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Updated: July 22nd, 2021 09:41 PM IST

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Would have been good to give the actually disabled person the first dibs on answering NDIS question #qanda

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@QandA so we can give billionaires, millionaires and corporations also small businesses trillions of dollars over the next decade with subsidies , grants and tax cuts but we cannot fund The NDIS for a few billion dollars a year , Australia is hostile against disability #QandA #auspol

@broomstick33 the new false narrative LNP are putting out - medicare is free - gift from the govt, NDIS is beset with malingerers and rorters etc - the pension is welfare - they are telling us that after taxing us proportionately more than companies we should not expect anything in return

@xskinn NDIS is a brilliant & supportive fund for those with a disability. But WHY has the government made it so damn hard for our most vulnerable people to navigate their way thru this complexed red tape system? Its heartbreaking, stressful & unfair to recipients

@EddyJokovich @WeAreAllVIPs NDIS lies by Gillespie - its an attempt to push people onto a lesser benefit and to pay for their other needs themselves. This has always been paid for by the govt. A government benefit or payment is not charity - its a right. Its how our taxes maintain a fair and caring society.

The NDIS is unsustainable but the LNP can give $8 billion a year to rich old retirees who pay no tax…. #qanda

@Elizabe56347137 @james00000001 Faaaarrrrrkkkk!! All that $$$$$$$$$ Obscene inhumane cruel corrupt waste of OUR PUBLIC MONEY. For public health,hospitals,welfare,NDIS,education

5/ We know that a lot of NDIS participants die of COVID. I looked for this data to see how we collect suicide statistics nationally. Turns out, it is. There is no reason that we cannot pull out the data from suicide statistics, cross match it from the National Mortality Database.

Every single time you hear the #Coalition say we can’t afford healthcare or the NDIS or public schools or foreign aid or the arts or education - THEY’RE FUCKING LYING #auspol

@mistymatta I’m non NDIS so am not a priority. Still disabled but being non NDIS makes me less of a priority.

Russell Howcroft and his @3AW693 producers should be ashamed that he admits on #qanda they never talk about NDIS or disability in Australia on the most listened to commercial radio in Melbourne. Pathetic.

Would have been good to give the actually disabled person the first dibs on answering NDIS question #qanda

“You cannot co-design or sustain a successful system when you’re funda­mentally distrusted by the people you exist to serve. Key NDIS architects have slammed the government’s handling of the scheme, writes @AmberMaySchultz #auspol #NDIS

‘Setting prices is not going to build supply’ ‘The NDIS is not being built on strong foundations’ - former NDIS board head Bruce Bonyhady #wtfh

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NDIS needs to be built on solid foundations - Tier 2 is very important - Cth and the NDIA have critical roles to play in Tier 2 - along with

One of the great missing links in the NDIS is the data on the market stewardship of the

Reminder: AFDO is hosting free NDIS workshops in the Sunshine Coast, Perth & Canberra early next week. Several places are still available so if you know someone that may find this useful then please share! Registrations close tomorrow so be quick! Links are attached below 👇

#NDIS Photo,#NDIS Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

Draft legislation will be open for community consultation - on participant experience guarantee - B4 NDIS Act is changed We want a fairer & more consistent scheme, more genuine choice & control a more unified understanding of cost pressures and understanding of actuarial data

@lindareynoldswa fantastic that Minister for the NDIS thinks so little of it she throws up a pre recorded message at the conference. I guess the way the cabinet is, you might be moved on anytime now. It’s also a great way to dodge questions from the forum.

We would expect to see cost stabilise or reduce over time - demand driven can not mean unlimited - we are not there Whatever we do with the NDIS - we have to do it together

The #NDIS isn’t working well for everyone – that needs to change. We also need to make sure funding for the NDIS is secure – now and into the future. And, the voices and expertise of people with a disability must be central to the design and running of the scheme.

The people who designed the NDIS agree with NDIS customers. “I can’t begin to express the combination of arrogance, incompetence and power the Commonwealth government brought to this.” #auspol

@nwiluvyaa Ini seneng krna akhirnya jihoon comeback😊 , tp menangis melihat isi dompet ndis smpe dilalerin ini 😭😭

‘Morally wrong and unfair’: Campaign to end NDIS ‘age discrimination’

@noreward_norisk I already spend most my time alone and have disability workers ransack my NDIS funding for $1000s. But I need in depth approval for a $150 purchase??? I was a contributing and healthy autistic before the govt fucking destroyed me. Now I am an expense and liability. I hate Aus.

1/3 At Diverse Gem Care, we believe in taking care of our NDIS participants just like a gem. For us, our participants always come first. Our services are diligently customized to empower independence for people with disabilities by offering flexibility, choice, and control.

#NDIS Photo,#NDIS Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

With the NDIS ditching independent assessments due to immense public pressure and promising to go back to the drawing board and truly co-design the future of the scheme with people with a disability, the Government has a significant task ahead.

It has cruelled the opportunities for people with disabilities. John Walsh, in The Australian newspaper. Both John Walsh & Bruce Bonyhady, who are widely recognised as founders of the NDIS, have spoken out ahead of their participation in the Where To From Here conference today.

@DavidBe53174057 Privatisation of what should be a well funded State service is the reason. Most people seem to think privatisation and profits are ok. So suck it up idiots. Same with the NDIS. lots of services appeared out of the woodwork when they saw money making opportunities.

Human Rights Commission asks NDIS to remember robo-debt in automation push через @ZDNet & @ashabeeeee

Heartbreaking stories yesterday at our Beenleigh NDIS forum: families struggling with a system that was supposed to help them, but just puts them through more hoops. Well done to Forde candidate @RowanHolzberger for helping families who’ve been left behind by their invisible MP.

#NDIS Photo,#NDIS Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
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