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Steph Curry and Klay Thompson combine to win the duo 3-point contest in Tokyo. Easily beat the Jordan Poole, Moses Moody pairing..

It’s interesting to observe how call to address russian cancerous presence in UNSC provoked a wave of apologetics incl to justify status quo. There’s no immunity from criticism, dysfunctional bodies should reform or seize to exist. Charter doesn’t come from Moses. 2022 isn’t 1945.

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I have written to the ORPP to break the party so that I can join UDA - Moses Kuria.

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BREAKING NEWS: The iconic Moses Mabhida Stadium in Durban, Kwa-Zulu Natal will host 2022/23 #MTN8 Final on Saturday, 05 November 2022. The PSL will confirm the kick-off time, ticketing information, and other match logistics in due course..

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Moses Moody and Mac McClung did their thing tonight in the @warriors win in Tokyo. 🔥 #NBAJapanGames.

@PoliceNG has arrested Prof. Zainab Duke Abiola and her aides for brutalising, harassing and assaulting @policeng Inspector Teju Moses in Abuja, a transparent prosecution must follow suit. #WeCantContinueLikeThis.

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Inspector Teju Moses, by her principal who is a Legal practitioner and human rights activist, Prof. Zainab Duke Abiola and her domestic staff comprising the house maid, one Rebecca Enechido and a male suspect currently at large..

Chama Cha Kazi (CCK) party leader Moses Kuria has returned a favour to President William Ruto following his nomination as Trade Cabinet Secretary..

Ravens score three more points on a 51-yard field goal, which should be a 46 yarder before the delay of game call. Bad sack on a 2nd down. Morgan Moses was really baited on a stunt. I miss a bit more of the tight ends into this game. Really shy performance from Andrews and others.

😬😬😬 📺 Watch #NRLCowboysEels on ch. 502 or stream on Kayo: ✍️ BLOG 🔢 MATCH CENTRE.

@Channel_King I’m about halfway through UZUMAKI and digging it..

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目前洼地文化大体也就是这样了,文化不文化、情感不情感、表达不表达,都无所谓了,什么闲散日常什么慵懒四季,这种人间生活是没有的,既不会让你拥有这样的心情也无法创造出获得这种心情的文化和环境。 没有人,没有文化,没有百态,没有卤肉饭也没有叉烧饭,哪怕有,也不是你的,要加上中国二字。.

It is 4:0 and the Manchester United fans have already started leaving the Etihad stadium 🏟️ 🤷🤣 #MCIMUN.

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Absolutely a fucking huge call to make, glad they could make it worth it for him. I love you Moses so so much. Even I cried..

So when are Moses and Gutho coming on? Feel like they could really turn this around for Eels.

When God said to moses go to Egypt and deliver my have sent @PeterObi to deliver the people of Nigeria from the evil force and from consumption to production #PeterObiForPresident2023.

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Faalele has been very good. The two times Von Miller has gotten through, he’s been matched up on Moses..

A former wife of late Abiola, Prof. Zainab Duke Abiola, is now in Suleja Prison after she allegedly assaulted Inspector Teju Moses, a police orderly attached to her..

@TheParraEels Meanwhile Manly players wouldn’t wear some extra colours on a jersey. I have my issues with Moses, but his loyalty is unquestionable. What a guy.

A Moses pass in what the 6th minute? Shouldn’t, and didn’t really impact the result. The cowboys lead by 8 in the second half. They played well, but just not quite well enough..

@BulldogsKennel It’s ok their first reaction to Moses playing a career worst game but still making the GF Was “mOsEs > cLeArY.

There are lot of similarities between the two because most of the prophets are similar ,Moses,David, Solomon,Muhammad (peace be upon them) had received revelation from Almighty God..

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FULL TIME ⌚ Simba Sc 3️⃣ - 0️⃣ Dodoma Jiji ⚽ Abdallah Shaibu (OG) ⚽️ Moses Phiri ⚽ Habibu Kyombo #NBCPL 🇹🇿.

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@citizentvkenya Even in the bible moses was weak no wonder God chose Aaron to b by his side. Kuria here cant even mobilise his own party yawa,thats how weak he is.

Indeed God has openly come to reveal the stripes of Elijah and Moses that He promised that they will come to announce the good news of the coming of the Messiah and to prepare the way for the coming of the Messiah #KtnHomeEpisode.

@hkdarren Went a metre forward - the direction that Moses was facing when he spun around, the ball could not have travelled any other way but forward. Horrible call..

감성장인 임히어로 임영웅 [(금) 오후 뉴스 종합] 입니다. (출처 : MOSES | 네이버 포스트) 임영웅.

@fishonheat People wanna talk about that first forward pass leading to a try but moses legit got held at marker and leuila scored haha.

@Tshoki_Moses Are a ntse ko dladleng ko gae😂😂😂 Shame man i miss.

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@sophie_bulldogs The receiver had to reach forward of the line from Moses to grab the ball … a forward pass..

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