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Breaking News: Neil Sheehan, the Pulitzer Prize-winning author and reporter who obtained the Pentagon Papers for The New York Times, has died at 84.

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Naughty Dog Mag’
Naughty Dog Mag’ ()

Vous voulez des infos sur la série #TheLastOfUs par HBO ? Bonne nouvelle, cela ne devrait plus tarder selon Craig Mazin et Neil Druckmann ! #TheLastOfUsHBO

Neil Lewis
Neil Lewis ()

Founder, do you want this, enough? How you answer this question is the strongest indicator of whether your #startup will succeed or fail. #founders

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🚧 ()

C’est ça le problème de certaine personne tu compare un mec qui vole un collier à 20 millions et un mec qui s’évade de prison bref tout ça pour dire que neil est gros

Dylan Lewis
Dylan Lewis ()

@neil_roberts_ same etymology as Saxon? Scottish Gaelic uses Sasannach-- makes sense to me!

Mr. Douglas Clark
Mr. Douglas Clark ()

Neil Findlay making allusions to the Red Flag as Labour dispense with their branch manager just as the Tories did with Carlaw. The irony.

Now Light Our Darkest Hour
Now Light Our Darkest Hour ()

@DinoWinwood @LocalSoundwave I never saw this before I replied lmao. This is perfect.

Mark Robinson
Mark Robinson ()

@JuliaHB1 @NeilDotObrien One of Neil’s constituents has just died of Covid. My wife used to call him grandad. Thanks for your concern Julia. Keep up the great work Neil.

quinnothy the fifth
Quinnothy the fifth ()

@knightofthyme I think it’s romantic . ask Neil what minecraft block reminds her of you

Radwell Intl. Inc.
Radwell Intl. Inc. ()

@SoftwareStriven @GBmfg_Neil 💙 We are doing way too much all at once but we do try not to be slackers

Reil ()

@steelnets We gave up nothing in that trade, so not the same, but still I remember thinking “ugh I don’t want to root for VC.” Turns out he was a joy to watch!

Neil Hussey
Neil Hussey ()

@foxmere @SoftwareStriven Just your average day tomorrow, which is good except I need to cram a full day into half 😂

Neil Sedaka
Neil Sedaka ()

“In The Key of Neil” will PREMIERE Episode 11 - Fri. 1/15/21 at 8pm EST on @SIRIUSXM #50son5 . The show will focus on THE GREAT AMERICAN SONGBOOK! The broadcast will re-air on: 1/18– 10pm EST 1/23 – 11AM EST 1/27– 2pm EST 1/31 – 5pm EST 2/2 – 12pm EST Tune in! #neilsedaka

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Reil ()

@William____H I will always have love for them and I think sports should be about more than just who wins the title. But let’s be honest, two more years of the same 1st round exit and fans would have soured

Cassondra Windwalker
Cassondra Windwalker ()

@BarlowAdams Wow. Way to make snap judgments seem smart. I’m a Neil Gaiman fan myself, & I don’t care who knows it. Folks would have a very challenging time trying to find something cohesive about my character from the books I love, & I’d definitely fail this test.

Toby Young
Toby Young ()

Thanks Neil. I’ve been looking for an assistant to help compile an anthology of the best stuff that’s appeared in Lockdown Sceptics over the past nine months. Would you like to apply for the job? That way, at least you could get paid for obsessively trawling through all my work.

Owen Jones 🌹
Owen Jones 🌹 ()

Other than making a defamatory statement here, Andrew Neil seems to have no basic reading comprehension. The article says that the publication *he chairs* did more than any other UK media outlet to promote pro-Trump propaganda, including claims the US election was illegitimate.

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Dr. Buzz Aldrin
Dr. Buzz Aldrin ()

When Neil and I stepped upon the lunar surface 51 years ago, we surmounted a challenge that many thought was impossible – we did it for America and all humankind. This can be done again. #Apolllo11 #WednesdayMotivation

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~Sαⅾi~ ()

@universohq Escolhi o do Neil Gaiman; A importância do ano de 1986 nos quadrinhos e o último sobre os mangás

💅🏾 ()

😂😂😂 try again next year with them list of trips we already got coming 😭

OldMoodyFooka #foo
OldMoodyFooka #foo ()

#TrumpBanned Neil Young Wrote “ The Damage Done” Just Imagine How Much Damage Hitler2 Has Propagandized On The Internet & Created Nazi Germany From Dropping Propaganda From Planes In2 Neighborhoods 100Yrs Ago

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Alec Lopez King | Varskull
Alec Lopez King | Varskull ()

4. Tengo un afán no irónico por canciones meme o ridículas. Es más, hoy escuché en la radio You spin me round (like a record) y no dejaba de pensar en la versión de Neil Cicierega.

shenna’s 23🥳
Shenna’s 23🥳 ()

nobody told me neil patrick harris has a book series about kids that are magicians! i bought the first book today i hope it’s good :”)

St Neil  🔴⚪️⚫️🇦🇺
St Neil 🔴⚪️⚫️🇦🇺 ()

@Bouchos We tweet about Footy and the Saints Stan. It’s a great forum for that and the Saints community is a great one. These other events are bigger than all of us.

Neil ()

@dbessner @Richard_Paz Why 2008? Posthistory over with the GFC? He gets more nuanced (but more boring/less bold) around then tbh. Ie. and

Neil Jernigan
Neil Jernigan ()

@JosephJFlynn1 Flynn parlor has been shut down! Apple warmed them and then blocked them!!

AllieDociousJoin-a-union-now! ()

@PriyamvadaGopal @bane_baldy Ah, yes. Andrew Neil. The man who commissioned a biography of Goebbels by Holocaust denier David Irving. What a great arbiter of sound academic thinking he is.

Peter Carroll
Peter Carroll ()

@CindiRJackson I was in an elevated, side on position on that tour. Gave me a bird’s eye view of Neil’s solo. Incredible. The cross hands section was mind-blowing! Hard to believe a human being could be so precise.

にーる ()

使用料の代わりとして作成者表記をして →嫌です ジャイアンすぎん? 俺様が使ってやるんだから ありがたく思えってのと同じやない? じゃあ描けば?てならん?

Peter Spiegel
Peter Spiegel ()

For journalism junkies: the great Neil Sheehan, who just passed away, agreed 5 yrs ago to tell the tale of how he got the Pentagon Papers — on the condition it not be published until his death. @nytimes has now published the tale. And what a tale it is!

The New York Times
The New York Times ()

Breaking News: Neil Sheehan, the Pulitzer Prize-winning author and reporter who obtained the Pentagon Papers for The New York Times, has died at 84.

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