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Note to Bill Barr of the @TheJusticeDept: The paratroopers on DDay risked their lives jumping into Nazi occupied France. Many never came home. Never compare yourself to the heroes of DDay. #SaturdayMorning Thoughts.

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@FoxNews hey Sheppard nazi German the smoke from NY top of the Building is from Muslim roasting hotdogs for @SpeakerPelosi & throwing gays off the roof top.

En un acto de valentía este hombre se rehusó a levantarse y hacer el saludo Nazi. El 30 de abril de 1945 fue ejecutado por el mismísimo Hitler..

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Hermann Tertsch ha sido condenado a pagar € al padre de Pablo Iglesias. Y hablando de padres; el de Hermann se llamaba Ekkehard Tertsch, miembro del Partido Nazi y mano derecha de Josef Hans Lazar, propagandista del Tercer Reich en la embajada alemana de Madrid..

You know, when some people say that Afrikaans is the language of white supremacism? Do you think that some guy from Poland thinks that German is a Nazi language? Well?.

de todos modos por qué coño llaman a madridistas para hablar de futfem joder qué van a llamar a un pansexual para dar el pregón del orgullo, a un nazi para el bar mitzvah?.

@greywarene if you have to clarify that something is not nazi maybe the You.

Me he deconstruido para intentar ser mejor persona y ahora soy putero, alcohólico, y nazi.

@Technik_u_Welt @NaechsteRunde Natürlich sind sie Nazi, das haben wir jetzt einfach mal so beschlossen. 😁.

@peterstanners @karmel80 Also, the story is that many muslims are voting for the centrist socio-liberal party, promoting “fear of polarised politics”. In a country where we just had a “nazi light” party run in the general elections. 🤦🏾‍♂️.

Case Anak Jogja yang past life nya seorang staf kementrian perhubungan di era Nazi Jerman. Masih dalam tahap denial kalau negaranya kalah perang..

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@Hypnogogix What about a candle holder that looks like a Nazi burning at the stake?.

@MiquelGimenezG1 Eso no te lo crees ni tú.1o. Cómo saben tu ideología sin mediar palabra? 2o. De entrada no eres objetivo estás llamando NAZI a una ólo por ser CDR. Sólo los intolerables y mezquinos utilizarian NAZI para descalificar a otro q no piensa como él. 🤔🤔.

The latest issue of using children to demonize a community has its roots in Nazi propaganda..

1)They have destroyed the real meaning of racism. They rendered the term “nazi” utterly feckless. Now they are abusing extremely serious terminology concerning the eradication of whole people’s. Lil potato has identified Canada as being a country that committed genocide..

I wonder how many of them were alive in 1945 when ww2 ended. Zionists have hijacked Holocaust history as if they were the only victims, yet many other groups were hauled to nazi concentration camps for extermination, like European gypsies.

Rise together. Fight together. #Wolfenstein: Youngblood, a 1980s co-op Nazi-killing adventure, comes out July 26, 2019! #BE3.

#Nazi Nazi Nazi Nazi Nazi Nazi. Ich kann´s nicht mehr hören. Das Volk hat das langsam glaube ich auch satt! 🤯🤯🤯.

I once watched a Sargon video and was instantly RADICALISED into an alt-right neon-nazi. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel and donate to my patreon, the future of our democracy depends on it!.

@zxc098xxx The Left has made the term “Nazi” a symbol of Pride. A word of rebellion against the Communist Establishment and Deep State. They have done more to resurrect the name than any neo-Nazi..

@realDonaldTrump 😲 omg Listen to this neo NAZI who stains the carpet in the WH 🏠 😱 News flash- branding hate as ideological diversity does not change the reality that hate IS hate, and unlike tolerance and love, hate invites and incites violence So STFU you malignant sociopath.

@semavural01 @Kor85Hus Lütfen kırıcı hitamlarda olmayalım . Husniye hanım rabia nazı çok sevdiği için tombik yazdı . Rabia naz için göz yaşı döken acıyı yüreğinde bizimle hisseden değerli annelerimizden . Herzaman yanımızda olan dostlarımızdan ..

YouTube says it will ban supremacist content and remove videos that deny well-documented atrocities, like the Holocaust and the massacre at Sandy Hook elementary school.

8 June 1944 | A Hungarian Jewish girl Julika Spiegel was murdered in a gas chamber of the German Nazi Auschwitz camp. She was born in 1939 in Budapest to Pal and Erzsebet. During the war she lived in Eger. She was 5 ears old. (Photo: @yadvashem).

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Note to Bill Barr of the @TheJusticeDept: The paratroopers on DDay risked their lives jumping into Nazi occupied France. Many never came home. Never compare yourself to the heroes of DDay. #SaturdayMorning Thoughts.

YouTube is deleting thousands of channels with videos of Nazi history. But now multiple teachers are complaining that videos uploaded to educate people have been deleted..

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