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Was our entire squad of national leaders barking mad back then? From Niki Savva’S “BULLDOZER”.

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Exclusive: bombshell new revelations in Niki Savva’s new book Bulldozed on the Hawaii trip that destroyed ⁦@ScottMorrisonMP⁩ political standing with voters ⁦@newscomauHQ⁩.


The then PM made the comments, according to Niki Savva’s book Bulldozed, after the religious freedom laws failed to pass Parliament after five Liberals sided with Labor. The laws would have allowed religious schools to expel transgender children..

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Deceitful, manipulative, secretive. Scathing description of Scott Morrison from political commentator Niki Savva. Great interview from Lisa Millar.

I didn’t realise how deceptive & how manipulative he was. And how mistrustful of his colleagues he was. - Niki Savva about her first impressions of Morrison..

Niki Savva grew up in a very poor area, the morons that thought she would cover up for rich greedy oligarchs are stupid.

Watching this dissection again the more admiration I have for Niki Savva’s skills as a non-partisan (she’s a conservative) journalist. Her self-admonishment where she was wrong & her adhering to what is ‘the right thing’ no matter her political leanings gives us all hope #auspol.


Well done Niki Savva! Time to reveal the truth on the psycho that is Scott #auspol.

@mrseankelly Followers of Australian politics, may I suggest reading “The Game: A Portrait of Scott Morrison” by Sean Kelly before reading the anticipated book by Niki Savva - “Bulldozed”!.

Niki Savva tells us that Scott Morrison says: Everything is ordained by God says, “Get in the bin, Scott…!”#auspol #ScottMorrison.

@OlBuds @rachelrwithers Niki Savva was Peter Costello’s chef of staff before she started writing for The Age..

@simon_rosenberg A Self-confessed liar. Niki Savva who said “As a journalist I lied often, usually about my sources, but about other things, ”.

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@EmergencyBK @noplaceforsheep Well one thing for sure is …we were all correct regarding our assessment of Morrison. How could the Libs get rid of Turnbull for Morrison? What were they thinking ? Agree very good article. Can’t wait for Niki Savva Bulldozed..

@anna7355 @steele4hughes Millar is being credited with a great interview. It was great because of the public interest in the subject matter and honesty and revelations of Niki Savva. Little to do with Millar..

@WintersAbby @ScottMorrisonMP It does! But it rather like Maggie Habberman of the NYT recanting post the fact. Niki Savva savaged Shorten in 2019. But yes …..

@JohnOSullivan36 @ScottMorrisonMP Takes a big person to apologise as strongly as Niki Savva has and try to make amends with her book..

@NeilMcMahon It is interesting that Lisa interviews differently those of the Liberal persuasion though compared with others. She gushed over Niki. Savva has always been good at analysis of left or right. She is mortified at how far the party have fallen..

@Lias89733971 @MikeCarlton01 Niki Savva describes him as irrational & delusional..

@simon_rosenberg Niki Savva has no credibility! Zilch! Who cares what she thinks. Her time it up!.

@SuDharmapala Niki Savva is disgusted by morrison’s destruction of the Liberal Party. She longs for the days of yore when there was less deception and (a bit) more integrity in the LP.


Who listens to Niki Savva? Who buys her book? Lefties I suppose!!.

@jamiesonmurph When someone like Niki Savva feels the need to apologize for their role in creating Scott Morrison I think that probably highlights a key difference Just sayin.

Is Niki Savva one of the journalists who knew about the secret ministries but sat on the story so she could write a book? Genuine question. #auspol #Bulldozed.

@BreakfastNews Wow, Niki Savva that is a fairly strident condemnation of undoubtedly Australia worst ever Prime Minister..

And I tried to do my best about the time I was writing about his prime ministership to try to get people to see what I have come to see. Niki Savva #Auspolspo.

How he ( Scott Morrison) disrespected parliament, and cabinet, and our processes that I felt I well, made a really big mistake here (being the first reporter to say he could become opposition leader) Niki Savva #Auspolspo.

When I did get to know him ( Scott Morrison) and realized what a deceitful person he was, what a manipulative person, how secretive he was, how he lacked trust in his own colleagues, Niki Savva #Auspol.

@JJKALE2 You have to admire someone who publicly states they got it wrong and apologises. I admire Niki Savva..

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