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The major parties just voted to allow former politicians to be the NACC Commissioner or Inspector 🤷‍♂️ The cross bench raised concerns about a former politician overseeing a body that is meant to investigate corruption, including corruption by politicians..

The National Anti-Corruption Commission just passed the Senate. An historic moment for Australian politics. Thanks to everyone who has pushed for so long to make this happen. #NACC #ICAC.

Labor, Libs and Nats just voted against the entire crossbench to defeat my amendment for the NACC to explicitly include pork-barrelling, be able to investigate 3rd parties who try to corrupt & also add more transparency around NACC funding..

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We’ve got a NACC! After more than decade of pushing for an anti-corruption watchdog, it’s passed the Senate with two Greens amendments. Now, the big work to clean up the corruption of the last government begins..

With the NACC bill passing with Greens amendments, we finally have an anti-corruption watchdog with some teeth. A good day for democracy. A terrible day for corrupt politicians..

Let the record show: Australia is to have a National Anti Corruption Commission. ✅ But NACC will have to operate with one hand tired behind its back - no public hearings except in “exceptional circumstances”; a narrow definition of corruption which will exclude pork barreling..

The NACC has to be independent. No government, Liberal or Labor, should have the sole power to choose the people tasked with holding them to account..

As we flagged last night on the live blog, Liberal @BridgetArcherMP is voting with the cross bench on amendments to the NACC, including removing the exceptional circumstances test for public hearings #auspol.

Reminds me of when the Greens voted with the Liberals to block another major national reform. In 2009, the carbon price. Now the National Corruption Commission. How naive can the Greens get. The Liberals just want to kill the NACC. ⁦@MarkDreyfusKCMP⁩.

The Greens and crossbench will continue the fight in the Senate, to make sure the NACC is as strong as it can be. The government should work with us to strengthen the bill, not with the Liberals - who ran a government stinking of rorts and corruption..

Now former Coalition Govt Minister Christopher Pyne is speaking out against the National Anti Corruption Commission. #NACC #auspol.

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sen cash can the ombudsman represent employers is she not aware that the ombudsman does not represent anyone ? #auspol #NACC.

@MurrayWatt @TonyKoc69285191 Refer him to the NACC and see whether it fits the definition of serious or systemic corruption - or seeing the Parliament is in a censuring.

Labor & LNP just voted against including pork-barrelling in the ICAC/NACC powers lol Almost as if it.

NACC Consideration in Detail: The Australian Community has asked for integrity and transparency. Public hearings, held only in exceptional circumstances, sets the bar too high and misses the opportunity to take this legislation from good to great..

100% this The exceptional circumstances in NACC are there to protect the innocent. Those advocating for pitch forks need to reflect on their outrage here #auspol.

Am I the only person to have been summonsed to IBAC and can tell people about it? As the federal NACC is being fine tuned what concerns does an outgoing corruption buster have for state & federal efforts to catch crooks?.

Looking forward to a future NACC hearing when there’s a bombshell revelation that Scott Morrison has been in a secret relationship with Scott Morrison.

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Last night the federal Parliament passed legislation to establish a National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC). The passage of the NACC is a momentous occasion. It’s a huge step forward to restoring integrity to our politics and trust in our democracy. 🧵1/3.

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@instanterudite I wonder if the NACC will use code names for their investigations like Operation Sin Bin ....

#12月になったのでいいねした人に一言 新しく繋がってもらえた人も多いので良かったら🤭.

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Katter, Greens and 9 out of 10 independent MPs supported the NACC bill - Centre Alliance & Dai Le against @6NewsAU.

And we have a NACC! A huge moment. Delighted to be in Parliament to see it pass. Huge congratulations to @helenhainesindi for her years of advocacy on this critical piece of legislation..

Very useful tweaking to the #NACC to protect journalists. Thank you!.

@PeterWMurphy1 Naturally Cos He may be invited to appear…..#NACC Are we scared yet Christopher?.

2. I’ve argued for a strong #NACC for nearly 20 years, as have many, many people, not least voters. From Not Happy, John! Defending our democracy 2004), launched by my hero Tony Fitzgerald, who saved Qld’s democracy and co-founded @cpi_aus, a key player in the #NACC struggle..

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This is factually incorrect political rubbish. There’s public hearings at the discretion of the commissioner, it can investigate public spending, the NACC is independent of government and can investigate what it wants. And btw the Greens voted for it. #auspol.

Anyone making book on who the one, two at most, sacrificial lambs to the NACC will be before the rest gets quietly swept under the carpet in a veil of secrecy?.

Tom Rabe
Tom Rabe

breaking: NSW government have reached an agreement with the rail unions, ending months of industrial action. latest via @smh 👇.

@RonniSalt Caps off a very uninspiring and disappointing few weeks for mine. Lack of real ambition re climate and COP27, still no JobKeeper increase, buckling on the banking stuff, refusing to back some of the toothiest of NACC Haines proposals, and now this. Soggy puff pastry bullshit..

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