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Kyrie Irving Nets career: 103 — Games played 123 — Games missed.

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Brooklyn Nets fans waking up seeing the 7/11 era with Kyrie and Kev may be over already.

KD and Kyrie have been on the Nets since the 2019-2020 season. They’ve only played 44 games together 😳.

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“The Brooklyn Nets are so quick to commit to Steve Nash but not Kyrie Irving. Steve Nash ain’t done a damn thing” @KendrickPerkins.

For all the Nets fans freaking out and assuming Marks simply wasn’t in on these negotiations: All the reporting highlights Detroit now having over $50M in cap space by dealing Grant for a trade exception. They likely valued that flexibility more than Brooklyn’s role players..

There’s no worse feeling for a hockey announcer than to miss a game winning goal but this is squarely on the NHL. They have screwed around so much with the nets between cameras and other junk stuffed in there, plus tighter cords that it’s bound to happen..

I am no longer a Nets fan after seeing they didn’t trade for Jerami Grant. Bum ass organization 👎.

Do you guys think the Nets get an extension done with Kyrie Irving?.

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Russ fans: thoughts on Russ getting traded to the Nets / leaving LA?.

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‘Nets & Kyrie are at an impasse’ Lebron to Kyrie: “Gonna get U outta there”.

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Los partidos de navidad deben ser : GSW vs Grizzlies Lakers vs Clippers con Kawhi Nets vs 76ers Celtics vs Bucks Suns vs Mavs Abrazo.

Russell Westbrook jogando com shooters como Seth Curry, Patty Mills, Joe Harris ia ser incrível de ver. Todo mundo já sabe que Russ e KD fazem sim uma boa dupla. Ben Simmons? Se jogar de pivô num small ball pra potencializar o Russ, faz do Nets o contender do Leste..


インナーカラー ゆら猫っぽい色に仕上げて貰った💚🐺.

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The Lakers are reportedly on a list of teams Kyrie Irving would consider for sign-and-trade.


In quarter billion dollar negotiations, pauses and impasses are not unexpected. Updated our story on Kyrie impasse..

@lakersdana When you hear a rumor, you always have to ask yourself, who benefits from this leaking? This could EASILY be all for leverage for Kyrie to get the K he wants w/ the Nets..

Skill wise: Nets start, Cavs bench, Celtics cut Overall value wise: Cavs start, Nets bench, Celtics cut.

@LaVinesBurner I find it hard to believe Nets would be that stupid to throw away KD and Kyrie like that, but if so bring KD to Chicago 🤷🏽‍♂️.

@pbaylies Years ago, when neural nets were new (‘87), my masters thesis was on whether it’d be possible for a neural network to learn the Tower of Hanoi problem, which requires apparent backtracking to solve. The net result: yes..

@KidFromKS Yessir! That would def be a solid package from Memphis right there. For Phoenix, too, they could send out 25-35 mil in expirings (depending on DA trade), which would give the Nets max cap space next summer. Plus if they can get a top 10 pick to flip em!.

High seas for #Nets. I hate the drama but sometimes it comes with the territory of #BNG.

@LegionHoops @CarterHookDZNS he’s exactly the type of player they need besides the fact that all three of them aren’t reliable. i also think there’s a 90% chance kyrie and kd are still on the nets next season.

Nets vai conseguir fazer uma dinastia absurda nessa década Pena que a dinastia vai ser em Houston e não Brooklyn KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK.

Knicks fans suddenly French kissing pictures of Kyrie after absolutely trashing him on the Nets is truly a work of art..

I’m down to trade Marcus Morris, Flipper Darrell, the wannabe MJ who plays Sirius outside the staples center every damn game dressed in a jordan jersey, Jay scrubb, Chuck the condor, a future 1st rounder and cash considerations for KD. That’s a haul for the Nets imo.

@BookerBanana It was a package idea in a DA S&T that would have a lot of things the Nets might want in a KD trade.

The Rise and Fall and Rise and Fall and Rise and Fall of the Brooklyn Nets (2000-2022).

Jsp comment les joueurs des Nets font hein. J’aurais pas pu supporter de jouer avec Kyrie Frr.

@brooklynnets85 The Nets have a really arrogant front office. To be doing this because of what transpired last season is a terrible look..

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