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Welcome to the #Tranquila life amigos. Geniales talentos @WWE_Murphy @WWEAleister 👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼 🇲🇽 🇦🇺 🇳🇱

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Timp ()

o ryan murphy colocando uma performance musical como quem não quer nada em qualquer roteiro que ele pega eu amo esse velho

Frank McVeety
Frank McVeety ()

Rex Murphy explains. If the most radical of all the greens can easily slide into the Liberal caucus, something is deeply wrong.

Levi ()

Charles Murphy literally confirmed Cox signed a contract with Marvel in MID 2020. Actors don’t sign months in advance like that for a cameo, he’s, like I’ve said a million times, likely already signed the typical Marvel 6-7 appearance deal. He’s not a one-and-done deal.

Mandarina Atómica
Mandarina Atómica ()

David Byrne: “You know, when you think about it, suburbia is just as weeeiirrrd as the place that makes the music I’m appropriating.” James Murphy: “I was *owed* a bohemia.” [gets a bohemia] “I hate this.”


Jojo looked upset, but she should be thanking Murphy who will now be taking that beatdown from Val instead of her. #UFC263

MMA Junkie
MMA Junkie ()

#UFC263 results: Lauren Murphy earns tough split decision over Joanne Calderwood

Lewis Simpson
Lewis Simpson ()

Gutted for Joanne. Second round screwed it for her, so close to the title fight again! Very frustrating. I want to see a Scott a lift a UFC title. Good fight and congratulations to Lauren Murphy.

Field Yates
Field Yates ()

Packers President Mark Murphy calls Aaron Rodgers a “complicated fella.”

Guardian Australia
Guardian Australia ()

If you think Australia making an example of a sick three-year-old is an exception, think again. This is what we do | Katharine Murphy

Common Defense
Common Defense ()

I cannot stand quietly by as some of our state legislators work to further curtail voting rights in North Carolina, especially for older voters and veterans like me. On Wednesday, Air Force Veteran Heather Murphy from Cary, NC delivered a powerful testimony opposing

Clelia Murphy
Clelia Murphy ()

Here’s the problem. The few ruining it for the many. Don’t get angry at the people who are putting their lives on the line trying to protect the many and indeed the few who seem unable to help or protect themselves. Getting angry is easy. Misdirected anger helps nobody. #pandemic

Tana 🌙
Tana 🌙 ()

john murphy, benjamin linus, petyr baelish, buttercup, hayalet komser, kai parker ve steven hyde ile bir gang süper olurdu

Mallow News
Mallow News ()

Dáil’s brightest? Eoghan Murphy didn’t have enough wattage to illuminate the Dáil jacks

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Baron of Burleigh
Baron of Burleigh ()

@demongrrl51 Jen we are geniuses. I have long been an ABC detractor going back to the Lionel Murphy scandal. The ABC destroyed him and he died after they bought him down and ruined his life. {I have always believed he committed suicide} The ABC pursued him to death. Many more since

Citatum ()

Az ember teremti meg saját mennyországát és saját poklát azzal, ahogyan a nap folyamán gondolkodik. (Joseph Murphy)

Snooker On This Day
Snooker On This Day ()

OTD in 2010: Shaun Murphy recovered from 8-2 down to beat Ding Junhui 9-8 in the final of the invitational Wuxi Classic in China.

Loz! ()

Marc Murphy is high school me whenever we had a group assignment. Tries to look busy but does phuck all.

Dr Jordan B Peterson
Dr Jordan B Peterson ()

A quote by Rex Murphy taken from our podcast together that was released on Thursday.

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Murphys Law Strikes Again!
Murphys Law Strikes Again! ()

@theshiniestbox People need to not speak on things they don’t understand. We all have our struggles, but that doesn’t make them the same.

Philly Daily News
Philly Daily News ()

Daily News | The Sixers have some reasons to believe they can win without Joel Embiid. Mostly, they have no other option. | David Murphy

scammer glamour
Scammer glamour ()

Every time I find out an adult is doing karate, I think of Rick James making fun of Charlie Murphy for doing karate

AJMarekArt ()

I’ve been online making Murphy and Mitzi almost nonstop since last year and it’s beginning to take a toll on me. I should emphasize that there’s no need to be worried about me or anything, I just need privacy and me-time.

AJMarekArt ()

I will be trying to focus more on my life and responsibilities outside of my online activity moving forward, but Murphy and Mitzi certainly isn’t “over” in any way yet. There’s still much to come!

Mr Heneghan
Mr Heneghan ()

Annie Murphy was treated disgracefully by Gay and the audience on that night. It was a complete setup. #DearGay


Welcome to the #Tranquila life amigos. Geniales talentos @WWE_Murphy @WWEAleister 👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼 🇲🇽 🇦🇺 🇳🇱

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Film Informant
Film Informant ()

Going off of Charles Murphy’s scoop. Marvel is being very thoughtful with approaching Iron Heart. They really don’t want to screw this one up so they are gonna be writing this until the end of the year.

Will ()

Biggest climbers in my board recently Sharife (10) Ziaire (12) Giddey (14) Murphy(18) Roko (24) Thor(34) Wieskamp (42)

Swanton Bomb ✌️
Swanton Bomb ✌️ ()

@DoItWithFlareon If Ruby and Murphy don’t get picked up by somebody right away, I’ll be blown away.

Bat-Signal ()

@WWE Strowman has zero wrestling talent so thats not that big of a blow but how the hell can you get get rid of Aleister, Riot, and Murphy but still keep someone who is as bad as Mandy Rose I do not understand

Senator Murray Watt
Senator Murray Watt ()

We’ve all heard Scott Morrison say the vaccine rollout is “not a race”. Today, he blamed Prof Brendan Murphy, the head of the Health Dept, six times. Even though Murphy never said it. Our PM won’t even take responsibility for what comes out of his mouth. #Estimates

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