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The governor of Ohio using COVID relief funds to set up a million dollar weekly vaccine lottery is the peak form of degeneracy. In a sane country, that clown would be thrown out of office tomorrow.

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- Número de casos no mundo ultrapassa a marca de 160 milhões; - Pelo 2° dia seguido, Índia reporta mais de 4 mil mortes em 24h; - Governador de Ohio, nos EUA, Mike DeWine, diz que irá sortear 1 milhão de dólares para 5 pessoas que se vacinarem; #COVID19


Rentas vitalicias: Ohio National acusa a Chile de faltas al trato justo de inversionistas y expropiación. La compañía norteamericana ya notificó a Cancillería de activación de mecanismo de resolución de controversias del TLC.

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And think, Ohio’s Governor is now holding a million-dollar lottery to coerce people without this knowledge to get their shot.

el Nuevo Herald
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Ohio sorteará 1 millón de dólares semanal entre las personas que se vacunen

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Rosary of the Unborn
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God the Father speaks to mankind today at Holy Love Ministry, Ohio, USA: Whether you celebrate #AscensionDay or Eid Mubarak #EidMubarak Jesus died for your sins and it is by His wounds and through repentance we can enter Heaven.

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Joe Goldblatt, Author
Joe Goldblatt, Author ()

“Ohio Lottery to Give 5 People $1 Million Each to Encourage Vaccination” NY Times In my opinion, when you must bribe citizens to do their civic duty it is the end of civil society as we once knew it.

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Pandemia Covid jest tak zabójcza, że loteria w stanie Ohio musi korumpować ludzi, by zgodzili się przyjąć szczepionkę - 1milion USD dla 5 wylosowanych szczęśliwców.

K ()

@ajzeigler Yup, I thought it was a joke when I heard. I live in Ohio. This guy is dirty as heck

Faith ()

@3rdangelmessen1 @keesaroo Ohio is the place to be!! 🤣🤣 i used to have a friend who lives there, Cincinnati I think. Did u turn your spell checker back on?? 😉

Diario Trome
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Ohio sorteará 1 millón de dólares semanal entre los que se vacunen contra el COVID-19

Frank Gogola
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Montana #GrizFB gets a commitment from Michigan State grad transfer DeAri Todd. The 6-foot-2, 265-pound DE has 2 years of eligibility left and was a 3x Academic All-Big Ten selection. He was a 3-star prospect out of HS in Lorain, Ohio, and originally committed to Boston College.

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#INTERNACIONAL Ohio promueve vacunación contra el Covid-19 con premios de lotería de 1 mdd ➡

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dylan matthews
Dylan matthews ()

@marthagimbel Like if we’re trying to pick the best state it’s just sad to pretend Michigan and Ohio are in the running

Josh Feigenbaum®
Josh Feigenbaum® ()

@Molly_RoseCLE There’s a handful of good websites you can sign up and make wagers. Otherwise you have to go to a sports book. Ohio will legalize sports betting very soon and then you can bet in person

Gregg Levine
Gregg Levine ()

I’ve don’t the math—instead of a game of chance rewarding five people, Ohio could use that money to give every adult in the state a check for $1,750 when they get vaccinated. Which plan will help more people?

Jordan Schachtel
Jordan Schachtel ()

The governor of Ohio using COVID relief funds to set up a million dollar weekly vaccine lottery is the peak form of degeneracy. In a sane country, that clown would be thrown out of office tomorrow.

Liz Essley Whyte
Liz Essley Whyte ()

Can former Ohio residents get entered? Would very much like $1 million to go with my Krispy Kreme donut. 😃

Blucas ()

@jacobdotgov I love that Ohio is such that @murderxbryan had the sensible idea ($100 per shot) and the actual governor had the Dumb Guy idea

gustavo arroyo
Gustavo arroyo ()

Covid-19, vacunas: regalan miles de dólares a quienes en Ohio se apliquen la dosis correspondiente!

Scott Lemieux
Scott Lemieux ()

Ohio governor bucks Republican orthodoxy by trying to save the lives of his constituents

Michelle Everhart
Michelle Everhart ()

Welcome to Ohio where you have the chance to win $1 million or a full-ride scholarship if you get the COVID-19 vaccine.

Jeff Hutcheson
Jeff Hutcheson ()

Wow. In Ohio, if you’ve had your first shot, the state enters you in a for a million dollars. They are giving away 5 million over 5

NAS ()

@sofargone777 @Vision239 But he ain’t from Ohio . I’m just saying they go to other states to get certain skill players

Dan Hope
Dan Hope ()

Former Ohio State cornerback Shaun Wade officially signed his contract with the Baltimore Ravens today.

KKTV 11 News
KKTV 11 News ()

Governor’s ‘golden ticket:’ Everything we know about Ohio’s $1 million vaccination sweepstakes

Jude ()

.@ColumbusCrew what channel is the game on tonight? It says Valley Sports Ohio but it is not on that channel.

RB ()

Ohio is such a weird place. Like, I love my I also hate my state. But I’m also not going anywhere because this shit is just entertaining at this point. (How do I enter tho)

Papist Papa
Papist Papa ()

@noordinarysocks @catholic_love I guess Baby Papist(tm) really likes Ohio. He tried to hit unfollow on this post.

Alex Ebert
Alex Ebert ()

Not a typo: Ohio will give away $1 million to five randomly Covid-19 vaccinated residents, @GovMikeDeWine just announced. Drawings, through Secretary of State, to begin May 26.

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