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Adam Reynolds masterclass sees Rabbitohs outlast Roosters in fiery clash: #NRLRoostersRabbitohs #NRL.

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I’m likely to do my arse on the punt this weekend, have to mow the lawns tomorrow , probably struggle to get some quality beer drinking time in, but at least we dominated the Roosters. That’s a win. A great win. #NRLRoostersRabbitohs.

Adam Reynolds masterclass sees Rabbitohs outlast Roosters in fiery clash: #NRLRoostersRabbitohs #NRL.

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I’m not a huge fan of Souths but I have a particular and deep disdain for enough Roosters fans that I enjoyed seeing them get beaten tonight. Go Souths. #NRLRoostersRabbitohs @TWiLeague.

Latrell Mitchell is quite becoming the biggest wanker in the game. #NRLRoostersRabbitohs.

Wayne Bennett has a 100% winning rate as coach of South Sydney. The Broncos are yet to win a game since sacking Wayne Bennett. #NRLRoostersSouths #NRLRoostersRabbitohs.

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As a footy talent I love watching Latrell Mitchell but ..... there’s a bit of thug about him. #NRLRoostersRabbitohs.

Latrell Mitchell you are a cunt, not an ordinary cunt either, you are big cunt. #NRLRoostersRabbitohs.

I’ve been watching too much of the @ALeague I thought there was still 13min to go. Oops!!! 😬😜#NRLRoostersRabbitohs #NRL 🙄.

This is another solid game! Souths and Roosters absolutely ripping in! I’ve missed Friday Night Footy something fierce! #NRLRoostersRabbitohs #LocalDerby.

Just when I was starting to worry @ralph_littlelegs said @sydneyroosters never in doubt! #BondiBoy #NRLRoostersRabbitohs.

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I’m unable to watch any football due to no power around here. #NRLRoostersRabbitohs.

[email protected] Rnd 1 Friday night blockbuster I kept hearing didn’t the supporters get the memo #NRLRoostersRabbitohs.

It’s an absolute punish watching games live at the SCG but I reckon it’s even worse on TV #NRLRoostersRabbitohs.

Something so little can mean so much . Touching tribute as a moment of silence for the victims of #Christchurch goes through the stadium tonight b4 the game gets undeway! #NRLRoostersRabbitohs.

The SCG pitch looks narrow - maybe it’s perspective being an #NRLRoostersRabbitohs #nrl.

Already looks like a GF preview. Precision by both teams. #NRLRoostersRabbitohs.

Will be interesting to see the SCG in winter this year. One suspects the wicket will be a bog heap #NRLRoostersRabbitohs.

You could hear a pin drop at the SCG for the moments silence tonight. Heartwarming to know that *most* Australians have NZ in their hearts tonight. #NRLRoostersRabbitohs.

Only felt like a few years back we were amazed by the new player on the block and now he’s a veteran and legend. #GregInglis #NRLRoostersRabbitohs.

$ for a watered down Carlton Draft in a plastic cup at # @scg trust gouging while they can. Pretty putrid to be honest..

They’re still majestic - two sporting treasures ready for a blockbuster. #NRLRoostersRabbitohs, live on ⁦@FOXNRL⁩ Ch502, right after #NRLKnightsSharks..

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For those who haven’t seen it ... watch this ahead of #NRLRoostersRabbitohs tonight 👊🏼.

Sitting here #NRLRoostersRabbitohs #GoRabbitohs.

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The #SCG looking good. Empty but good. #NRLRoostersRabbitohs.

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#NRLRoostersRabbitohs should be a best of 5 series every season. They kick-off their 2019 campaigns tonight live on @FOXNRL Ch502, and while the SCG will be chock-full of stars, I think Murray v Radley is as important as any other match-up. See you there!.

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