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I’m convinced that people banning Toni Morrison books have never read them. But anyone who fears a child who reads, should consider how terrifying it is to meet adults who demand the ignorance of others..

Os diretores da 3ª temporada de #TheMandalorian: •Lee Isaac Chung (Minari) •Rick Famuyiwa (dirigiu Eps da T1 e 2) •Bryce Dallas Howard (Mando e Boba Fett) •Rachel Morrison (The Morning Show) •Peter Ramsey (Aranhaverso) •Carl Weathers (interpreta Greef Carga).

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On Sunday Van Morrison performed the second of two sold out Electric Ballroom shows in London. Photo by @Matthiggsphoto.

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#Peacemaker est la série de super-héros préférée de Grant Morrison ! (via ).

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“Billions of people will be affected by diet, travel and energy bans and restrictions, and billions more will be denied the life-enhancing progress enjoyed in the industrialised countries over the last 200 years.” Chris Morrison #CostOfNetZero Read more:.

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Sorridi sempre, anche se è un sorriso triste, perché più triste di un sorriso triste c’è la tristezza di non saper sorridere. (Jim Morrison).

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The old status quo is gone, at best you can get a weird, messy ass version of that. As somebody who read X-Men comics between Morrison and Hickman: it is entirely possible to spend years watching Marvel editorial trying to shove the toothpaste back in the tube..

David Crosby is gonna be in Heaven with Jim Morrison. He must be so pissed. #RIPDavidCrosby.

@AlboMP Hey @AlboMP, even the ultra rich are asking govs to tax their obscene excessive wealth. They see the writing on the wall, that the poor will #EatTheRich with such inequality. Yet you hang on to the tax cuts 4 the rich, by the corrupt Morrison gov.#auspol.

#JForJanMusicChallenge Day 18. Joint ...I was blowing saxophone on the weekend In that down Van Morrison: Cleaning Windows.

Personally a bit sentimental the news of Jacinda Ardern leaving. During lockdowns the void of non partisan federal leadership under Morrison here in Australia pitting states/territories against eachother, whilst Ms Ardern meanwhile had clear plans and articulated well #auspol.

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@dsr150250 @AlboMP I like Morrison on the basis he need it to make hard decisions on the spot with out notice floods fires covid and everyone agains even before he make decisions AA lovers you all will safer and teals find another job when voters wake up that you all are fake.

@DaveMacLachlan1 Doors - Blue Sunday Who - Behind Blue Eyes Beatles - For You Blue Bad Company - Silver Blue and Gold ELO - Mr Blue Sky Dragonfly -Blue Monday (give it a listen) Van Morrison -Blue Money.

Students in Virginia need to head over the the local library and take out all these books. @StephenKing banned? Anne Rice and Toni Morrison? Sad. I’d be happy to give my books to anyone who wants them…..

I do. Speaking of Senator Morrison ....

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@andrea_blanch Contigo de Carla Morrison, específicamente esta versión del tiny desk (es la primera canción!).

@ManMadeMoon @riteshwriter You also can’t make money with digital-first monthlies. Look at Scott Snyder whining about how little his CXO books sold. And Substack’s likely lost a BUNDLE on its deals with comics folks. Prob only Morrison & Hickman (I’ve seen twitter ads for 3w3m, lol) are sustainable.

Doom Patrol by John Byrne. Garbage. Morrison was dead on when they made this prediction.

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@hughriminton @australian If only she could have been more like Scott Morrison 🙄🙄🙄.

reading toni morrison’s “recitatif” and becoming increasingly livid while i pace around my house with bloodshot eyes screaming “what race are you?!?” at the pages which offer no response.

@StokesTheWriter Jeff Smith, Grant Morrison, Dwayne McDuffie, Roger Stern, and Peter David are my top five.

@BigDavidMullins I wonder if Keith Morrison or Josh Mankiewicz will host this episode. She lit up a room. - Me describing @CourtAnne1225.

“Clearly, the Big Australia baton has been passed from John Howard to Kevin Rudd to Scott Morrison and now to Anthony Albanese,”.

@Jovenesfutmx Tenemos a santiago baños bro te hare un recuento de sus estupideces. Deja ir a haret, se queda con ramon y lo manda a prestamo. Tenia bloqueado a morrison y paolo rios. Manda a mau reyes a cancun, que era el mas adelantado este semestre y deja a orquin pudriendose en la banca..

@DiPw122 @OurNewHomecoach Soot Morrison has always done & said what he likes. That is why we need a #NACC.

The federal government has given Commonwealth public sector workers the choice to take an alternative day off rather than January 26, reversing a Morrison government policy..

@Podolyak_M У него и его коллеги Небензи, что не высер, то за гранью.

WEF puppets and mRNA COVID vaccine tyrants that lost their job: Australia - Scott Morrison OUT New Zealand - Jacinda Ardern OUT United Kingdom - Boris Johnson OUT United Kingdom - Liz Truss OUT Italy - Mario Draghi OUT Who is next?.

Of all of the crucifix-stroking, bible-clutching, self-proclaimed Christians that have infested our , Morrison et would claim, upon leaving, that they wished to be remembered for their kindness? Ardern did. Hence they loathe her. #auspol.

@cernejpudinkcz Janis mám strašně rád, už od puberty. Bylo to takové mé trio, Hendrix, Morrison, Janis. Její hlas miluju dodnes :).

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