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£35m defender Sven Botman has completed his Newcastle United medical and is now about to put pen-to-paper on his #NUFC contract ✍🏼 Eddie Howe on the brink of landing one of his primary targets since he took over at St James’ Park 🦇.

NUFC still hope to announce Sven Botman today. Busy few hours for the club - remarkable season ticket demand raises the questions about SJP expansion. One for the future #nufc.

Congrats to everyone that secured a season ticket today! #NUFC.

Will rinse myself when he ends up at Watford in a few years. #NUFC.

@Diamond8618 This is on the same level as Bruno for me Both could become legends here 🤞🏼.

ايضا سيلعب نيوكاسل مع ميونخ ١٨٦٠ #نيوكاسل #NUFC كريغ هوب.

NUFC Photo,NUFC Photo by Saudi Gazza نيوكاسل مع وليد Alwaleed⚪⚫🟢,Saudi Gazza نيوكاسل مع وليد Alwaleed⚪⚫🟢 on twitter tweets NUFC Photo

To be fair to Newcastle they have a plan and I really like the recruitment they have done. Still expect a big fee for a forward player 👀 #NUFC.

@NUFC @noon Thought this conflict of interest sponsorship wasn’t allowed any more? Absolute joke.

@FabrizioRomano Eh @NUFCITKHub looney toon and Burnsie all said we have pretty much signed him so again fab I think you are telling porkies #nufc.

@Wellies61081181 @NUFC I honestly think it will be tbh our admin loves the banter haha..

If you are in season ticket queue for #NUFC , just leave the queue. Only one seat available and it’s 18-21 in family end..

NUFC Photo,NUFC Photo by Bailey_INQ,Bailey_INQ on twitter tweets NUFC Photo

Can all the nufc fans now unfollow Hugo kids a very silly thinking he will be playing for psg Bench warmer #nufc.

Newcastle should’ve raffled the tickets off. Put ur name down if you don’t claim it it goes to someone else. THE WEBSITES FVCKING PONY CRASHING EVERY 15 MINUTES. #nufc.

@NUFC This soem kind of a joke waited an hour to get to the front and receive this? Come on.

NUFC Photo,NUFC Photo by Damien Carrick,Damien Carrick on twitter tweets NUFC Photo

The site is a joke. I got in and this is what I get when I’ve selected seats for me and the bairn. Yes we do both have supporter numbers and were eligible. @NUFC this is very poor. #NUFC.

NUFC Photo,NUFC Photo by Paul09,Paul09 on twitter tweets NUFC Photo

@trisdouglas @NUFC Good luck - seen there’s been a few issues with people getting to the front and then it going down for maintenance 😧.

In the site, says there’s a seat and by the time you select it, it’s gone! Done this at least 15 times now!! #NUFC.

Given the hype around this young player he could be a top class player in the future but the fact his agent is asking for Champions League wages if we get top 4 this season & that the player does not want to join Newcastle Utd I think it’s not worth it #nufc.

@NUFC360 He’s a man stealing a living that Luke Edwards. He reports on NUFC when he has zero sources. You might as well get your NUFC news from one of the lasses at greggs. Luke’s source is Newsnow Newcastle, not sure if that counts..

Devastated to miss out on a ticket but nevertheless I can still follow my club every step of the way and will be watching the title charge from home #NUFC.

Site is a fucking joke, crashed twice when I had tickets selected. Tad gutting but happy for all who got one.

@NUFC *read in Geordie accent* But hey wey aye man, if the Oil money gets us a brand new number 9 who’ll bang in 20 goals cares about the human rights of millions and millions of people..

Just waited 2 hours for me space in que then to miss my chance as I was busy at work 🤦🏻#nufc.

@JulioGeordio80 @NUFC Heyyyyyy you have good ideas from time to time don’t you fella!!.

@Cantona_Is_King @NUFC Actually there are football teams for women, so try to search before talking.

Tw فابريتسيو رومانو: لا توجد تغييرات من نيوكاسل على صفقة إكتيكي، ولا نية للمضي قدما في الظروف الحالية من جانب اللاعب بعد الرسوم المتفق عليها قبل أسابيع. الصفقة ملغاة! كما تبدو الأمور. ⛔️⚪️ باريس مهتم به. لويس كامبوس، معجب به ولكن لا عرض حتى الآن. يعتمد ذلك أيضا على المغادرين.

On the Ekitike deal. Massive gamble being played by his team. It’s easy to “report” other teams being interested… or “monitoring” but if no other bids come in, where is the justification? I don’t believe we’ve heard the last of this. Reims want the deal with #NUFC #nufc.

Botman strikes me as a man who would tell GQ to fuck off if they approached him for a fashion shoot #NUFC.

@Carr18Alex @NUFC Must be an Oscar award winning announcement video or maldoni has had botman kidnapped by the Italian mafia.

An interview with our new centre back .. Toppling PSG, idolising Ramos & Van Dijk and how good is Soumare? | via @YouTube #nufc.

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