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Just a few mates catching up. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 #WeAreRaiders #NRLDragonsRaiders.

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St George Illawarra: FT | Raiders too good tonight 😞 #redv #NRLDragonsRaiders.

Nick Cotric is set for a stint on the sidelines #NRLDragonsRaiders.

This is what grovelling to keep your job looks #NRLDragonsRaiders.

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Nick Cotric has been charged with a grade three dangerous throw. How many matches should he miss for his tackle on Tim Lafai? #NRLDragonsRaiders #NRL.

Nic Cotric 3 weeks for early guilty plea for tackle on Lafai .. base charge was 5 weeks #nrldragonsraiders.

To Sticky: re spear tackle. “unintentional. (Irrelevant. Only relevant for severity of punishment) “It got away from him (Your point? & irrelevant) “accident & Lafai played on (so now they should adjudicate based on injury? Ridiculous, oh and irrelevant) #NRLDragonsRaiders.

Good to see the old Ricky back in the press conference. He needed to defend his player. If that’s the new level of a send off we are going to have 9 a side games now. Send off has got to be intentional hits that leave a player injured. #NRLDragonsRaiders #ricky.

Right knee injury for Dragons Jeremy Latimore. Valgus stress (knee inward) - hit from outside. Main worry is for MCL injury. Medial/inside taping hope avoids major injury. While less likely, ACL/meniscus never fully excluded w/ this mechanism. Ankle seems ok. #NRLDragonsRaiders.

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#NRLDRAGONSRAIDERS. I think im in love with CNK. He better stay away from the mall 🤣.

@tysonbennett_ How much will #nrl @NRL pay you not to show it? 💰😁 #nrldragonsraiders.

Our big win over the Dragons has lifted us into third! #WeAreRaiders #NRLDragonsRaiders.

Oh so you can be sent off for a spear tackle? Recent history would suggest otherwise #NRLDragonsRaiders.

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#NRLDRAGONSRAIDERS btw when does josh mcguire get sent waiting. No? No?.

There wil not be any coaching contract extensions for Mary this week by the looks😳 #NRLDragonsRaiders #nrl.

The only thing that could make it worse is hand between the legs. The referees cop so much for getting it wrong, this they got absolutely right. #NRLDragonsRaiders.

Raiders try scoring record ✅ 1,900 points ✅ Led his team to victory ✅ #NRLDragonsRaiders #TelstraPremiership moment of the match..

#NRLDragonsRaiders New beanie the highlight of the match tonight #redv.

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The Dragons supporters are turning on a legend of the club. Sad to see this hatred for a club legend. #redv #NRLDragonsRaiders.

I’m all for referees sending off players for dangerous throw tackles but I’d like to think the next time there’s a blatant crusher tackle it will also be sent off & dealt harshly by the NRL judiciary. #nrl #NRLDragonsRaiders.

How bad does a performance has to be for Mary McGregor, the bullshit positive spin messiah, to come out and say this! #nrldragonsraiders.

Press Conference for #NRLDragonsRaiders 🎥 #NRL.

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Me, right now. #NRLDragonsRaiders. Anyway, 100 minutes until deadline, back to work, hopefully I can lift more than the Dragons did tonight..

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@PenrithPanthers sacked there coach on the eve of finals football for a shit culture. @NRL_Dragons keep a loosing coach with a shit culture. I’d be spewing if I was a dragons fan. #NRLDragonsRaiders.

A Raiders fan and a huge fan of Cotric but that needed to be the risk of that tackle going wrong is too high. I’m absolutely sure there was no malice but it can’t be tolerated. #NRLDragonsRaiders @NRLonNine.

Just a few mates catching up. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 #WeAreRaiders #NRLDragonsRaiders.

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