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I’ve never been prouder of Labor’s amazing community members & volunteers than yesterday. The behaviour they calmly endured on the Mulgrave booth I was at was disgraceful. Constant abuse & intimidation from angry, unhinged people mostly not from our community. #auspol #springst.

Exit polling conducted in Mulgrave shows Premier Dan Andrews is at risk of losing the seat he has held since 2002 >.

Mulgrave Photo,Mulgrave Photo by Herald Sun,Herald Sun on twitter tweets Mulgrave Photo

Despite holding his seat of Mulgrave by a whopping 16 per cent, Daniel Andrews is in danger of becoming the first Victorian Premier to be voted out by his own constituents. The man who could topple him is Independent Ian Cook, who has a personal axe to grind. #9News.

Comedian and Kim Jong-un impersonator Howard Lee raised eyebrows as he cast his vote in leafy Mulgrave on Saturday morning >.

Mulgrave Photo,Mulgrave Photo by Herald Sun,Herald Sun on twitter tweets Mulgrave Photo

@DanielAndrewsMP Q: Why did you sneak to another early voting centre outside your Mulgrave electorate? A:.

Liberal candidate for Mulgrave Michael Piastrino after Dan Andrews was projected as winner: “It is not over…hang tight everyone” @6NewsAU.

Mulgrave Photo,Mulgrave Photo by Leonardo Puglisi,Leonardo Puglisi on twitter tweets Mulgrave Photo

Good morning Mulgrave… Three simple words you need to remember today. Put. Labor. Last. #AndrewsMustGo #VicVotes2022.

TGIF! It’s been a very stressful week. Tomorrow is Voting day! Just having a few drinks with my best friends, both Labor voters and both are NOT voting for Andrews! My best friend lives in Mulgrave 👊🏼😁What’s everyone up to?.

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Hold him accountable even if you lose! Mulgrave deserves this Man. Not the smirking coward they got..

Morning all - what’s the latest on Mulgrave? Or are we going to pretend it’s perfectly normal to count at the speed of Maricopa County?.

The possibility of a “Dancapitation” in Mulgrave ... Failed football journalist Chip Le Grand has quit Twitter in disgrace. But hopefully his colleagues can commit to an end to this violent and ugly language in Victorian politics..

🚨 COUNTDOWN: Dan Andrews has 1 more sleep before losing her seat in Mulgrave! Put the ALP last. Anyone but Dan. #PutLaborLast.

Mulgrave Photo,Mulgrave Photo by Senator Takin-Thepiss Papahatziharalambrous,Senator Takin-Thepiss Papahatziharalambrous on twitter tweets Mulgrave Photo

Thank you to my friends at @SkyNewsAust and especially the great Peta Credlin. I am on track to win Mulgrave in a Danslide and I will become Premier of this great state! #Mulgrave is mine!.

Eleven percent (11%) of the vote counted— 36% Labor (32 seats) 28% LNP ... At the moment, Labor has a strong pathway to power. Daniel Andrews is on in Mulgrave. ALL TOO EARLY TO CALL. #VicVotes2022.

Mulgrave is now a dirty word. A place to be avoided a place where the population are clueless and enjoy mistreatment. Sick..

🔴 Dan Andrews will likely retain Mulgrave without needing preferences - sitting at a primary vote of around 51% | #6NewsAU.

I’m awake early & not sure why ? So it’s 26 Nov. & our dystopian friends in #Mulgrave Melbourne have the opportunity of a lifetime to frog March a widely despised Dictator into a Centrelink Queue. Will they do the right thing or maintain the oppressive status quo #VicVotes2022.

@GrousestDad Wait until you see the next Indi candidate for Mulgrave, the slug itself is ready to tell all.

Mulgrave Photo,Mulgrave Photo by Thor,Thor on twitter tweets Mulgrave Photo

@PatsKarvelas I do hope you do a forensic analysis of the rubbish written by media during the campaign about Mulgrave outcome.

OMG!! What is *wrong* with Victorian voters?! What is wrong with Mulgrave voters?! You voted back in the worst tyrant in Australian history!!! Are you masochists? I cannot believe you ignored his blatant fraud and illegal activity! There is no hope for Victoria 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️.

What’s going on with the Mulgrave count? It’s barely moving. Scrutineers taking their due diligence?.

Despite being very unfunny all of a sudden, @PRGuy17 was correct. His sudden shift to being a plain propaganda unit pushing Labor an accurate reflection of the desires and mood of more Victorians. The result in the state (less so in Mulgrave) is clear..

With more votes than the Polling reported by news outlets all week, that Cook would win Mulgrave against The results are in! Thongy (Single Plugger) MP, just beat Broken Toaster as preferred leader of the Vic Libs - good luck Thongy👍.

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@TheKouk @Betfair The one that matters most. Mulgrave. Labor: $ Independent: $ (Sportsbet).

After @DanielAndrewsMP and NSW elections, our next task will be federal elections in 2025. There is no time to rest for us the conservatives. Every day is a campaign day for the values we hold dear to our hearts. #PutLabourLast especially in #Mulgrave.

@aidanpmclindon @MsHillyBilly Did you see that Dan won Mulgrave…by a mile…go away you loser !!!!!!.

Only just under 4% of vote counted in Mulgrave but Dan Andrews has 56% first preferences and nearly 70% two party preferred . Listeria Man, Ian Cook is well and truely cooked!.

Not sure those pundits who said Dan would lose his seat in Mulgrave were right ……,,,,, Ian Cook in fact took more votes off the Libs than ALP #VicVotes2022.

Mulgrave Photo,Mulgrave Photo by Steven Wright,Steven Wright on twitter tweets Mulgrave Photo

@TennilleA3 Yes the best case scenario was a triumph for Ian Cook in Mulgrave, but the overall result was pretty much already set in stone. My resolve is only strengthened now….😉😎😘.

@Leo_Puglisi6 @6NewsAU Oh, and have you seen Ian the Cooker was the one that is challenging the vote and basically his scrutiniers were the ones that slowed down the counting of votes in Mulgrave?.

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