Liberal Party..

@jennamclarke @JohnPesutto Moira Deeming is about to be expelled from the Liberal Party of Victoria not for anything she said or did but because OTHER PEOPLE were in the vicinity of an event she attended. This is a disgrace & clearly is designed to silence women who are standing up for women’s rights..

Question to ask @JohnPesutto: if not her anti-trans views, what __specifically__ did Moira Deeming do wrong?.

Is this total BS the UK equivalent of QANON?! This is your mate Moira Deeming. #MoiraDeeming.

Has Jane Clare Jones and The Radical Notion crew apologized yet for putting out an entire issue of their magazine comparing other gender critical women to fascists yet? Have they seen what’s going on with Posie’s tour, with Moira Deeming, and had a single self-awareness moment?.


The bar is so fucking low for the Victorian Liberals that putting Moira Deeming - who was very clear about what she stands for - on the ticket, then booting her for acting ✨️exactly like she always intended to✨️ is seen somehow as strong leadership..

When I was an academic, the knife was typically inserted via email around 4pm Fridays. The Vic Liberal Party has chosen Sunday nights. They are now completely irrelevant as a political party after sacrificing Moira Deeming on the altar of transgenderism..

Liberal MP Moira Deeming has been expelled from Liberal Party for attending #LetWomenSpeak in Melbourne This is an affront to democracy & liberalism & an assault on women’s right to free speech and self-representation Politics reporters & commentators do your job.

Why is it taking so long for John Pesutto to move a motion to expel Moira Deeming from the Liberal party?.

Courting Nazi’s deemed ok by Liberal party. Moira Deeming not only attended this protest on the steps of parliament, but was actively involved in different ways in the organisation and promotion of this protest at which there were speakers with known links to neo-Nazis, ABC.

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