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My copy says Labor Under Threat. I presume they changed it to Siege once Newspoll published. But still a stupid headline that doesn’t reflect the story..

dan andrews sleeping soundly after seeing the latest newspoll again indicating a labor win.

Newspoll Photo,Newspoll Photo by Leonardo Puglisi,Leonardo Puglisi on twitter tweets Newspoll Photo

Why are people uncertain whether Labor will get back in when the last Newspoll, conducted November 21-24, gave Labor a lead? What am I missing? I feel gaslit here #Vicvotes22.

#VicVotes2022 ABC reporting 2PP for ALP to L/NP , so far, after 8% counted. Pretty much what #Newspoll said? Overall swing to L/NP which is not enough. Right now ALP 19 seats; L/NP 13 seats; Greens 1, and Other 1. Not a lot of Teals?.

In polling, 2022 is not 1999. There are some similarities but in 1999 there was a Morgan with a close 2PP early in the campaign and then a late Morgan and final Newspoll that had it very tight. This year there are no polls where the Coalition is anywhere near winning..


Not a single mention of #newspoll on ABC this morning after weeks of using the Ch9 and Redbridge polls which goes against ABC charter and then they used a 15 yr old kid to run commentary and advertise his website because it suits their agenda #vicvotes.

Liberal internal poll of ~25 marginals: Coalition primary 37/ALP 33 Lib HQ confident ALP will lose 10+ seats & in best case, drop below 40 seats Newspoll ALP primary higher than Resolve/Redbridge/both party internals But all published polls indicate ALP majority #VicVotes2022.

VIC Newspoll - to Labor 🟥 38% 🟦 35% 🟩 12% ⬜️ 15% So there you have it, folks, more Dan. Enjoy :).

Latest newspoll shows Labor ahead on a 2pp. Labor people believe a minority government is highly likely..

@kevinbonham He’s had four years. And an entire media organisation on his side. How much more time did he need? 54/46 in NewsPoll the night before doesn’t sound like a heap of tightening. What am I missing?.

Newspoll means nothing. The only poll that matters is tomorrow. One more day Victoria…let’s keep pushing. #IStandWithDan.

I’m absolutely terrified at the thought of the Coalition winning this election. Our state—and our country—will be facing major challenges over the next 4 years. The Victorian Coalition aren’t fit to govern. Hope to hell that Newspoll is accurate. #VicVotes2022 #springst.

@VickiKyriakakis Indeed Newspoll has found a slight widening since the campaign commenced (and would have found more had their first poll used the same preference method). Most of the narrowing narrative comes from Resolve going from 59 to 53..

Final Newspoll: we told you bro, we told you (early days yet but had to get this gag out there).

Newspoll Photo,Newspoll Photo by André Brett,André Brett on twitter tweets Newspoll Photo

With the final Newspoll of the Victorian election campaign, the last major forecast update of the Victorian election is released (there may be some small updates tomorrow following movements in non-major party seat betting). View the full forecast here:.

@barriecassidy @Raf_Epstein DAN ANDREWS ACTUALLY POPULAR? Relentless conservative attacks on Dan Andrews have not dented his net satisfaction rating too much in final Newspoll. So much for the conservative media propaganda framing of him being unpopular. #auspol.

@ChristyDanFan Today the Australian reports the Victorian election eve Newspoll has Labor leading v The primary votes are Labor 38% (up one), Coalition 35% (down two). Victorians votes today Vote 1 Labor..

You simply cannot make this up. YOU CANT, YOU just CANT!!! The last #Newspoll was 55-45 to @DanielAndrewsMP but some RWNJ Journos said it was #NewsCorpse trying to prop up Dan.

@DanielAndrewsMP Today the Australian reports the Victorian election eve Newspoll has Labor leading v The primary votes are Labor 38% (up one), Coalition 35% (down two). Victorians votes today Vote 1 Labor..

@samanthamaiden ALP 9pts clear on the 2pp at Newspoll, which is whitewash territory. The same poll showed Guy & his band of cookers had only made up 2% in the 2pp since 2018. How can anyone read this as anything other than an easy ALP victory? How can media still say too close to call?.

voters head to polls as Daniel Andrews seeks third term in 2022 Victorian election: Labor will win Victoria election by 5 points, says Newspoll A Newspoll in the Australian this morning says that Labor & Daniel Andrews are five points ahead c @WgarNews.

Phew! #VicVotes2022 Victorian state election: Dan Andrews on course for slim majority, says Newspoll via @newscomauHQ.

When #NewsCorpse #Newspoll predicting a comfortable win 55-45 for @DanielAndrewsMP - the internal poll for Lobster Guy @MatthewGuyMP must be 65-35. You know I make sense.

@lesstenny LNP needs to win all of 18 seats to govern, they will not get close to that. ALP may lose from 6-12 seats which includes losses to the Greens, LNP and a few TEAL & other independents. This late Newspoll gives the lie to the idea that a big anti- Gov swing is on. MSM ignore that.

Imagine unironically believing that the Victorian Liberal Party deserves to win today.

Dan’s twitter army already grotesquely smug claiming a thumping win to Andrews off the back of last nights NewsPoll. Victoria are you seriously going to reward these unhinged crooks? FFS #PutLaborLast.

@pwafork Ah James, gotta reset that narrative now that Newspoll is flagging majority government? You really are a sad little man 😂.

@AdemSomyurek Newspoll, a poll run by is pro Dan? The same newscorp that ran a omg this will be the end of Dan Andrews doco?.

Victorian state election: Dan Andrews on course for slim majority, says Newspoll via @newscomauHQ.

@AJGardineresq @DanielAndrewsMP Given how wrong Newspoll have been the past few elections, I anticipate ALP the same, an increased cross-bench at the expense of the conservatives..

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