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My Mum loves the Seekers. She used to sing us Morningtown Ride as a lullaby. Now she does the same to her grandkids. Our 3yo Henry can sing every word. RIP Judith Durham..

Judith Durham: Former Seekers lead singer dies aged 79. Music from my childhood. Morningtown Ride was very special. A wonderful singer, RIP.

Raising a glass to Judith Durham. As a nipper I was mesmerised by Morningtown Ride. Played it over and over. Now that I think about it, it was probably my introduction to the concept of metaphor. And oh, that voice. One of the loveliest in popular music..

Oh, I cried. Judith Durham has left us. RIP. The first song I performed as a kid, was Morningtown Ride. We made a train out of cardboard boxes at sunday school and I did the solo. Oh Judith. Sing for us today. 🙏❤️.

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… Yet songs like Walk With Me, Georgy Girl & The Carnival Is Over revealed new meanings with time. That didn’t stop Morningtown Ride catching me this morning… Thanks for the music, Judith, a gentle lady & interviewee. My dad treasured the signed pic..

The Seekers - Morningtown Ride (Stereo, 1966) RIP Judith Durham 😢😢 This song reminds me so much of my childhood..

I wonder how many people have a morningtown ride ear worm tonight? My mum used to sing it to us in the car on long.

My mother often used to play or sing Morningtown Ride as our lullaby when we were small, and it always made me feel warm and snug inside..

Judith Durham 😢 I sang both children and grandchildren to sleep with Morningtown Ride. Such a voice and such a talent..

Don’t post much these days but just learned that Judith Durham of The Seekers has died. One of my first memories of songs as a child was Morningtown Ride. RIP Judith, you had the voice of an Angel and now they want it back x.

Judith Durham’s death is so sad. I only need hear “The Carnival Is Over,” “I’ll Never Find Another You” or “Morningtown Ride” & I’m back in the 60s at my parents’ house with my treasured little suitcase record player. Those 45s were played over & over & over. And what a voice!.

Very sad news. I remember as a young boy listening to ‘Morningtown Ride’ and ‘The Carnival is Over’ and ‘A World of our Own’. 👍.

A much-loved sound from childhood. In memory of the great #judithdurham #NowPlaying Morningtown Ride (Stereo) [2009 Remaster] by The Seekers on @TIDAL.

RIP Judith Durham. My family loved to sing along with you (on cassette, when the tape player in the car worked) on our weekly trips to town. “Morningtown Ride” was a big favourite..

This is the song I always imagined singing as a lullaby when I had children. The Seekers - Morningtown Ride (Stereo, 1966) via @YouTube.

@RobertArnol My grade 3 teacher played the guitar and we all used to sing Morningtown Ride. She wore suede boots. (I can still see them)☺️.

@julia_zemiro 😢 💯pure ‘childhood’ memories come rushing back 🎶 Train, Whistle, Blowing🎶 Morningtown Ride singing along in the car with my grandmother, brother & sister in New Zealand 💕🇳🇿.

@WombatNShadow @Bruce_Elvisteen as a kid, i was totes convinced that morningtown ride was about the frankston line.

@Indounik @ABCaustralia Such sad news and it has transported me back to my childhood too. The Seekers records playing at my grandparents beach house, think I can just remember adults talking about the farewell concert. Morningtown Ride always made me feel safe as a little kid😊.

@JoeHenman @BBCNews I heard Morningtown Ride on air about 20mins before it appeared on the radio news.

@sheenz_m_ I love that song. And The Carnival is Over. As a child, Morningtown Ride was my favourite, and it probably still is really. What a voice..

Stunning voice, beautiful songs , Island of dreams, Carnival is over, and especially Morningtown Ride, which I sang to my son and my grandsons. #RIPJudithDurham.

I used to sing Morningtown Ride to my kids. Such a comforting song..

Mum used to sing Morningtown Ride to us as a lullaby. Rest In Peace, Judith Durham - thank you for the music..

@steve1head Mine too. My grandfather and father watched her on Saturday night TV. I can’t listen to Morningtown Ride without my eyes watering 😢.

@PhillipAdams_1 I sing the grandkids Morningtown Ride to get them off to sleep. A great Aussie tradition..

One of my few very vivid childhood memories is of my dad singing Morningtown Ride to me as I fell.

@annaandy40 Aww loved The Carnival is Over and Morningtown Ride will be in my mind now for rest of day x.

@bluejeanbaby01 I was taught by Nuns,when I was aged 5, I guess some thought they were Julie Andrews, always singing Sound of Music tunes, but I remember a kindly young nun who constantly sang Morningtown Ride, Judith Durham had a fantastic voice indeed.

@richpokers The sound of my childhood too, as my older siblings had their albums. Morningtown Ride is my favourite song. Poor Judith..

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