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I’m so glad that after a mature and unifying discussion about the NDIS #qanda was able to accommodate a word-for-word Liberal Party talking point for the #springst election..

Engage in this review! It’s an opportunity to help shape the future of the #NDIS. It won’t be shelved, it will be used and the review team themselves are top notch humans!!!.

Have your say on the NDIS! Co-design is the focus of the review and we want to hear from people with disability, their carers, workers and providers about their experiences. For more information, go to.

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Serco employees in Centrelink and NDIS should not be able to misrepresent themselves as government employees by having government email addresses. They are private sector employees, and should be made to declare this when dealing with the public or the media. #auspol.


Samantha says the NDIS is ‘fundamentally broken’. Who is accountable for the system’s problems, and how will the government fix it? #QandA.

This is more than the combined cost of Medicare and the NDIS!! And, by the way, these funds would go to China to because under the climate change deals, China is classed as a developing country. These climate change agreements are a terrible deal for Australia..

The #NDIS is far from perfect, but it is doing its job - delivering transformational supports to hundreds of thousands of people with disability. When we talk about cost, we can’t forget about value. Here are just three examples of the value the NDIS has brought to my own life..

@KosSamaras That’s because millennials are woke in all the right ways. They don’t see disabled people needing the NDIS as a burden and they don’t like misogyny, racism and elitism. That’s why they don’t vote for the LNP.

@NDIS How can immunocompromised, disabled folk like myself attend this? What a joke! You are not disability friendly. You are unmasked, we are still in a pandemic! 💩👎🏾.


Elly Desmarchelier says the NDIS has transformed the lives of those who have accessed it, but some say the barriers to access are hard to overcome. #QandA.

100% agree with @EDesmarchelier ... we are NOT starting with a blank page. #NDIS is a fundamental pillar of contemporary Australia. We want to improve it because no one wants an effective, affordable, sustainable Scheme more than people with disability. Thanks Elly #auspol.

@ClaireS___ Because I care! The irony is it costs me about 1,200 to get registered for the NDIS who honestly do not care..

Scott Morrison was known to be a despicable person by people on Twitter, by people in nursing homes, by people trying to join the NDIS, by people NOT in the electorate of Cook & by those in his own party. But 98% of Australian jernilists didn’t have a clue. #auspol #CorruptMedia.

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NDIS has been a bit like Centrelink. The object has been to be as difficult as possible to get, and as hard as possible to keep. #qanda.

The complexity of the NDIS is insane. It shouldn’t be this hard to organise to be showered and fed. #QandA.

@BelindaJones68 Bingo ! That question didn’t have anything to do with the NDIS . Just the way she was looking into the camera and smirking, I thought there is something not right.

@psyclaw NDIS, aged care, child care, job seeking and Apprentice providers all the middle man costing the most. Privatisation does not work and costs so much more..

All Our Voice members are people with an intellectual disability, and self-advocates. Each Our Voice member is nominated by their state member organisation. Their role is to represent people with intellectual disability from their state or territory. #QandA #NDIS.

I’m White, middle class, post grad educated & I find it hard. I’d never needed to read legislation before ndis. Now I have. #qanda.

Mind is implementing an NDIS Home & Living Demonstration Project – an initiative that looks at different ways of delivering home & living supports that give greater flexibility to participants & providers, are outcomes-focused & ensure NDIS sustainability.

#QandA Let’s talk about the #NDIS fiction of *primary disability* - yep, pick just one..

Don’t forget that there are around 100,000 people with an intellectual disability in the @NDIS who have very little control over their lives - and who do not have the choice to not be a participant (CM) @abcqanda.

Bill Shorten…once a faceless man in this political establishment now face of this great transition #QandA.

Why does NDIS cut out at 65? What does that say about the value we put on elders in our community? #QandA.

bro stewie is all for the ‘hoops’ to jump. it’s been deliberate - under his eye #NDIS #QandA.

@QandA This guy has never made headlines for decent news - it’s always about money grabbing. I was mortified when he was in charge of NDIS..

@AGW_Emergency @KoparaFallsKid Will also say they employed more money management people who had no disability experience to assist in the process to put people on the NDIS, as a former LAC it was not very disability friendly and trying to fit people in specific boxes that you ticked was fraught with faults.

@MikeCarlton01 How many constituents received the same level of advocating when they addressed #NDIS or #RobodebtInJustice from the.

@MikeCarlton01 This attempt at renewing the Liberal Conservative version of Conservatism is laughable. Small government equals less services like Medibank, NDIS, Education and training along with deregulation of industry and civil rights where it favours the rich and the poor have no chance..

Tobias O’Hehir has a law degree, specialising in commercial litigation. 18 months ago he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. ‘The #NDIS has really changed my life. Mine has been a quick journey. (However) it is a stressful time. How do we remove barriers to entry?’ #APF22.

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