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In 103 Diamond grandaddy’s old-school remedy of crushed pepper and alcohol to take out muscle soreness is straight from Zora Neale Hurston’s seminal work Mules and Men. #PValley #hoodoo.

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Contrasting quarters from Neale and Oliver tonight. Neale was top-ranked on the ground at quarter-time, while Oliver racked up 14 disposals in the second term to hit back. #SuperCoach #AFLDeesLions.

In celebration of #Juneteenth, a thread on Zora Neale Hurston, the Harlem Renaissance playwright, poet, essayist, anthropologist, folklorist, novelist, and staunch individualist… 🧵.

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Oliver twice as many disposals than Neale, but only a 7 point differential! #SuperCoach.

Who else changed their VC off Neale? The rumours he has been unwell this week got the better of me 🤣🤣🤣.

But of a ⁦n ⁦@TheRugbyPaper⁩ reunion down in Dawlish Warren with Neale Harvey.

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В смысле у нормальных людей нет папки с дикпиками в телефоне….

Tossing up all evening between neale v clarry vc. Classic 2022 decision if 46 v.

Check out my cousin and scholar at the Zora Neale Hurston museum, Sidney Rose McCall, doing big things for Black public history in Florida. Watch her talk about how freedom built the first formally incorporated Black town in the United States: Eatonville..

@neale_morrison welcome to #ZSHQ Fergus, would you prefer soldier or sailor for your patrol kit? @ZombieSquadHQ.

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Uma vez que você esteja pronto para realmente dedicar seus dias e seu tempo ao que sua alma veio fazer aqui, você encontrará sua vida inimaginavelmente enriquecida. *Neale Donald Walsh.

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Neale and I don’t have a good relationship this season; 145 (C) 86 (C) 96 (C) 113 (C) 97 (C) R15 - (VC) I always get FOMO 😭.

Она сделала свои первые 60к за смену. Ни разу не присела и хочет утонуть в твоих объятиях.

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@_BarringtonII Zora Neale Hurston. Alice Walker. Toni Morrison. Ralph Ellison. James Baldwin. Langston Hughes. WEB Dubois. Miles Davis. John Coltrane. BB King. Louis Armstrong. John Lee Hooker. Marian Anderson. Professor Longhair. James Meredith. Rosa Parks. Thurgood Marshall. Harriet Jacobs..

@neale_morrison @annin328 Hey pal, Jasper here from Zombie Squad recruitment team! You comes highly recommended by one of de bovver boys so we be delighted to have you join. 2 fings to do pal… 1st do you agree to de club rules….. #ZSHQ.

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Looks like a failed VC again with Neale. Now all that’s left is to pick the wrong one out of MacRae and Dunkley for Captain #AFLFantasy #AFLDemonsLions.

@brisbanelions This is an Looking at each other expecting them to go and not taking it uon themselves and doing it. Expecting neale to do Absolute shit so far.

@Supercoach_DR I had Neale and thought about throwing a party at QT. Now, I’m thinking about bed. Very flat!.

Aos Fatos
Aos Fatos

👉 Neale El-Dash, doutor em estatística pela USP (Universidade de São Paulo) e responsável pelo site Polling Data, usa uma metáfora para explicar como um grupo de centenas ou milhares pode estimar a opinião de uma população inteira:.

@west_ham_fazz Totally agree. 3 key forwards. None of whom are capable of tearing a game apart. Their best mid is Neale. He’s 29yo 178cm and 84kg. Bigger mids should murder them in a final..


After posting yet another huge #SuperCoach score of 140, Clayton Oliver continues his amazing streak at the MCG. Current streak of 110+ SC points scored at a single ground in 2022 10 - Clayton Oliver, MCG 5 - Darcy Parish, Marvel 4 - James Sicily, MCG 4 - Lachie Neale, Gabba.

Neale comes across as the fanboy of Byzantine and Scottish practice he was here.

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@JessicaWoochnar @AFLFantasy Lions have sometimes sent Berry to tag recently and they’ve just bought in another player capable of rotating to the wing, so I’d say Neale. But dare say you’ll be getting a 92-106 range and take a bulldogs score tomorrow..

@MichaelWhiting Can’t recall - did we have a conversation about what happens to Brisbane’s engine room when Neale goes quiet … 😉.

Боже! Мне не нужен ни один мужик в этом мире. Пошли мне пожалуйста КОНДИЦИОНЕР.

Our Reading Group starts in 1 hour! Thur 6/23 at 12:30pm EDT 🤔 Join us to discuss how treatment providers think about MEASURING RECOVERY, based on work of @Jo_S_Neale and colleagues 📍 Join us at 12:30pm EDT.

First time at the G since ‘18 GF. Good to be back & will be cheering Neale and close watching Jackson. Anyone else my WA #AFLFantasy fanatics want me to watch or scream at?? PS rocket requests accepted..

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@poppywillowgirl Oh wow - that’s so lovely. My TOP pick for the moment is Stolen Focus by Johann Hari. It will really encourage you to do some deep reflection! Also adored The Lightmaker’s Manifesto (Karen Walrond), Songlines: The Power and Promise (Margo Neale & Lynne Kelly and so many more!! 😂.

At #Disrupt2022 Madrid, Eugene Neale and Tom Smith at @loveholidays presents The #Chatbot that Changed our World. If you missed the event, watch the recording here 👉.

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@jasper and all other Zombie Squad recruiting woofs. Dis is my pledge!!! #zshq.

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