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The boss lamented our missed chances this arvo. Reaction: #MVFC #OurVictory.

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The Dabo crying wont stop. Bitching that they’re undefeated and ranked 3rd?! Guess what, 1 and 2 are undefeated too! Why should they be 3rd instead of you? Not their fault the ACC was about as tough as the MVFC this season, maybe even weaker..

#MishkatVarma #DivyaDrishti @mishkatvarma17 ❤️🔥🤩.

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@haddock_brandon This is a humorous tweet in response to what people were tweeting at me about the 1 MVFC loss, hence the all caps and GIF.

@SamHerderFCS So that means? The win was against another MVFC team as well, does it count or no?.

Predicted chances to win - more on #MVFC #WellingtonPhoenix.

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Western United 3-1 Melbourne Victory, 2º derby que le ganan y esta vez con doblete de su ex Berisha. MVFC hundido, penúltimo con sólo 8 puntos tras 9 jornadas de la #ALeague.

@Mightyparra1 @gomvfc Agree, late recruiting in pre season by MVFC. In contrast to Sydney FC, little change and a game plan the team knows inside out..

The boss lamented our missed chances this arvo. Reaction: #MVFC #OurVictory.

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I can honestly say that im embarrassed for this club. We are a disgrace. Never in its history have I felt like this until now. Not watching this shyte anymore. #MVFC.

Something is seriously wrong @gomvfc. Its obvious our recruitment has been questionable at best, but the players seem to have little interest and no drive! These performances are shit & not what this club is about! Need a major overhaul & we need to get our signings right! #mvfc.

I feel empty when I watch The Vuck, there is just nothing to get excited about. The squad feels distant from us fans too, no connection like previous years. #MVFC.

#ALeague #MVFC Victory dud Kristijan Dobras a healthy scratch again for Melbourne Victory today.

That second half was a tactical disaster. The subs were wrong, the system was wrong and the players seemed clueless as to what they were trying to do. That comes back on the manager unfortunately. #mvfc.

@gomvfc Please! Give us fans an xmas gift and sack the manager! He doesnt fit in to the club fabric. #mvfc.

Put a fork in it, this season is done. No drive. No urgency. No creativity. Something very wrong at the club. Bitterly disappointing @gomvfc #MVFC #WUNvMVC.

Robbie Slater just gave Victory fans credit he actually praised Victory #MVFC #WUNvMVC.

@MarkWoodleyTV Higher ranked would mean a seed there football genius fourth in the mvfc. Hate is what I see real football can say they goofed on this one . That’s why you play the game ..

Hopefully Victory boys lube up at halftime coz this is going to get ugly me think #WUNvMVC #MVFC.

Defence has been decent to very good all season, just when attack starts to shape up, the back 4 just go to shit. Unreal. #MVFC #WUNvMVC.

Looking forward to the @ForVucksSake analysis on why our entire team is made out of custard 🙄 #WUNvMVC #mvfc.

@SamHerderFCS MVFC= SEC Big Sky = Big Ten CAA=Big 12 Southland=PAC 12 OVC= ACC I think that’s pretty accurate.

We should have 5 by now that being said Western United could probably have about 4 themselves #WUNvMVC #MVFC.

I would unequivocally back Traoré in a fight against Risdon in the carpark #WUNvMVC #mvfc.

Beach and some Sangria and all this pain Victory heap on me will disappear. 😎🙌🙌 #mvfc.

Got the comeback outta the way earlier this time, gotta give the boys credit. 🙄 #MVFC.

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