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@AltCryptoGems @DaCryptoGeneral ✊HODL HANDS NFTs✊ Get your BNB (Bep-20) at the ready, these NFTs are worth getting your hands on! Staking, gamification, and more coming soon. Brought to you by HODL, the original reward token..

@AltcoinWorldcom @YachtClubInuETH🔥0% BUY TAX!🔥💸BUY CONTEST💸🚨Next 20 Buys of .10 eth and up, One Lucky Buyer will Win .20 eth 🚨 LFG!🛥Don’t forget to grab One of our Amazing Seasick Sailor #NFTs More Rewards to come..

@PrometeoRP Yo creo que fue un genio con eso de los libros, pero lo de los NFTs no se en que cabeza entra..

#Notícias Twitter do artista de NFTs Beeple é hackeado em golpe de phishing.

Amid Market Downturn, ‘Goblintown’ NFTs Have Their Moment.

@NorthCountryBwy i hope you know what a terrible decision you’re making by releasing nfts. fuck you.

Issue #3 of @themintxyz is live feat. our newest segment: enlightenmint (get it? 😉) Save yourself time trying to explain NFTs to your friends and colleagues and just send them to us!.

🍼🐱BabyCats Is the Next Doge Coin, you heard it here first. CryptoMillionaireToldYouFirst. 🚀FUTURE PROJECT 🖼Nfts AVAILABLE SOON Ⓜ️CMC AND CG listed🦎 🦾 HOLDERS 👀 ALWAYS DYOR 👇🏻JOIN TG👇🏻.

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@SheriffSully YES i thought spaces could be actually a fun thing but twitter turned it into a 24/7 nfts promo.

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