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Story of a 66-year-old researcher, an immigrant, who rarely got grants, never got her own lab, never earned more than $60K. For four decades, she kept working on mRNA—a path considered foolish. Her work is the basis for the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines.

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Catnose ()

かっこよすぎる > On Nov. 8, the first results of the Pfizer-BioNTech study came in, showing that the mRNA vaccine offered powerful immunity to the new virus. Dr. Kariko turned to her husband. “Oh, it works,” she said. “I thought so.”

Ted Lieu
Ted Lieu ()

Kati Kariko and the scientists that developed the mRNA vaccines are heroes of the world. Their work will save millions and millions of lives.

Nathan Tankus
Nathan Tankus ()

I think a really, really critical lesson of the vaccine development for Coronavirus is that public money devoted to reshaping our technical knowledge and socially constructing new resources can be extraordinarily powerful if given a chance.

Nathan Heller
Nathan Heller ()

Story of a 66-year-old researcher, an immigrant, who rarely got grants, never got her own lab, never earned more than $60K. For four decades, she kept working on mRNA—a path considered foolish. Her work is the basis for the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines.

Erik Brynjolfsson
Erik Brynjolfsson ()

Katalin Kariko laid the groundwork for the mRNA vaccines. She is one of the heroes of Covid-19 vaccine development

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David Kurten
David Kurten ()

I will not be taking an injection of experimental mRNA. I trust my immune system to fight off coronaviruses.

Marcel Salathé
Marcel Salathé ()

Diese mRNA Impfstoffe ziehen ein Ass nach dem anderen aus dem Ärmel. Effizient. Sicher. Breit wirksam (momentan - solange keine Escape-Varianten auftauchen). Und sehr wahrscheinlich auch lang wirksam, wenn man diese Daten 6 Monate nach Impfung anschaut:

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dr.vilas jagdale
Dr.vilas jagdale ()

Those who think that Bharath biotech Vaccine is safe and not mRNA VACCINE time will tell

🔴 Tycho Brahe will NoCovid! 💉
🔴 Tycho Brahe will NoCovid! 💉 ()

Na Nach Erstimpfung mit AstraZeneca kam nun automatisch die Terminänderung auf 12 Wochen Impfabstand, statt bisher 9 Wochen und Wechsel auf einen mRNA-Impfstoff. Damit bin ich sehr zufrieden und halte es für vernünftig. 🖖

Rev. Poppy Haze
Rev. Poppy Haze ()

we probably need to rename mRNA vaccines to something like messenger vaccines, vector vaccines, or indirect vaccines because years of GMO paranoia have made people too scared of anything involving genetic material

Elmal96 ()

@markmueller1979 @Zaubermaus57 Ich beantrage Geld für die Teilnahme als Probandin. Erstimpfung mit AstraZeneca, Zweitimpfung wohl mit mRNA, bisher ohne ausreichende Studien zum Impf-Mix.

马聚 ()

疫苗也要强迫打,欧盟GMP认证真与假?各国接种效果差,国药疫苗还要打三回;喉舌换脸真的快,调转舆论狂吹mRNA效用好|专家访谈 韩冰医师

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Eric Topol
Eric Topol ()

Best V3 news for today (vaccine-virus-variants)👍 1. Prior covid + mRNA vaccine (@BioNTech_Group) -> very high levels of neutralizing antibodies against (South Africa) and (Brazil) variants @NEJM (N=6)

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Dr Dominic Pimenta
Dr Dominic Pimenta ()

NEW 🏮 As the Moderna vaccine is rolled out in the UK, and young people may be preferentially offered mRNA vaccines, hopefully this will be informative: How mRNA vaccines work and what the same technology might cure next

Eric Topol
Eric Topol ()

The very rare brain blood cots—CVST—with the Astra Zeneca vaccine occur 50X more frequently than mRNA vaccines and are getting a lot of attention today, even before dueling press conferences of UK and EU regulators. Causality should not be in question.

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Jeffrey Peel
Jeffrey Peel ()

What type of parents would put their children forward for a trial for an experimental mRNA vaccine?

Eric Topol
Eric Topol ()

Very good neutralizing antibody levels for at least 7 months after 2 doses of mRNA vaccine (and likely years) @NEJM today

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Alex Berenson
Alex Berenson ()

The European Medicines Agency has just admitted the obvious: the @AstraZeneca vaccine causes blood disorders. They’d better explain why it’s not a class effect. Because both the @jnj vaccine and the mRNA vaccines have MANY similar reports in VAERS and

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Mari Brighe
Mari Brighe ()

Much of the research that made the Moderna and Pfizer mRNA vaccines possible came from the search for a HIV vaccine. I’m so excited by this news, but also frustrated because it means than an HIV vaccine was within reach for only it were funded well enough.

Rachel da 🥯 🐝 💙💛😷🐈
Rachel da 🥯 🐝 💙💛😷🐈 ()

@chris_notcapn That’s pretty amazing. It would be an incredible achievement if we could get two vaccines for two very problematic viruses out of mRNA technology.

Heather Fink
Heather Fink ()

Finally!!!! 🙏 🎉 And check out this article about the incredible Dr. Katalin Kariko who was ignored & maligned for years as she developed mRNA vaccine technology:

Faheem Younus, MD
Faheem Younus, MD ()

Why should I get vaccinated if I already had COVID? To prevent a reinfection. Duration of immunity after COVID is unclear and advantages of a vaccine are becoming obvious. In this study single mRNA vaccine shot ⬆️ neutralizing antibodies by 1000 fold

Science News
Science News ()

In the real world, mRNA vaccines against COVID-19 seem to block infection as well as disease. If you can’t get infected, you can’t infect anyone else, which means the vaccines can reduce transmission as well as the disease.”

さようならコロナ.bot ()

*Q)ファイザー社のワクチンはどんなものですか? *A)メッセンジャーRNA(mRNA)ワクチンです。このmRNAは新型コロナウィルスのスパイク蛋白質を生産するための遺伝暗号の配列を持っています。これを私たちの体内に注入し、私たちの細胞にスパイク蛋白質を作らせ、免疫を獲得します。

Mason McCloud
Mason McCloud ()

@riffraff814 @RepAndyBiggsAZ It’s also unfortunate that in 13 months, a Chinese virus with a (at most) fatality rate has killed of the population. But sure! Let’s mandate that everyone takes the experimental mRNA-alternating, aborted tissue-filled vaccine with a 60% success rate. #LiberalLogic

Stephen Judkins
Stephen Judkins ()

I just realized that Moderna is wordplay on mRNA, and that their stock ticker being MRNA is an intentional thing

world’s largest beefsteak tomato
World’s largest beefsteak tomato ()

everyone is like ‘what if i started a podcast’ but i think a podcast by a bipolar person with many interests with no structure or given topic would be very funny. just press play one week and i’m talking about the history of the fridge. the next it’s how mrna vaccines work

Lyd ()

There’s no long term effects of the covid vaccine because it’s made of mRNA and it’s basically a blueprint for your immune system to fight ’s literally it lmaooo

Faigy Roze
Faigy Roze ()

@untappedgrowth Trad. vacc. require isolating the virus, attenuating and culturing, and/or duplicating a synthetic version = expensive scientists + a lot of time. In mRNA vacc., the base delivery system stays the same (inc. future vaxx). Only a tiny fragment of genomic info needs to be encoded.

scoob ✨
Scoob ✨ ()

Demeaning the MRNA has me really heated though like it’s been in trials for a long time developing cancer treatment. Y’all are so entitled & making up this fake information about it. Saying Bill Gates created it is so insulting to scientists who actually work in cancer research.

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