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Detroit swaps 2022 second-round picks -- getting 36 for 46 -- with Portland, too. Denver gets a 2025 second-round pick back from Portland, and Portland sends the most favorable 2026 second-round pick between Portland and New Orleans to Detroit, sources said..

Zion unboxes his “Voodoo” Jordan Zion 2s that released today, and unveils a special matching AJ 1 Low. “Dedicated to the city of New Orleans,” says @ZionWilliamson.

@thehill Now do DC, LA, Chicago, New Orleans, Baltimore, St Louis, Philly (especially recently) I’ll die waiting before I hear your response..

@nytimes As previously noted twice, under your style guide the possessive of New Orleans is New Orleans’s, not New Orleans’, @alexetraub..

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I was “stung” by Beyoncé when she performed at the Super Bowl in New Orleans circa 2013. She had just took a break from having Blue Ivy..

In the same way I loathe New Orleans I equally feel that way about Minnesota and Memphis. Damn. Jake Laravia off the board. #GoSpursGo.

1898 film of Mardi Gras parade in New Orleans rediscovered (but sadly the film is not available to view).

All of New Orleans hearing that @A_kamara6 may get a 6 game suspension..

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At the Friends of Joseph M Bartholomew Memorial Golf Tournament in New Orleans, Louisiana.


@JohnFugelsang @_BarringtonII This is racism..

@biarynx chorei no encontro deles em New Orleans e chorei com o Klaus tb ahushqudjw e a Caroline no final.

@SGabardi1111 It’s been really bad here in the New Orleans area as well. Still over 100 heat index after sunset..

@downtohoerth I live in New Orleans and I feel like it’s the equivalent of telling ppl “hey y’all hurricanes are really bad and they cause huge damage and maybe we should prepare + take them seriously” but everyone is like “hurricanes??? Lol there’s no more hurricanes it’s just a lil storm🤣”.

After Decades of Searching, 1898 Film of New Orleans Mardi Gras Is Found - The New York Times.

@TimNissen1 I’ve been waking up at 4:30 every morning for quite awhile now for no reason at all. I think I’ve seen every episode of NCIS New Orleans 1,852 times. 😐.

A friend asked to follow my New Orleans list. Y’all are welcome to it as well. It’s full of the people/cultural institutions of this city that I love..

Jameis Winston and Michael Thomas headline the list of players we’ll be rooting for in New Orleans Saints training camp:.

This is the 2nd time this week someone has asked me was I from New Orleans Lol I don’t know what yall hearing 🤷🏽‍♀️.

Congratulations to Don Marshall, our Executive Director at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Foundation, who was honored with the Celeste Seymour Judell Arts Award today on STEPPIN’ OUT, @WYESTV’s long-running arts and entertainment discussion program hosted by Peggy Scott Laborde..

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Me encantaría que New Orleans ponga los huevos sobre la mesa y tire por Jaden Hardy Mucho talento como para dejarlo caer.

@michael_diamant Can they be rich? Yes. Are they in New Orleans? No. So they’ll be priced out. Which is already happening. And if you go out to eat at 7PM on a Friday night in New Orleans you’ll see the stark reality of that. It will happen. And that’s the ultimate goal of gentrification..

The New Orleans Pelicans have selected Dyson Daniels in NBA draft, using the No. 8 pick to add size to their backcourt. Daniels, 6-foot-8, 199 pounds, is a 19-year-old Australian who played in the G League last season. He averaged….

📷 #frenchquarter #nola (at New Orleans, Louisiana).

I hate when I check my friends location and they’re somewhere like girl wtf are you in New Orleans? 😭.

Rain, rain, go away Two hundred on the dash watch me hydroplane Gang gang, gangs all grey From New Orleans to Ottowa, from Atlanta to the Bay.

What are the odds of finding your son driving in front of you on the way back home from a meeting in New Orleans#15counteractsymposium @UABCounterACT.

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Come October I will officially be in a polyamorous relationship with the New Orleans Saints and the Memphis Grizzlies..

@kakinser09 was talking to kyle a little bit today. trying to get to new orleans then maybe jackson over christmas perhaps. still in the works.

@nytimes I was at Mardi Grass Festival at a my travel to New Orleans many years ago . Was interesting and crazy experience about it. Totally freedom to make anything..

@bandz81 THIS. Not trying is INEXCUSABLE. Dallas takes the flyer on Hardy, New Orleans on Liddell. Warriors on Rollins. They are good teams. We are not. Coincidence? I think not..

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