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Anticipation builds at the NSW Legislative Council count. It will take 45 minutes minimum. #nswvotes #nswpol.

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Hilarious how woman-hater David Leyonhjelm’s bio states “personal abusers blocked” when he has abused the electorate (not to mention certain phenomenal female Senators) for YEARS. Thank you NSW for blocking this weakminded misogynistic hypocrite POS. 🙌🏼#auspol #NSWVotes.

It would probably really upset David Leyonhjelm now if people kept referring to him as an MP, just saying. People should definitely not do this ... 😂 #auspol #NSWVotes.

of Mark Latham below-the-lines leaked immediately from the One Nation ticket. Another flowed to ON candidates other than #2, and may have leaked later. Very similar to Hanson and Lambie leak rates in 2016 Senate. #nswvotes.

Every election has its sliverlining of & #NSWVotes was no exception! It is official @DavidLeyonhjelm missed out on an 8 year upper house position! His lucky Federal election & subsequent politics of opportunism & division in Canberra had little traction in NSW.

Breakdown of where the preferences went over the last 11 distributions for the upper house #nswvotes.

Percentage of votes that flowed for the last candidate excluded from the following groups: Buckingham - Socialist Alliance - Flux - Conservatives - Small Business - GRN - SFF - VEP - SAP - KSO - LDP - #nswvotes.

AJP performed very strongly on preferences. It gained ~35K through the count. From: GRN - 3,504 SFF - 1,175 VEP - 3,934 SAP - 10,580 KSO - 11,385 LDP - 1,714 #nswvotes.

Final result was: LNP - 157,881 ALP - 150,992 AJP - 121,759 ON - 118,516 CDP was excluded on 113,108 and prior to that LDP excluded on 103,927 of which 3,401 preferences went to CDP and 4,665 went to ON. #nswvotes.

KSO were excluded on 92,945 votes, 40,570 flowed this way: ALP7- 19,462 AJP - 11,385 LNP - 4,448 LDP - 2,389 ON - 2,114 CDP - 772 This is the count AJP overtook both CDP and ON. KSO only trailed LDP by 8,593 votes when they were excluded. #nswvotes.

Schadenfreude squad out in force for Leyonhjelm defeat but anti-abortion, anti-gay Christian Dems losing a seat has barely scored a mention. Had everyone forgotten they existed? #nswvotes.

David Leyonhjelm has updated his Twitter profile. #auspol #nswvotes.

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Dear @DavidLeyonhjelm, this might help. Good luck! #NSWvotes.

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Oh sweet schadenfreude! 😂 #nswvotes #ByeByeLeyonhjelm.

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Getting into exclusions of lead candidates for unsuccessful parties now #nswvotes.

The chocolate wheel of democracy is ticking to a halt and we will shortly find out who has won the Meat Tray Of New South Wales #nswlc #nswvotes.

More candidates rolling here are the top 12 so far #NSWVotes #nswpol @2GB873.

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I will have analysis here later in the day once the #nswvotes preference distribution is released..

Recently spoke to NSW Christian Democrat Paul Green, former Shoalhaven mayor who nervously awaits the count today. He wants to keep his job in the upper house, which is under threat, with Mark Latham elected and Keep Sydney Open and Animal Justice parties entering fray #nswvotes.

First five candidates elected to the NSW Legislative Council. Representatives from a from a wide range of parties #nswvotes @2GB873.

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Because #nswvotes requires parties to run ridiculous numbers of candidates for an ATL box it will be a long time before anything meaningful happens in the election/exclusion process..

The lowest scoring candidate in #nswvotes was David Walter (Advance) with 1 vote. Everyone else got at least three. In 2015 three candidates polled zero votes..

NSW Legislative Council distribution of preferences about to start. Should take about 40 minutes to distribute votes. #nswvotes.

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Anticipation builds at the NSW Legislative Council count. It will take 45 minutes minimum. #nswvotes #nswpol.

#NSWVotes: Legislative Council Button Press Day. Some comments, results and analysis will be added when known..

Tomorrow is a big day for NSW: we will find out who has been elected for 8 year terms in the Legislative Council #nswvotes.

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