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White genocide myth has led to: •Norway mass murder •Charleston mass murder •Charlottesville Nazi March & murder •Pittsburgh mass murder •New Zealand mass murder And white supremacists accounted for 100% of Americans murdered by terrorists in 2018 #NewZealandMosqueShooting.

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awesome to see americanification of Australia is at its peak now that people are saying a kid getting belted and choked is an appropriate reaction to larrakinism against a literal neo nazi.

A Nazi could come on the pitch shoot our starting 11 and Liverpool football club would get the blame I’m not even exaggerating.

De hecho recomiendo que la veais de nuevo y que contrastéis con lo que dice la propaganda nazi, especialmente la de la alemania nazi. Es de lo más interesante.

If you fantasize about mowing children down with your ’s okay if you’re Beto If you call women it’s okay if you’re Beto If you make fun of abused women, call them completely ugly, and suggest people call nazi skins in your area on OKAY IF YOU’RE BETO!.

Are those bourgeois fuck knuckles still carrying on about how society will disintegrate because a kid threw an egg at a Nazi?.

@akk Annegret, sprich mir nach: „Das war rechter Terror, der Attentäter ist ein Nazi.“.

@TomChadwick_7 In my view this boy had the gumption to do what nobody else, particularly in our media, has had the courage to do; he stood up against a known Nazi..

Liberprogres dicen que @NickyMarquez1 es nazi por tener un libro de S. Borrego. Supongo que yo, con Marx, Gramsci, Althusser, Laclau, etc. en mi biblioteca debo ser entonces marxista. Hay que tener pocas neuronas.

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Que se puede pedir de este nazi, fascista, anti democrático, pro iraní, antisemita y traidor a la patria. DElia pidió fusilar a Macri en la Plaza de Mayo | Polémica, Macri.

Eeeeveryone in this halfass movement has spent years saying George Soros was literally a Nazi, but you point out Ben constantly calls Arabs subhuman and they get super technical.

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@xfliles Yeah he literally has a swastika tattoo. + she dated Jesse James or whatever his name is who has like photos of him doing a nazi like. Salute and she didn’t talk about it djdkdkdk.

dejaros de mierdas con los videojuegos y el tiroteo en nueva zelanda, dais verguenza diciendo esa clase de cosas. El tio cometio la masacre porque era un nazi de mierda. Lo unico que los chavales imitan del fortnite son los bailes.

@RichardWellings Doesn’t this just prove that the EU is nothing other than a Nazi state using its Gestapo to terrorise and massacre dissenters.

Nazi ordusu Kırım bölgesini ele geçirdiği zaman insanlar uzun bir dönem otlaklara meralara vs gidemedi. Özellikle tarımsal faaliyetler durunca kıtlık ve veba kendini gösterdi. Daha fazla dayanamayan naziler burayı bırakıp bölgeden çekildi;.

Ya think? I started to cry when I heard this story. The horror. This is Nazi moves. Are they trying to breed these pregnant children for slavery? These people are pure evil. Not one ounce of humanity in every one Trump puts in place in his administration. 😭😭😭.

@Nostrabillis @DineshDSouza it took very little for a white person to earn the title n-lover Now it takes just as little to earn the nazi, fascist, racist label..

De los creadores de El nazi de Noruega era de extrema izquierda En Madrid había cuatro gatos.

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@KTHopkins @metpoliceuk We all know what you’re going to say - no surprise. Just hope they finally ban you and we can flush your kind down the toilet like all your nazi lot before you..

This is where we’re at now. A German citizen in our country, whose grandparent fought the Nazis, being called a Nazi. This is what the Brexit elite have done with their lies. I am ashamed of what we’ve become..

Lesson of Germany pre 1932: Failure of lintellectuals to articulate nationalism. Result : Nazi Fascism became its spokesperson. Then disaster.

We must stand up and protect people who are being harassed for their skin colour, religion, sexuality, gender identity. We must shut down our racist uncles who hold and promote ideologies that led to this action. We must rip all nazi stickers and posters from walls and lampposts.

good time to remember that jokes and irony from white supremacists are never actually just jokes.

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Never fails. A white supremacist mass murders 49 Muslims, puts 48 more in the hospital, mentally devastates millions, & @DailyMailUK sympathizes the struggles of a “blond little boy whose father died of cancer.”😳 Anything to humanize a Nazi😑 #NewZealandMosqueAttack.

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El terrorismo nazi-fascista golpea de forma cobarde en Nueva Zelanda. El nombre de Josué Estebanez, asesino de Carlos Palomino, aparece en los cargadores de uno de los terroristas, era uno de sus ídolos. Nuestro apoyo a allegados y familiares. #NoPasarán.

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White genocide myth has led to: •Norway mass murder •Charleston mass murder •Charlottesville Nazi March & murder •Pittsburgh mass murder •New Zealand mass murder And white supremacists accounted for 100% of Americans murdered by terrorists in 2018 #NewZealandMosqueShooting.

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