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The Byleth concept was basically the concept we had for the Monster Hunter character if you saw that video over Christmas. GIVE US HUNTER YOU COWARDS! #NintendoDirect.

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is a wonderful game and my first Fire Emblem game to boot. I wasn’t fond of seeing Hero being added but I didn’t crucify him or the developers because he was added. Be grateful we have a game that brings so many franchises together on one console. #SmashDirect #NintendoDirect.

Ok who thought another Fire emblem character was a good idea #NintendoDirect thats (T)wack.

Okay but real talk edelgard or claude or sothis wouldve been way more fun in smash #NintendoDirect.

Pues ya ni pedo, pagué el paquete completo y pienso sacarle provecho. Sólo espero que el siguiente DLC incluya a Crash, Spyro, Waluigi (nunca perderé la esperanza), otro de Dragon Quest, Eggman o King Boo. 🙏🏽 Te rogamos señor. #NintendoDirect #SmashDirect.

Y además nos venden un disfraz de Cuphead en lugar de, no sé, HABER PINCHES METIDO A CUPHEAD Y MUGMAN EN LUGAR DE BYLETH. 😠 #NintendoDirect #SmashDirect.

¿¡Fire Emblem?! ¿¡OTRA VEZ?! 😑 OK, debo confesar que me gustaron los ataques de Byleth y el escenario pero ¿¡POR QUÉ CHINGADOS NOS DAN OTRO PERSONAJE DE ESA FRANQUICIA?! 😭 #NintendoDirect #SmashDirect.

Look at the bright side, at least you can play Dante in Play Station all stars battle royale #NintendoDirect.

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Commission me someone I need money to give to my Nintendo overlords!! #NintendoDirect #SmashBrosUltimate.

Jajajajajaja como nos han tolleado en el #NintendoDirect. Todos pensando que anunciarian a Dante, Sora, etc. Zasca!!.

He show love make show you follow him 💯🎮👾💙 #NintendoDirect #XboxShare.

What I expected from the #NintendoDirect : a new Smash character What I got: Sakurai explaining how to count in binary on your hands. I love it!.

So this Smash direct is basically just a Fire Emblem direct in disguise? #NintendoDirect.

La puissance de la licence #SmashBros en une image. Hallucinant 😱 Nintendo 😎 #NintendoDirect.

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We pulled the tail of the tiger one time too many. #NintendoDirect.

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Can someone PLEASE photoshop the Thanos Vs Ironman scene with Thanos winning to have Thanos replaced by Byleth and Ironman with Dante from Devil May Cry? #NintendoDirect #SmashDirect.

The Byleth concept was basically the concept we had for the Monster Hunter character if you saw that video over Christmas. GIVE US HUNTER YOU COWARDS! #NintendoDirect.

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Sakurai literally looks so happy to have byleth in the game. Good, he deserves it #NintendoDirect.

No fue un mal direct, nos dieron un personaje TOTALMENTE inesperado y aparte de eso nos dieron un traje mii de cuphead Y de Altair Además habrán 6 personajes más ennel siguiente fighter pass así que aun hay esperanzas #NintendoDirect #SuperSmashBros ESTA MUJER ES MI RELIGIÓN 💙.

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Me: is Byleth? Sakurai: can explain. #SmashDirect #NintendoDirect.

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Pues bueno, Byleth, no es mi favorito pero bueno, ha sido un GRANDIOSO DLC y Three Houses ha sido un bombazo total asi que normal que lo metan. Además de que han anunciado 6 (seis) nuevos personajes para 2021, lo cual es mantener vivo el juego. Maravilloso. #NintendoDirect.

God, NintendoDirect usually coincides with my Trends for you section on Twitter being absolute trash..

Them adding another fire emblem character or other other we want, yes its disappointing. But it was a given since 3h did so well and they added the pass 2 main charcters from the other games. #NintendoDirect.

Maybe this was a clever plan to get people upset so Nintendo can give us the Animal Crossing #NintendoDirect as crowd control. #SmashBrosUltimate.

La verdad estoy muy feliz de que hayan metido a Byleth en Smash, se lo merecía #NintendoDirect..