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Please see below an update in relation to Nature Strip and his next run.

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Dark Matter Zine ()

This guy parked on the nature strip illegally then opened his door so that I walked straight into it. Not only did he not apologise but the first words out of his mouth implied that he thought it was bloody funny to injure a disabled woman like that. #Canberra

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Peter Fitzgerald ()

Peoples fascination of where Waller sends Nature Strip next fascinates me. It’s fascinating stuff. 🙄 ()

He’s out! Chris Waller has confirmed Nature Strip won’t run in the Newmarket Handicap.

Geoffrey Riddle ()

Aussie speedball Nature Strip still in with a shout of coming to #RoyalAscot2020 @Ascot. 🤞 ()

No Newmarket for Nature Strip, with Waller going to a G2 instead 👇

Damien Ractliffe ()

Nature Strip heading to Challenge Stakes and not the Newmarket Handicap.

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Brent Zerafa ()

No Newmarket Handicap for Nature Strip. Back to Sydney for the Challenge Stakes

TAB ()

Nature Strip will bypass the Newmarket Handicap and instead head to the Challenge Stakes at @royalrandwick on March 7!

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Chris Waller Racing ()

Please see below an update in relation to Nature Strip and his next run.

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M ()

@JohnFla23505080 how to quantify the intervention of a being that we can only see when they want, right? What is its nature, its true appearance, its language. Well, you have to strip the phenomenon. It is a way to put them in the laboratory. 🤔

Hobson ()

@CaroDiRusso @RNogarotto Something Italian anyway. Get a speeding ticket, concrete a driveway, plant a palm tree near the nature strip. ()

Newmarket weights have been released with Nature Strip receiving the highest. The #AfterTheLast team discuss how they’ve been spread among the runners.

Life_Mantra ()

The mountain is the only element in the nature that can strip off the idea a person holds for a thousand year and make it sound so ridiculous!! ()

Nature Strip, Santa Ana Lane and a stablemate of Lys Gracieux have all made headlines today Check out the latest News Wrap 👇

Andrew Bensley ()

Nature Strip was the only horse to gallop on the course proper at Flemington this morning. Track Clocker @WarrenHuntly says the sprinter ran up a steady 800m with his final 400 in just under 24 secs. Has been given top weight in the Newmarket Hcp at 58kgs if they go that way.

#BQQM sandwiches Q ()

Do not let all of this crap about disappearing hunters and people in the woods scare you. This is just an attempt to strip us of the amazing glory of reconnecting with God within His beautiful creation. Roots as veins. Tree stump rings as we are nature. ❤😁

Racing And Sports ()

Nature Strip given Newmarket top weight. #HorseRacing #Newmarket

Victoria Racing Club ()

NEWS: Weights are out for the @SeppeltWine Newmarket Handicap. Who is your early fancy?

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Racing Victoria ()

Racing Victoria has today announced that three-time Group 1 winner Nature Strip tops the weights with 58kg in the $ million Group 1 Seppelt Wines Newmarket Handicap (1200m) to be run at @FlemingtonVRC on Super Saturday, 7 March.

Tortoise & lady grey ()

On a walk with my babe this morning when I came across these luscious salad greens in the nature strip. Did you know that many common weeds are actually nutritious foods. Dandelion leaves are a salad green, or can…

Chochilino ()

See record-high temperatures strip Antarctica of huge amounts of ice

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J. Matthew Catron ()

@normfeuti I started following Retail about 5 years ago. Really enjoyed it, and I thought the abrupt nature of the ending was tragic and very fitting for the nature of the strip and retail stores in real life. Thanks for all the fun.

Lind say ()

@ELCA_Brett iPad 1 yr old due to old one n accident with ground ph 3/4 yrs car 10 yrs solar on roof tanks in yrd plant a tree every year grow in a pot till it’s big enough for ground n I plant on nature strip got rid of grass now ground covers n Mulch i have a no mow yd n I laugh at mowers

ArikTheBuilder ()

@tauqir_qazi @dinisiswsdmo ... thousands and bombs and weappns. Your leadership does not give a shit on you, they spend all of their money to those bombs instead of revamping the strip, your nature.

Kevin thomas ()

Did you see nature strip is now 9-1 in from 11-1 after the disappointment of bivarak and others

Dan Hall ()

I once had a couch that was too big to remove from a house. Left by a previous tenant, no idea how they got it in. Smashed the arms off with a hatchet and left the pieces on the nature strip. Organized a collection with the council. It was still taken by a neighbor within a day.

Adrian Robb ()

@AnthonyCole68 @evmulholland Seems to be an advocate for the nanny state. Perhaps ‘free’ individuals are not capable of doing anything for the public or environmental interest. Perhaps they just don’t care. Wonder if he mows a public nature

Atefooterz ‏ ()

@xskinn in the 90s we had 2 wheelie bins -rubbish & plant / gardening waste plus 2 big tray bins, 1 for paper the other bottles & plastic. Much needed was the fancy fridge magnet saying what went out on the nature strip when! 🤣 ()

A decision will be made after weights are released on Tuesday

Ideal Lawn Services ()

We call the council strip the nature strip where we live. 😊

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