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Hey, ce mercredi soir sur la chaîne, c’est ambiance #NintendoDirect à la découverte de # mais pas que car j’aurai aussi d’autres choses à vous dire ✨ Vous en serez ?.

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As a games writer, sometimes you wonder if you’re out on a limb for no reason. Then, amidst oceans of lines you write that day, you call Boom Boom a “mad lad,” and by some small make someone’s day. Video games. #NintendoDirect.

Atenção nintendistas e gamers em geral: o melhor game de todos os tempos está chegando dia 28 de junho. Nintendo, o que é isso que vocês criaram? Makers perdidos pelo Twitter, juntem-se a nós. #MarioMaker2 #NintendoDirect.

Meine Zusammenfassung der #NintendoDirect ist online :) Viel Spaß damit!.

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Durante el ultimo #NintendoDirect la compañía anuncio que si eres usuario de #NintendoSwitchOnline podrás comprar Nintendo Switch Game Vouchers. Costara 99usd y podrás comprar dos juegos exclusivos de Nintendo!! No es wow la oferta pero algo es algo!!.

Nintendo just more than sold Mario Maker 2 to me. I thought I didn’t have much interest initially but damn, how can you not be looking forward to this game? #NintendoDirect.

Mario Maker 2 has the potential to be one of the most creative and fun games ever. How much it has added and changed from the original has made the experience so different and endless, that I am so ready to play it and watch others attempt it as well! #NintendoDirect.

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Super Mario Maker 2 has a new multiplayer mode called “Course World” that includes races, co-op, and boss battles! This game will be the reason why you’ll sign up for Nintendo Online! #NintendoDirect #SuperMarioMaker2.

SIn ser muy fan de Nintendo la verdad es que el directo me gusto mucho, y las novedades de Mario maker también. Se de cierta compañía que debería tomar estos directos como referencia para hacer los suyos, ejem ejem, Sony. #NintendoDirect #MarioMaker2.

Ooooh @Welshy_Who! they just announced multiplayer network plaaaay!!! MUH HA HA! #NintendoDirect #MarioMaker2.

mario maker switch looks like a hellava upgrade. guess Ill get it. cuz I sold the first one #NintendoDirect.

I’m so excited to see @JKCompletesIt post course drawings again #NintendoDirect.

Race against your friends online! #SuperMarioMaker2 #NintendoDirect.

Prepared to call it now. Mario Maker 2 is the best game of 2019. #NintendoDirect.

Plutôt intéressant ce #NintendoDirect sur Super Mario Maker 2!.

世界中のプレイヤーと一緒に遊べるの!!? #NintendoDirect #スーパーマリオメーカー2.

#NintendoDirect pues tiene buena pinta el mario maker 2, han añadido suficientes novedades para hacerlo atractivo. Mola..

Warum bringen sie nicht einfach Miiverse zurück? :P #SuperMarioMaker2 #NintendoDirect.

Maker Profiles allow you to stand out from others. #SuperMarioMaker2 #NintendoDirect.

Reminder that super Mario 3d world is a Wii U game that not a lot of people got to play. Remake for switch? #NintendoDirect #SuperMarioMaker.

Glad they found a way to integrate the comment system without Miiverse. #NintendoDirect.

Super Mario Maker becomes the 2nd or 3rd game to create a much better in-game Miiverse than the actual Miiverse. #NintendoDirect.

Vai dá pra fazer upload das fases de Mário Maker 1 ? #NintendoDirect #MarioMaker2.

Koopa Kar? why not a Mario Kart? oh well. still, interesting enough. #NintendoDirect.

Hey, ce mercredi soir sur la chaîne, c’est ambiance #NintendoDirect à la découverte de # mais pas que car j’aurai aussi d’autres choses à vous dire ✨ Vous en serez ?.

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Super Mario Maker 2 is getting its own 15-minute #NintendoDirect tomorrow at 3pm PT/11pm UK. 🛠️:.

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