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Our first win of the season in our first game back home. Two tries to the Big Red Horse got us over the line in a close game! What were your thoughts on the game? #NRLRaidersSharks.

#NRLRaidersSharks Photo,#NRLRaidersSharks Photo by Green Machine Podcast,Green Machine Podcast on twitter tweets #NRLRaidersSharks Photo

Match Highlights 🎥 - #NRLRaidersSharks The Raiders have opened their account for 2023, extending their recent winning streak over the Sharks with a 24-20 win at GIO Stadium..

Physically dominant performance. Through poor defensive decisions, errors, and dubious ref calls the dominance isnt reflected in the score. Just will not finish a game off, but a win is a win #GetForked #NRLRaidersSharks.

Nice one Raiders. Love to see the bottom teams get up. Also, Horsburgh!!!! 💚💚💚 #NRLRaidersSharks.

Thank god we won that the last 20 mins we really made it hard on ourselves but just relieved to get the win in the end.#NRLRaidersSharks.

A bone rattler from Nikora! 💪🔥 📺 Watch #NRLRaidersSharks on or stream on Kayo: ✍️ BLOG 🔢 MATCH CENTRE.

Go the @RaidersCanberra Great to have a win on the board. #nrl #nrlraiderssharks.

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Wighton throws a peach of a pass for the Raiders first try! 📺 Watch #NRLRaidersSharks on or stream on Kayo: ✍️ BLOG 🔢 MATCH CENTRE.

That sucks for Levi. It also, much less importantly, sucks for my multi. ☹️ #NRLRaidersSharks #Crisis.

Ah come on Raiders dont disappoint like to end the weekend with a win #NRLRaidersSharks.

NRL: Raiders d Sharks. Crowd: 14,134 @ GIO Stadium (Canberra). View Details: #NRLRaidersSharks #ausport.

Seb ya gotta run into the fella there son, or he’s gonna score a try #nrlraiderssharks.

Tigers need to replace one of their halves with Trindall, he deserves to be playing NRL every week. #NRLRaidersSharks.

3 weeks of exactly same issues. They are clearly not giving a shit because nothing has been fixed #NRLRaidersSharks.

Raiders have the wood massively over Cronulla. Kleins recored against Sharks is decent as well. #NRLRaidersSharks.

Thank fuck they won, didn’t need another week of both teams losing #NRLRaidersSharks.

First home game of 2023. First win of 2023. Ricky’s Raiders get off the mark in Canberra. #NRLRaidersSharks.

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Raiders a proper bogie team for Cronulla. 2 points dropped against a bottom 8 team #NRLRaidersSharks.

Tf was Seb Kris doing there? Slapping a fly on Ronnie’s arm? Tackle the bloke 🤣🤣#NRLRaidersSharks.

I hope the EELS have broken the Sharks as well. (As the Storm) 🤔😬😊 #NRLRaidersSharks.

LOL @ Sharks defence there. Horsburgh making them look stupid. #NRLRaidersSharks #WeAreRaiders.

YESS!! Get in there Big Red you beautiful thing!!! What a try! 🔥🔥💪💪 #NRLRaidersSharks.

NRL: I like Sebastian Kris at the back! ..covers ground; puts in; runs hard .. @RaidersCanberra #NRLRaidersSharks.

Talakai doing dumbshit when the games on the line is about as guaranteed as paying taxes. Stupid. #NRLRaidersSharks.

Klein doing everything in his power to manage sharks back into this. I can’t believe what I’m seeing #NRLRaidersSharks.

OMG…. Sticky surely (and legitimately) rips Ash Klown to shreds in the presser today. This is some BS refereeing!! #NRLRaidersSharks.

Ugh, that edge is defence is absolutely gross. He we go again 🤦 #nrlRaidersSharks #nrl.

“No balance or control” seriously how many play the balls are let go every game that are like that if not worse seriously don’t these refs now #NRLRaidersSharks.

Bottom 4 team. Can’t do the basics. Coach can’t see the obvious. Ashley Klein is a joke #NRLRaidersSharks.

Cronulla being shit is as obvious as the day is long #NRLRaidersSharks.

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