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Please pray for the Muslim community in New Zealand. Shootings at two mosques has left 40-50 injured and multiple dead. #NZMosqueShooting.

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lmao heard I get 14 years in jail for distributing this good luck extraditing me #NZMosqueShooting.

How disgusting is this? People murdered and politicians think they can just throw on a hijab for likes. Not even bothering to cover her neck. #NZShame #NZMosqueShooting.

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May Allah have mercy and forgive all those killed in the New Zealand massacre. We ask Allah to continue to protect the Muslims around the world with safety and security. #NZMosqueShooting.

His Excellency President Baron Waqa, the Govt & people of Nauru, are deeply saddened by the events in New Zealand. We stand with @jacindaardern to condemn violence and hatred. The prayers of our nation are with you. May God bring you peace. #ChristchurchAttack #NZMosqueShooting.

This beautiful Palestinian man (Mohammad Atta Alayan) who built the mosque of #NZMosqueShooting and his son. Both killed today by #nzshooting Both from Abu Dis, Jerusalem, Palestine, a town which has been devastated by the Israeli Apartheid Wall..

~ Allies - if a white supremacist was to attack our loved ones in Canada, what will be the consequences for those that openly propagate hate (white supremacist politicians like @FaithGoldy) and those that benefit by courting whites supremacists @AndrewScheer? #NZmosqueshooting.

My prayers are with New Zealand! Sending them love and strength! I am so sorry, and wrap my arms around their families. #NZMosqueShooting.

Please pray for the victims and families of this awful tragedy. We must not stay silent. We must speak out against this bigotry and Islamophobia. We must stand together. #NZMosqueShooting.

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This is an official press release from Fraser Anning, an Australian Senator about the #NZMosqueShooting. It is absolutely one of the most anti-Muslim and bigoted things I’ve read from a politician, and to come after a terrorist attack — unbelievable..

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Call it what it is: a terrorist attack. #NZMosqueShooting.

Prayers !! #NZMosqueShooting #ChristchurchTERRORISTattack.

New Zealand mosque shooter: - Australian who vowed to fight against ‘Muslim invaders’ - Described himself as a ‘regular White man’ who comes from a low-income working-class family - Livestreamed himself while shooting #Christchurch #NZMosqueShooting.

Strongly condemn the terrorist attack on a mosque in New Zealand. Deepest condolences to the families of those who lost their loved ones in this bloodbath. Racist, supremacist terrorists have shamed humanity again. Inna lillahi wa ina ilaihi rajioon. #NZMosqueShooting.

An attack on any place of worship is an attack on all of us. Mosques, churches, synagogues, and temples should be safe spaces. No one deserves to worship in fear. #NZMosqueShooting.

#NZMosqueShooting WHO is bankrolling this? How are they getting these weapons? NZ is strict on gun control, so is Australia.

Why calling them perpetrators and not terrorisms? How would you qualify this fucking act? Goddamn!!! #NZMosqueShooting.

May Allah grant the deceased the highest place in jannah inshallah and bestow his mercy on all those injured and all the families who are suffering. Keeping everyone in my dua’s today 💛 #NZMosqueShooting #ChristchurchMosqueAttack.

@RealCandaceO Wow, life really is ALL about you, ALL the time. #smh Condolences to all who knew victims or are hurting from the #NZMosqueShooting.

الله يرحمهم #شهداء_صلاة_الجمعه منظر الذي بثه الملعون الذي قتلهم يعور القلب 💔 #NZMosqueShooting.

For those sharing the horror online. Don’t encourage the hate. Have some respect for the victims and the families. This cunty scum doesn’t deserve the attention. Focus on some of the heroes of today. #NZMosqueShooting.

Graphic Warning: Footage of the mass shooting at Christchurch Mosque in New terrorist filmed himself gunning down Muslim worshippers gathered for Friday #ChristChurchNZ #NZMosqueShooting.

Bruh why. Just why. Just let people live man. Idk how ppl have so much hate in their hearts #NZMosqueShooting.

Can white People come out and admit that white nationalist terrorism is BIG issue not just in New Zealand but in USA, Canada, and Europe . #NZMosqueShooting #ChristchurchMosque.

#nzmosqueshooting is now trending in #Chicago.

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Please pray for the Muslim community in New Zealand. Shootings at two mosques has left 40-50 injured and multiple dead. #NZMosqueShooting.

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