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I merely suggested that Moylan operates the funniest account on Twitter. There is nothing here to dissuade me..

Labour now is the party of Mayfair. Baron Moylan,unelected peer of the realm and man of the people speaks..

Well look at this… It appears as though Lord Moylan was for a People’s Vote on Johnson’s deal. Why didn’t we see you in the PV offices at the time, Daniel? Would’ve been really good to have had a prominent Brexiteer on board..

Sharks fans reminding everyone what a banter fanbase they are comparing the Rapana hit on Moylan to the Kennedy hit on Walsh. #upup.

Time for some last minute Moylan magic vs Canberra. We’ve seen that before haven’t we?.

Moylan is literally the only one trying something in the halves. #NRLSharksRaiders #MagicRound.

@Yankees Fuck Josh Donaldson. Strikes out rather than hit the ball in the air to score the tying run. They’re going to blow this🤬.

Never been a fan but I’m calling it- Moylan isn’t firing - get rid of him #NRLSharksRaiders.

@NQuest63 Yes the Sharks won the penalty count 10-4 Yee the Raiders had 3 players sent to the bin But the Sharks also have Matt Moylan & Wade Graham playing for them. Give me the Raiders everyday..

@matttennisalice @cronullasharks Yea I agree. The team very flat today. Hunt best on field. Moylan very poor but hard to point finger at one when they all off..

Which team wins: The one with three sin-bins over the course of the game and being down to 11 at one point? Or the one with Matt Moylan leading the attack? #NRLSharksRaiders.

#OnAirNow Eoghan Moylan via @FlutterTone - Dark Disco, or IndieMUSIC mainstreamMUSIC Help keep the station going if you can donate here.

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FMD - CNK was on the ground when Moylan contacted him. This game is being bizarrely refereed ( and Bunkered ). #NRLSharksRaiders #NRLMagicRound.


@Sydfish @robert_moylan Well, you should have just disposed of it and keep it to yourself. They are nasty and give me the creps.

@MasterSharky @cronullasharks He played well last year. I’m sure he will do a good job today. Fitz will give him a simple job to do. Like you said, just get the ball to Moylan and Nicho when they need it..

@robert_moylan The babies are growing nicely. I love hearing them speak. The dogs are beautiful and curious..

@danielmgmoylan @DPJHodges Problem with your making the statement, Moylan, is your motives for saying it (rather than what you’re saying.) You want everyone back in the office so that commercial landlords continue to make a killing. All whilst maintaining the status quo that your party takes advantage of..

@JasonofSyd Maybe but should have been tackle completed Moylan had his arm on him still..

@cronullasharks Half the sharks forward pack needs to be put into a retirement home, take Moylan with.

Matt Moylan should not be l anywhere near first grade. one of the biggest ball hogs i’ve ever seen and when he does pass, it’s a rubbish pass of the time. #nrl #rugbyleague.

@The_Prez Ref never called held and Moylan fell off him, he got up making him fair game. If he had stayed on the ground and not moved than he would of been fine and would of received a penalty if they dragged him..

That’s a strange one. Player on the ground is usually tackled as soon as the defender touches him. Which Moylan did..


Maybe I’m wrong I just thought because Moylan touched him on the ground and had a hand on him the whole time it’s held.

@danielmgmoylan Daniel Moylan calling *someone else* “Comical Ali” displays a lack of self awareness that simply staggers me..

@_itsashleeee_ I agree that’s he’s not great but no one really is at the moment. I think of a combination is really working which Moylan and Hines were .. don’t change them.

@PlayoffTanaka_ But tonight the Yankees were chokers against him. Donaldson could have put the ball in the air and driven in the tying run earlier. But NOOOOOOOOOOO. Both he and Torres try to swing for the fences on every pitch, bat stupidly and strike out. I despise both of them..

@matttennisalice Well due to Ramien and Kennedy out we had to move Nicho to fullback. And we needed someone in the halves with Moylan..

@TalkinYanks @CharlieRGa He and Nestor Cortes are in the bottom five in MLB in terms of run support. Just disgraceful performance by the offense. Shittiest teammates ever for these two..

@Yankees So far through six innings you look f**cking pathetic. Still only four hits, none consecutive. A whole lot of nothing. White Sox only two runs ahead and you can’t even manage a few hits in a row? FFS, don’t wimp out- play smarter and get the f**cking bat on the ball🤬.

@eboland11 But he absolutely sucks with RISP. Along with Higashioka, the two most inconsequential contributors to the Yankee offense. Bench Gallo and bring back Gardner, a guy who doesn’t squander his talent..

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