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Jerry, Bobby, Mickey, & Phil stopped by the Rambler Room at Loyola University on 11/17/78. Billed as “Bobby Weir and Friends,” the show featured an acoustic set that included songs such as “Whinin’ Boy Blues,” “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door,” and “Oh Boy.” Photos by Noah Weiner.

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I saw the footage of Lowe on the news just now. He was almost smirking as he said real wages falling was a feature, not a bug 🙄oh dear what a shame what can you do Not a joke, Phil #auspol.

@sircantus Techno : “ cooking a turkey in front of Phil— I guess you can say that’s really FOWL Philza : “SHUT— Wilbur : “Oh come on Tech—That’s pretty PLUCKED up” Philza : “I’m crafting a belt—“ Tommy : “this really is killing two birds with one stove!” Philza : “STOP”.

That was terrible watching. No passion, no urgency, no creativity and why oh where oh where was Phil Foden??.

“I’m alright. I…I hear voices sometimes. In my head. Only Phil knows, and we couldn’t figure out how to stop them until…until you played the guitar.” “Oh. I didn’t even know.”.

@sircantus Phil when techno is in trouble: oh, it’s okay mate, i know you’ll behave next time :) Phil when tommy and wilbur in trouble: sweater. NOW..

When Tommy saves the world a second time, he knows what’s coming. His stomach rolls with the idea of dehumanizing hero worship and politics that leave a sour taste in his mouth. “Oh fuck that.” Phil tells him when he mentions it. “You saved us— only fair we save you from that.”.

Gratitude is: 1. The birthmark of the Christian (1 Thes 5:17) 2. The purpose of our redemption (2 Cor. 4:15) 3. An antidote to worry (Phil 4:6-7) 4. A weapon against impurity (Eph. 5:3-5) 5. A foretaste of eternity (Rev. 4:9) “Oh give thanks to the Lord for He is good!”.

Regardless of what happens this season the one thing Ted got right this year was bringing Gil, the big 3, Buck and Phil back oh yea, and G-Man! This is a top moment in Wizards/Bullets history..

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@am_constance @Phil_Lewis_ Oh ffs 🤦‍♂️ It’s bad because of its use through history, and perpetuated by white people like this. ‘How dare they find it offensive, they say it, too!’ It’s not the same thing and you know it. Gtfo with that logic.

@Phil_Lewis_ Oh the Republicans tryna silence Lil Nas X. CHIIIILE THE POWER HE HAS IS AMAZING LMAO and the gag is that he just rationed them on Twitter.

Oh my God Kirsty and Phil are in Didsbury - where I am from and I will never be able to afford ever - and this couple play golf. I might burst with rage. #locationlocationlocation.

@PhilHazell1 Oh Phil! So sorry to hear the devastating news Let’s see what tomorrow brings… Sending hugs all round.

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Oh my, Phil Danault with a NUKE on the power play. There’s nothing this man can’t do..

Are…are people seriously dumb enough not to recognize that all that merch “taking shots at Phil” is just Chicago-themed? Because oh idk… …PWTees is literally based in Chicago? And practically every really big name selling on PWTees has something Chicago-themed as a result?.

@Phil_Lewis_ Oh noooo Omg people are making choices opposite of my own. Time to write essays about how IcE cUbe iS sO eViLL..

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@PhilHazell1 Oh Phil and Jan that is so what a brave loyal girl she has been. Dogs never live long enough. 💕💕.

@TheAcsMan @Phil_Lewis_ Oh definitely before. The checking in to a facility comes with the second apology if the first one doesn’t work lol.


The Phil Knight legacy?!? Would that be sweatshops and dudes killed for their sneakers? Oh, and the Oregon bagmanning, that too..

@PhilHazell1 Oh Phil, I just don’t know what to say 😢 Devastating news, sending big hugs and love your way 💔.

@PhilHazell1 Oh god Phil, I didn’t realise it would be so quick. Sending love by the bucket load to you all ♥️.

@PhilHazell1 Oh Phil, I am so sad. This is just terrible. The tears flow even as I type. You, Jan & Sara (& yes even Brian) are such shining lights - you inspire us, you allow us to share your lives, & to laugh & cry with you. We are all crying now & throwing our arms around you all. #sara.

@PhilHazell1 Oh, Phil, I am so gutted for you, no words, we know how much she means to you ❤️❤️.

@PhilHazell1 Oh Phil I am so sorry. I am sure your vet will have some really good advice to ensure Sara is comfortable and you two can continue to enjoy each others company for a long time. ❤️.

@PhilHazell1 Oh Phil Big big hugs for everyone and yes we have come to love Sara very much. She is a special girl 💜💜💜.

@PhilHazell1 Oh Phil. I’m so so sorry. So heartbreaking.💔 Thank you for sharing your beautiful Sara with us all here on Twitter. Thinking of you and Jan and Brian too of course. Sending much love to you all.🥀.

@Mandajascat @SoVeryBritish Oh, that is a helpful rule of thumb for this American! shire as in New Hampshire.

Such a shame we don’t have a generational talent like Phil Foden in the squad OH HANG ON!.

@PhilHazell1 Oh Phil. I’m so very sorry. My love and thoughts are with you and your beautiful, beautiful girl - it’s just about the greatest love there is..

@NotYourNegro68 @Phil_Lewis_ Oh no, I do. I absolutely do. I’m not anti vax, i’m anti experiment. So when that sharp chest pain hits and lack of energy to accomplish task pass,come back to this msg so we can chat. After the free gov’t weed, money, food and entertainment discounts dry up msg me your progress..

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