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Ssshhh. Just quietly, anyone thinking home Final @BankwestStadium . . . ?#NRLTitansEels #PARRAdise.

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Fun fact: Waqa Blake remains undefeated in his Parramatta Eels career. #NRLTitansEels.

Alarming drop off at Titans since Brennan sacking: 5 losses F/A 76/206. Pre-sacking: 1 win/4 losses F/A 64/102. Headaches for Holbrook. #NRLTitansEels.

@BigOtrivia I’m thinking Brad Arthur took the Eels from 4th to 16th just to set himself up for coach of the year in 2019 #NRLTitansEels #NRLBroncosPanthers.

I don’t think anyone could blame someone like Josh Mansour or Chris Lawrence for wanting a trainer to check their faces after heavy knocks these days. To mentally come back from their respective injuries must be enormously difficult #NRLTitansEels #NRLBroncosPanthers.

The score on the app is obscured, but safe to assume it was 86-12? #NRLTitansEels.

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Enjoyable footy on display on the Gold Coast. Some stellar attacking plays notably from the likes of Moses, Mau and Lane. Like that the final 3 games for Parra gradually increase with difficulty, as this will be a beneficial warm-up going into finals. #BlueandGold #NRLTitansEels.

πŸ‰ @TheParraEels notch their fourth straight win with a 36-12 victory over @GCTitans #NRL #NRLTitansEels.

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Great call! Can’t argue with that sin bin. I can’t say that was anything other than deliberate from Turpin #NRLBroncosPanthers #NRLTitansEels.

Ssshhh. Just quietly, anyone thinking home Final @BankwestStadium . . . ?#NRLTitansEels #PARRAdise.

The only remaining thing that could go wrong for the Titans is if someone forgets to buy the players their participation trophies #NRLTitansEels #NRLBroncosPanthers.

EELS CRUISE! @TheParraEels were far too strong for the Titans. #NRLTitansEels.

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FT: Eels 36 - Titans 12 Head to the Match Centre for all the latest news and instant replays ▢️ #NRLTitansEels.

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[email protected] keep pace with the top four after thrashing the Gold Coast πŸ‘Š #NRLTitansEels.

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The loud speaker at Cbus just tried to hype the crowd into cheering the Titans on and the crowd booed,,, this is embarrassing #NRLTitansEels.

Why do sporting comps in Australia persist with Gold Coast? It’s a wasteland #NRLTitansEels.

Brimson subbed 2 minutes after half time, Arrow subbed for Lee, did they cop injuries or did the coaches just have too much of that Goldy sugar before the game today? #NRL #NRLTitansEels.

Did the Titans just GET a penalty for illegally blocking our attacker? What the actual fuck!!? #NRLTitansEels.

As we all happily said to the Warriors fanbase a couple of weeks ago, the Eels need to be good enough to overcome questionable decisions if you want to win games of Rugby League. -M #NRLTitansEels.

Bunker/refs stuffed up. Arthars gets rewarded for attempted escort. #NRLTitansEels.

Arthurs ran AT SIVO. My god you are the worst invention in this game @NRLBunker #NRLTitansEels.

Another dogshit decision. So Sivo is penalised for pushing past Arthars who was tryna take out Sivo πŸ€”. Sound bout right. Good stuff Bunker. #NRLTitansEels.

Good to see the other referees have joined Cameron Smith in wearing purple while controlling matches #NRLTitansEels.

What is going on with video refs. Dead set. That is just strength in a one on one contest for the ball. Another embarrassing decision #NRLTitansEels.

What a disgraceful decision. He changed his line and Sivo has every right to go for the ball! Should have been a try! #NRLTitansEels.

And @TheParraEels steal the first points of the match πŸ‘Œ #NRLTitansEels 6-0 after 12 mins. #TelstraPremiership.

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