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Whoops. Looks like Brooke pushed her marriage off the cliff there. Oh, and Thomas. #OhBrookeOhTaylorOhBrooke.

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Hope, you could at least lie to protect your mother from a potential criminal charge. #ohbrookeohtaylorohbrooke.

“I don’t know what happened” Brooke unfamiliar with how gravity works #ohbrookeohtaylorohbrooke.

Yes Ridge, psycho killers seldom knock before entering #ohbrookeohtaylorohbrooke.

Well, Ridge, bad things happen to people who tell mothers their baby is dead. #OhBrookeOhTaylorOhBrooke.

In other news no one gives a hoot about: ask the eight year old what we should have for dinner: “Lamb shanks.” “Too late,” I say. “How about BarBQ ribs?” Could the kid ask for a Happy Meal? Ugh #ohbrookeohtaylorohbrooke.

Plot twist! Bill blows the hospital up - wipes out most of the Forresters! #ohbrookeohtaylorohbrooke.

It’s bad to sleep with your husband’s dad, sure. But much worse to kill your husband’s kid. Another divorce for Bridge? #ohbrookeohtaylorohbrooke.

Ridge says he knew something was going to happen but he didn’t think that Brooke would push Thomas off a cliff and blames Brooke for maybe killing him. Geez #ohbrookeohtaylorohbrooke.

Bill calling someone selfish and entitled 😂😂😂 #ohbrookeohtaylorohbrooke.

Spit it out, Hope. This whole conversation could have been explained in one sentence. #ohbrookeohtaylorohbrooke.

A man in a coma is probably the only person Liam could beat in a fight #ohbrookeohtaylorohbrooke.

Thomas will be a fake paraplegic and want hope to have his ivf baby #ohbrookeohtaylorohbrooke.

Brooke looks guilty. She should have pushed Thomas harder #ohbrookeohtaylorohbrooke.

WT? Hello Doctor. He was a bad guy on Days. Doctor Days. #ohbrookeohtaylorohbrooke Hilarious!.

Liam arrives and says that Beth is with Maya and Lizzie and doesn’t even notice that Hope is upset. Finally he does and asks what happened. Hope says Thomas #ohbrookeohtaylorohbrooke.

I’m disappointed to find the #ohbrookeohtaylorohbrooke isn’t actually a cunning reference to @TimBrookeTaylor #TheGoodies.

Now Ridge is just going to have to go and marry Hope. The only Logan he hasn’t yet been with #ohbrookeohtaylorohbrooke.

Thomas grabs her and she slaps him. Hope runs out the door. Hope runs near the cliff. Thomas grabs her and tries to explain and says he didn’t mean to lose her. Hope trues to push Thomas away. Brooke arrives and pushes him off the cliff as Ridge arrives. #ohbrookeohtaylorohbrooke.

Whoops. Looks like Brooke pushed her marriage off the cliff there. Oh, and Thomas. #OhBrookeOhTaylorOhBrooke.

Berry Boy. He zip lined from Hollyweird to Malibu in no time. #ohbrookeohtaylorohbrooke.

Thomas arrives at the cliffhouse and scares the crap out of Hope. Thomas can’t believe she wants an annulment and doesn’t want this to happen #ohbrookeohtaylorohbrooke.

Let’s hope hope has locked the door urgh what am I thinking #OhBrookeOhTaylorOhBrooke.

Ridge tells Brooke that Thomas was gone and that Thomas is heading to see Hope at Steffy’s. Brooke says that Hope is alone. Ridge says he won’t do anything. Both of them are also heading to the cliff house. #ohbrookeohtaylorohbrooke.

Ridge tells Douglas it is important and he says that Thomas went to the beach to see Hope. Hope then thinks about happy times with Beth. Ridge is in the car trying to call Thomas. No answer. Calls Brooke #ohbrookeohtaylorohbrooke.

My Cousin Vinnie. Must be super happy for the home invasion. #ohbrookeohtaylorohbrooke.

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