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The Bunnies bounce back through Paulo! #NRLSouthsBulldogs 4-20. #TelstraPremiership

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Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs
Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs ()

🗣 They just kept on turning up for each other. - Steve Georgallis #NRLSouthsBulldogs #NRL

Big T
Big T ()

Walking through work and randomly bump into @patpicante, and she’s still wrapped in her beautiful smile despite the loss. What a legend. #NRLSouthsBulldogs

Wackitupya ()

Wayne tanked that game for sure just to see the broncos finish last 😂😂😂 #NRLSouthsBulldogs

Daniel Watson Hayes™
Daniel Watson Hayes™ ()

Gee I hope Georgy gets an NRL Assistant Coaching gig somewhere in 2021. Quality coach and a great human being to boot. The improvement in the Bulldogs, especially in some of their younger players is because of his tutelage #NRLSouthsBulldogs #NRL

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John ()

You wouldn’t know the Broncos weren’t even playing tonight, every #nrlsouthsbulldogs story leads with the Broncos.

JJK ()

I just text a mate who’s a Souffs fan, told him I was out and missed the game and could he tell me the he hasn’t got back to me 😂 #NRLSouthsBulldogs

Adam Hawse
Adam Hawse ()

Klein/touchie howler thankfully didn’t cost the Dogs. But will mean of tries will go upstairs between now and October 25. #NRLSouthsBulldogs

Missus_Bradley ()

When you slow the replay right down, Lewis gets knocked the fuck about the head. When you play it at full speed, Lewis still gets knocked the fuck about the head. Conclusion, his head got knocked the fuck about regardless of speed of replay. Morons excuses 🤪 #nrlsouthsbulldogs


I’ve slowed this down & paused this enough now & based on the contact zone, I think Jaydn Sua is very unlucky to have been binned #NRLSouthsBulldogs

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Bulldogs Fans
Bulldogs Fans ()

We did it for you skip #NRLSouthsBulldogs #proudtobeabulldog

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JJK ()

Before we get caught up in the hope of the Broncos getting the spoon, let’s not forget it will belong 100% on Seibold’s coaching record 😂 #NRLSouthsBulldogs #bronxnation

ABC Grandstand
ABC Grandstand ()

We want to try and get another win next week in the final round, for all the supporters of the club that have turned up for us every game this year. We want to try and give them something back. @NRL_Bulldogs Josh Jackson #NRL #NRLSouthsBulldogs

Lauren Hill
Lauren Hill ()

Did it for our courageous captain who always gives his all ❤️ Well done my @NRL_Bulldogs and congrats on the 200 games Josh Jackson #NRLSouthsBulldogs #proudtobeabulldog

Bet365_aus ()

No Foran, no Napa and no Lewis for majority of the game. Steve Georgallis, well done. #NRLSouthsBulldogs #ProudToBeABulldog

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V - βulldogsↁiva 🏉
V - βulldogsↁiva 🏉 ()

MASSIVE LOVE to our beloved AWESOME effort! THANK YOU for the we ALL needed that one! 💙 #NRLSouthsBulldogs #proudtobeabulldog

Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs
Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs ()

🏟 The boys are back out on the paddock. #NRLSouthsBulldogs #NRL

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Scott Bailey
Scott Bailey ()

Penalty was the correct call. And whether you like it or not, if a player is forced off through foul play it warrants a sin-bin. It was the right decision. #NRLSouthsBulldogs

*James Smith
*James Smith ()

That foot into touch try was so obvious when you slow it down to a billionth of a second. #NRLSouthsBulldogs

Joe Williams - TEW
Joe Williams - TEW ()

One thing I haven’t heard anyone from the @Channel9 commentary team say; the bulldogs player hit his head on the ground! Everyone talking if there was/wasn’t impact with the defender hitting the head - have a look how hard he banged his head on the ground! #nrl #NRLSouthsBulldogs

NRL ()

The Bunnies bounce back through Paulo! #NRLSouthsBulldogs 4-20. #TelstraPremiership

Matt 😷
Matt 😷 ()

The Souths v Bulldogs rivalry was the best when James Graham played for the Dogs. He was the fire that lit the feud during those years #NRLSouthsBulldogs

ParraEelsFacts ()

Dogs will only need to kick another 20 penalty goals to win this one #NRLSouthsBulldogs


Can’t help but feel the Bulldogs would’ve preferred to play on then, rather than the penalty getting blown #NRLSouthsBulldogs

Bet365_aus ()

Congratulations to Josh Jackson on game 200 for the Bulldogs. A shining light through some tough years for the club. #ProudToBeABulldog #NRLSouthsBulldogs

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Fox League
Fox League ()

Final teams are in for #NRLSouthsBulldogs 👀 FULL LATE MAIL:

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NRL Community
NRL Community ()

@NRL_Bulldogs Canterbury Bulldogs 2020 Ken Stephen Medal nominee is Adam Elliott 👏🏅 To learn more and get your vote in head here ➡️ via @NRL #NRLCommunity #NRLSouthsBulldogs

Jason Oliver
Jason Oliver ()

NRL Notepad: Round 19 #NRLSouthsBulldogs • Corey Allan’s quick hands • Lachlan Lewis backing up a shocker (Email subscribers: excuse the butchered heading for tonight 🤦‍♂️)

TABcomau Media
TABcomau Media ()

MULTI OF NOTE $47,500 at $ placed on: North Melbourne + in #AFLnortheagles (starts 7:10pm AEST) Canterbury + in #NRLsouthsbulldogs (starts 7:50pm AEST)

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Aaron Eugol
Aaron Eugol ()

Throwback Thursday to when the @SSFCRABBITOHS played the @NRL_Bulldogs at Belmore Sports Ground - Round 21, 1986 with Souths winning 17-8 and Phil Gould winning the man of the match award. Who will be the man of the match in tonights match? #NRLSouthsBulldogs

Bulldogs Fans
Bulldogs Fans ()

Only 12 players have 200 NRL games for the club. Let’s welcome number 13 #proudtobeabulldog #NRLSouthsBulldogs

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