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Sunday afternoon footy at Belmore! ☀ #NRLBulldogsTigers Tune in to watch on @NRLonNine.

#NRLBulldogsTigers Photo,#NRLBulldogsTigers Photo by NRL,NRL on twitter tweets #NRLBulldogsTigers Photo

3871 days since Tim Sheens last won a game coaching the Wests Tigers #NRLBulldogsTigers.

Wests Tigers fans, honest question. Would you trade David Klemmer for Jackson Hastings right now? #NRL #NRLBulldogsTigers.

This will be unpopular to many of my fellow Bulldogs fan, but we should have lost that match. The last 20 minutes was a disgraceful performance. I’ll take the win, but if I was Ciraldo, I’d given them an almighty spray, curse words and all! #NRLBulldogsTigers.

He stalks my twitter so give him some birthday love! #NRLBulldogsTigers.

#NRLBulldogsTigers Photo,#NRLBulldogsTigers Photo by Adam Santarossa,Adam Santarossa on twitter tweets #NRLBulldogsTigers Photo

There was a very good reason why you stopped coaching in the NRL. Time for retirement Mr Sheen. #NRLBulldogsTigers.

Tigers are so bad John Bateman is already telling journos he’s not leaving. #NRLBulldogsTigers.

Ummm no Vossy I don’t think trying too hard is the Tigers’ problem #nrlbulldogstigers.

I’m neither a tigers hater or fan. But it’s so disappointing how Brooks is still playing NRL. Let alone his price tag. Enoughs enough @westtigerss #NRLBulldogsTigers.


Personally I’ve always felt that Belmore Oval is a much better suburban ground then Leichhardt Oval #NRLBulldogsTigers.

Half time and this game is gone. Round 3 and our season is gone. Happy to be proven wrong. But playing like this after the first 2 rounds has extinguished any misguided hope going into 2023 #NRLBulldogsTigers.

I hope @SeaEagles make contact with the Tigers this week to arrange a loan for Api Koroisau seeing they’re genuinely no chance of making the finals. #NRLBulldogsTigers.

If I was Sheens and Benji at half time I would take Doueihi off and put Wakeham on #NRLBulldogsTigers.

The Tigers would have Beaten the Dogs today at tunnel ball at least . #NrlBulldogsTigers.

Score in the first half ✅ Win the first half ❌ Score in the second half ✅ Win the second half ✅ Win the game ❌ No major injuries ✅ #NRLBulldogsTigers.

NRL: Bulldogs d Tigers. Crowd: 16,404 @ Belmore Sports Ground (Sydney). View Details: #NRLBulldogsTigers #ausport.

#NRL #NRLBulldogsTigers PENALTY GOAL: BULLDOGS - Kyle Flanagan Koroisau is penalised for being offside and then again for verbal dissent. Flanagan converts to gift the Bulldogs two-points just before the half time break. BULLDOGS 20 TIGERS 6; 39th minute.

Sooo are we gonna talk about This is second time he has had to learn the grass aint always greener on the other side #nrlBulldogsTigers #yesitsacheatingjoke.

since when are mahoney and flanagan the referees? get off the damn field if you can’t play the game without a little help, ya sooks #NRLBulldogsTigers.

#NRL #NRLBulldogsTigers Tupou knocks the ball on after a difficult pass from Staines. BULLDOGS 26 TIGERS 22; 73rd minute.

So the halves next week need to be Wakeham 7, Brooks 6. Tupou and Staines wings. Laurie back at fullback I suppose AD too slow for fullback/centre and a defensive liability. NSW Cup #NRLBulldogsTigers.

Our fan base is Burton obsessed Game on the line Flanagan didn’t come near the ball and Burton put two pathetic grubbers I expect it from Flanagan but I’m still not sure Burton isn’t best at centre #NRLBulldogsTigers.

Anyone who says Brooks over Flanagan is fucked. Outside of him telling his players to lie down for penalties at the end I did not see him at all today. #nrlbulldogstigers.

@Balmaincraig I feel sorry for the supporters. They deserve better. For me, Madge should have been given a few more years. Atleast he had a plan and is a proven winner. #NRLBulldogsTigers.

The @WestsTigers might be the only team to ever receive the wooden spoon & then proceed to finish even worse the following year 😩 #nrlbulldogstigers.

How does To’a get a spot in this team. Surely there is someone better. #nrlbulldogstigers.

@JustinPascoeWT maybe time to give someone else a go to run our once great club? #NRLBulldogsTigers.

Dogs look like scoring several more second half, Tough day for the Tigers!!! #NRLBulldogsTigers.

Our spine is horrible. Our 5/8 does most of the kicking (quite poorly), whilst our half-back runs around looking confused. @WestsTigers #NRLBulldogsTigers.

Here I am thinking I’ll have a Sunday with no booze, then the @WestsTigers come on to play. SERENITY NOW #NRLBulldogsTigers.

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