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Welcome to the @NRL, Sunia Turuva 🖤❤️💛💚 Stats ➡️ #pantherpride #NRLRaidersPanthers.

#NRLRaidersPanthers Photo,#NRLRaidersPanthers Photo by Penrith Panthers 🏆,Penrith Panthers 🏆 on twitter tweets #NRLRaidersPanthers Photo

Seriously, that was an extraordinary outburst from Stuart. Probably the least professional statement I can recall from an NRL coach. #NRLRaidersPanthers.

The @RaidersCanberra just don’t get ambushes #NRLRaidersPanthers.

#NRLRaidersPanthers Photo,#NRLRaidersPanthers Photo by Bulldogs Kennel,Bulldogs Kennel on twitter tweets #NRLRaidersPanthers Photo

LATE MAIL 📬 A debutant, new halves pairing and reshuffle in the forward pack confirmed for tonight’s match. 📝 #pantherpride #NRLRaidersPanthers.

#NRLRaidersPanthers Photo,#NRLRaidersPanthers Photo by Penrith Panthers 🏆,Penrith Panthers 🏆 on twitter tweets #NRLRaidersPanthers Photo

I love the fact that Jaeman Salmon scored the try that for all intents & purposes has ended Ricky’s @RaidersCanberra Finals dream for 2022. #NRLRaidersPanthers.

What a night for Ata Mariota - going from 18th man to an NRL debut when he wasn’t even meant to be the 18th man! Semi Valemei was set to be 18th man for NRL but copped a knock in the ribs in NSW Cup. #NRLRaidersPanthers.

Jaemon Salmon looks like he’s asked his barber for the “Gunston” ? #NRLRaidersPanthers.

#NRLRaidersPanthers Photo,#NRLRaidersPanthers Photo by NRL.CON.AU,NRL.CON.AU on twitter tweets #NRLRaidersPanthers Photo

#NRLRaidersPanthers Match Highlights 🎥 Premiers downed Canberra 26-6 at GIO Stadium on Saturday night..

Going to tell my kids this was the greatest halves pairing in Panthers history. #NRLRaidersPanthers.

#NRLRaidersPanthers Photo,#NRLRaidersPanthers Photo by Sportsbet.com.au,Sportsbet.com.au on twitter tweets #NRLRaidersPanthers Photo

Weak gutted dog or not… Why doesn’t Ivan EVER condemn shit behavior from his playing group? Just fuckin own it dude #NRLRaidersPanthers #WeakGuttedDog.


I was hoping Ivan’s reply to one of his players being called a weak gutted dog was 😂 #NRLRaidersPanthers.

Ricky is such a good judge of character he signed Curtis Scott after been sacked from Melb, CHN after been sacked from the bulldogs for sleeping with a school girl on a school trip and Elliot who likes to shag his mates wife after his own wife just gave birth #NRLRaidersPanthers.

“See what Taylah May is like with his gloves, wouldn’t mess with him.” Mick Ennis, CHN is a bloke. Taylan wont fight him. #NRLRaidersPanthers.

“Hm we lost by 20 at home to a team missing both of their halves and their best 2FR. How can I take the heat off how shit we are? I know! Call their stand-in 5/8th a “weak-gutted dog” - Ricky Stuart, Canberra Raiders How’s all that mOTivAtiOn going Ricky 🥴 #nrlraiderspanthers.

Canberra absolutely belted by an under strength Panthers team, so Ricky uses the oldest trick in by book and says something mildly controversial to take the heat off his players. #nrlraiderspanthers.

Looking forward to seeing the 2023 NRL Draw for when the Panthers & Raiders are scheduled to play? 🧨 🔥 🌶 🔨 🔪 🥊 🔫 #NRLRaidersPanthers.

Onfield Ref makes the right call, panthers challenge and Sutton in the bunker gets the call wrong, how does he still have a job #NRLRaidersPanthers.

No Cleary, no problem for the Panthers. 📺 Watch #NRLRaidersPanthers LIVE on CH 502 or stream on Kayo: ✍️ BLOG 🔢 MATCH CENTRE.

If you want to holiday in Batemans Bay in September you have 12 minutes to book your accommodation before @RaidersCanberra players and family book everything out… #NRL #NRLRaidersPanthers.

We have some good depth but if we were to lose Dylan I think that would put a line through us, he is just that good/important. #NRLRaidersPanthers.

That’s a terrible call. He dropped it cold & it hit Papalii hand in the process. #NRL #NRLRaidersPanthers.

Even if you’re not a Penrith fan! You have to be in awe of the way Penrith plays the game! #NRLRaidersPanthers.

Weak coach, weak person, pathetic coaching record. Ricky Stewart. #nrlraiderspanthers.

‘Weak gutted dog’: Ricky Stuart’s stunning spray aimed at Penrith Panthers player Jaeman Salmon, after Salmon lashed out with a boot and kicked Canberra Raiders hooker Tom Starling. #NRL #NRLRaidersPanthers.

#NRLRaidersPanthers Photo,#NRLRaidersPanthers Photo by The Greenhouse,The Greenhouse on twitter tweets #NRLRaidersPanthers Photo

Post Game Press conferences are proving to be a dangerous place for coaches- Adam O’Brien- I’ve won Four Grand Finals Ricky Stuart-Hold my beer! #NRLRaidersPanthers #NRLTigersKnights.

#nrlraiderspanthers @FOXNRL #NRL Ricky calling it as he sees it. Salmon kicks guy in nuts and head and doesn’t get sent off. Sounds bit fishy to me.

You want to go down this road Ricky? Then at the very least,win the game first! #NRLRaidersPanthers #WeakGuttedPressConference.

Also pretty fucking stoked that the next week will be filled with media reactions to what Sticky said at the presser 🤦‍♂️ #nrlraiderspanthers.

That is bullshit they drop the ball dead to right it’s okay on then he drops the fucken thing again then the bunker goes nah #NRLRaidersPanthers.

#NRLRaidersPanthers The Raiders are losing it with poor discipline. Just play well without the stupidness would be good..

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