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Solid match from the team today! Thanks to all of you for the amazing support! 3 Goals, 3 points ✅ 👏🏻 @ManUtd #MUFC.

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@MUFC_NET اكثر ما يؤلم طريقه استقبالنا للاهداف كره ثابته وخطأ من ماتيتش في مراقبه كيمبمبي والهدف الثاني واضح من طريقه دي ماريا هو سيمرر ل مبابي وتاخر بايي في التغطيه — نتمنى الاستمرار بالنتائج جيده محلياً.

Gentle reminder that Liverpool have won just one trophy since 2006 #mufc.

Ole: “Pogba? It is a blow. He is trying to get his body across and Alves is clever enough to put his foot in so it hits him, I know Paul wants to shield the ball and it’s unlucky and it hits him on the knee. #mufc.

أنظر للمخلوقات المخلوقه !!؟ بنسبه للخالق سبحانك ربي القوي القهار #MUFC.

A gentle reminder tonight that although Ole has put us back in the right frame of mind, there’s still years of misinvestment to be remedied. PSG the better side tonight, we’ve still got a long way to go get. #mufc.

@ibQgR1OiEVHiSW0 اون حجم از توالت عمومی زیاد نیست؟؟ بعضیاشو میتونیم به بار و استریپ کلاب تبدیل کنیم #WarsawSayNoToMullahs.

You win some and you lose some! Let’s keep it together and bounce back from this 2-0 defeat #MUFC ❤️❤️🔴🔴.

Mata might settle this game tonight but this is a reality check for #mufc. At City, it’s Sterling or Sane, Jesus or Aguero, Bernardo Silva or Mahrez. And that’s without mentioning David Silva or Kevin de Bruyne. United lacking top drawer quality in reserve..

@RKotecha_MUFC My own child, the racist 🤣 my brown child would never say things like.

@MUFC_MCU no problem! i love looking back at the memories (even though it was only two days ago) and getting emotional again 💛.

When @ericbailly24 takes a penalty for #mufc according to @anto_v25 😂😂. This happened in Tanzanian league I think. PS: Only the great Aristide Bance can do this in an Afcon game. Happy Sunday, everyone. 😆😆.

The Juan Mata comment that bought back memories of Manchester United under Sir Alex Ferguson #mufc.

@Alsuwaideee @Kooora_MUFC بالتوفيق راح نلعب ضد فريق اقوى نسخه له في ابطال باريس اتمنى نصعد 👍🏻❤️.

Don’t care if he’s asking to bang the Queen @ManUtd make it happen! #mufc.

@malavjera Moram kazati da najveća od zvezdi granda danas je bila 8. u finalu,a danas ih sve jede za doručak te šta su bili ispred nje :))))).

Thanks to everyone we spoke to at Craven Cottage! All the fan reaction in the playlist -> #MUFC #FULMUN.

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@J_asmineA @Madison_Keys Wta ranking of 17th to 157th😛 . This should be am easy win. We hope for green.

@SolskjaerMind A wide chance to dismantle the opponent (PSG) in the first leg of the UCL #MUFC.

Lmao & all of our players are set to play 😂 #MUFC.

Solid match from the team today! Thanks to all of you for the amazing support! 3 Goals, 3 points ✅ 👏🏻 @ManUtd #MUFC.

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@MUFC_NET وراه يتبوسم طيب !! هههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههه.

Let me help you Grow your Account Reply with “ Hey “ and follow whoever likes your reply ASAP No Cheating Please ❌❌ We will Follow Each Other 💯💯 Let’s Go 😍😍🤪🤪😎😎💚💚.

Juan Mata: “I always say the same, give the ball to Anthony [Martial] and we will win.” [bein] #MUFC.

Daamn I wanted him to be fit. Neymar also 😔😔 #MUFC.

ManUtd Injury/Available Update (7) PSG INJURED OUT: Neymar, Diarra FIT: Verratti NEW Injury updates for PSG: Edinson Cavani [Thigh/hamstring]* Thomas Meunier [head injury, precaution?]* *Under assessment #MUFC #MUNPSG.

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