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Updated: September 10th, 2021 02:40 AM IST

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Dr Norman Swan looks at how COVID-19 lockdowns are working | via @YouTube

Norman Swan Twitter

“Greek Australians have second highest longevity in the world”, says Dr Norman Swan via @greekcitytimes

Listen to this Swan he is telling us in advance when the gov is lying ..and he’s been right 100%

@SquizzSTK @Yeehaa25 There is something very satisfying about watching this pompous git being schooled by Norman Swan. Patterson always assumes he is the smartest man in the room.

Norman Swan another ABC dud expert! What’s that Norman? 250k Australians would die from Covid! W⚓️

@slpng_giants_oz @call_me_tomasso Thank goodness for Norman Swan. A beacon of light and reason in the quagmire of covid politicising.

@norman_duplooy @anna_swan_001 They are imploding. Sad to see. Instead of the rats leaving the ship, the rats are staying put and the quality candidates are fleeing

@mjrowland68 @andrewprobyn Didn’t Norman Swan say something about Pfizer wanting Australia & Israel to be first because of low community transmission?

@IrrigationJims yes the hearing was in 2020, with the exception of Norman Swan, the media had no interest in it back then

Norman Swan had every right to be angry. And his sources were bang on. We should all be very angry. #SackHunt

Fine, here it is swear, some Norman Swan #SackHunt #SackMorrison Pfizer

Norman Swan Photo,Norman Swan Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

@markdreyfusQCMP Norman Swan also reported the mismanagement too. Morrison and Hunt are responsible for the bungled vaccine program. Greg Hunt must resign for his incompetence. #auspol

@JasmineQuilter Oh dear. How cld u hate norman swan? Hes the least offensive person on the 🤨

Perhaps Norman Swan could address ATAGI advice that over 60s should be prioritised over 12 -16 year old as they are more vulnerable and should get vaccine choice. Casey Briggs can say how many over 60s still unvaxxed. Moderna? @CaseyBriggs @normanswan #auspol

@sharitags @gorgeousdunny1 Is Norman Swan - basically the most prominent journalist/commentator on our national broadcaster - not MSM?

@Frunobulaxe @PaulBateman3 Clown World: Dr Norman Swan at end of CoronaCast podcast today saying no evidence that COVID infection gives immunity surpassing a COVID vaccination. He forgot this: Cited here:

Norman Swan Photo,Norman Swan Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

@BenHopkinsAus Norman Swan was still cautioning us about Pfizer in November last year.

@Cpuly Well then let’s see all the emails between government and Pfizer. If I’m not mistaken Norman Swan has been asking for these emails for some months

@normanswan Thank you Norman Swan for putting this out there ! And thank you for your very informative corona podcast .. love your work .. it’s a pity the powers to be didn’t listen 😔

@jesseisahack @johnweber94 The puppy was a Norman Swan worshipping drip. It was justified.

@SquizzSTK Can we give Norman Swan that Nobel Prize the Libs wanted to give to Greg Hunt?

And we never doubted you for a moment Norman Swan👍👍🥰

@intp_strategos @MrKRudd Dr Norman Swan is as straight as a die, and always tells things exactly as they are.

Why are whistleblowers in Australia treated with such contempt? Norman Swan called this MONTHS ago, why did it take Labor to submit FOI requests, not the MSM?! #LNPfail

@GrogsGamut When I first heard/read Norman Swan on this governmental dereliction of duty my first thought was it must have been Tehan who was sent ...

Exactly Dr Norman Swan asking critical questions about the govts performance #incompetentgovt

Norman Swan heard all the details of the meetings and the newbs who eventually turned up with eye-roll inducing demands. There is more than just the emails that have been extracted using FOI. #auspol

Norman Swan Photo,Norman Swan Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

@caterinastacina @barriecassidy Whatever happened to Novavax? It was Norman Swan’s preferred vaccine a year ago but it appears the company isn’t capable of commercially supplying it or the trials haven’t been up to scratch. Another dud pick for the Federal government along with the Qld Uni one.

@Mamamia This is not new news- Norman Swan spoke about it. Why is important truth so hard to get under public discussion. Why did Morrison diss AZ Vax undermining trust such that we are now so far behind in the Vax race?

@PaulBongiorno The PR won’t work this time for Hunt because we can see the correspondence - we should always be able to see the correspondence in Australia. Norman Swan & others told us, but it’s not until seen in writing that it’s huge news. Secretive & constantly spinning lies & deception

Dr Norman Swan looks at how COVID-19 lockdowns are working | via @YouTube

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