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So, at the end of round 21, bottom-of-the-league Melbourne Victory is only six points back of sixth-placed Sydney FC and possesses a game* in hand. This bloody league, *four-fifths of a Melbourne Derby that will resume with them down a goal. #MVCvCCM.

A-League Men 19/3/2023 Rd 21 #MVCvCCM Melbourne Rectangular Stadium, Melbourne Crowd: 5,028.

Ref gives it because clear contact into the back of his leg and then goes to VAR and somehow overturns it. Just fuck VAR out of football please. #MVCvCCM.

Bruno really has been exceptional today. Has given everything he has up forward and when tracking back. About the only one who can hold his head high over the last month or so. #MVCvCCM.

DRAMA AT AAMI PARK 👀 After initially awarding a penalty, the referee has since reversed his penalty 😮 Thoughts? #MVCvCCM.

It has been another one of those shit weekends of football… yet again. #MVCvCCM #DCFC.

#mvcvccm Photo,#mvcvccm Photo by Eddy ≅,Eddy ≅ on twitter tweets #mvcvccm Photo

Victory won and deserved to win. Fine. But the officiating again. It’s hard to fathom some of these decisions. At what point do we have to have a new approach to referee training. Because whatever they’re doing now, it ain’t working. #MVCvCCM.

Well both sides were screwed by VAR. There really is no common sense, no composure, no thought when these referees are called to make a decision. Another game where VAR is the star & the players are anonymous. Almost unwatchable. #MVCvCCM.

This @aleaguemen co-commentator is a fucking idiot. “Is there enough to make him go down?” Like, the going down isn’t the question? It’s whether it’s A FOUL? How can people expect the A-League to become better quality when the commentators watching it are so poor? #MVCvCCM.


WTF both players kicks his ankles out but when Shaun Evans is the VAR he has to get involved. If that was Vuck then he would not intervene #mvcvccm.

A-League: Melbourne Victory d Central Coast Mariners. Crowd: 5,028 @ AAMI Park (Melbourne). View Details: #MVCvCCM #ausport.

4-4-2 and just put it in the back of the net great by Popa, simple football, great win, CCM are Cursed and VAR needs a time limit or something. #MVCvCCM #MVFC.

That’s on Monty. The starting team was the dumbest decision he’s made as a manager. Leaving three of our best all season on the bench because of a win last week was stupid. Pick the team to win the game and forget last week. #MVCvCCM.

Ref added on none of the time wasted in extra time but honestly, probably for the best. We could have played for the rest of the day without testing Izzo, very poor performance #MVCvCCM.

Why did the ref force the player off the pitch only to immediately call him back on? What was the point of that charade? #MVCvCCM.

It’s wishful thinking but I live in hope that MV will attempt to keep some possession in injury time and force CCM to get play both ways instead of clearing it time and time again and waiting for the next attack #MVCvCCM.

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