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Tweet247 | Updated: Wed, 18 Apr 2018, 06:06 AM IST

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  • Merv has a message for people who find themselves in a similar situation: “Talk, seek advice, open up. That’s certainly been the best therapy for me.” #OpenMike.

  • A recap of Merv Keane’s courageous interview with Mike Sheahan on #OpenMike..

  • Tonight, a harrowing episode of #OpenMike on @FOXFOOTY. Tigers legend opens up on tragic double loss of his wife and daughter in the same month. MORE:.

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  • Cannot fathom the utter heartbreak Merv Keane has experienced as a father and husband. What a courageous man. Love and light to him and his boys✨@FOXFootyLive #OpenMike.

  • Merv Keane is definitely a strong man after the tragic events that happened in September last year with the passing of his wife & daughter. Good to see @EssendonFC & @Richmond_FC get behind his family after being at both clubs for so long. Really sad story. #OpenMike.

  • Richmond champion Merv Keane opens up on the heartbreaking loss of his daughter and wife on #OpenMike.

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  • Growing-up Merv Keane was the young Wycheproof footy hero who reached VFL / AFL ranks with Richmond. Everyone in the district looked up to him. #OpenMike tonight illustrated Merv continues to be incredibly admired & is championing a new cause. A1 interview @FOXFOOTY #MikeSheahan.

  • Merv Keane coached me as a Grade 5 kid playing school footy & Kaye taught me Grade 5 & 6 at Alphington Primary. My 💔 actually breaks watching #OpenMike All my love to the Keane family..

  • So glad @FOXFOOTY #OpenMike got Merv Keane on. I lost & found my closest friend to suicide. The situation, regardless, is profound. I’m still broken, but talking - and hearing - about it is important for all. Please seek help if you need it. There’s nothing bad in asking for help.

  • What a story. Merv Keane thanks for sharing; hard to imagine what you have been through! Your resilience is remarkable. #OpenMike @FOXFOOTY.

  • Incredible #OpenMike tonight. So brave. So sad..

  • Such an astonishingly brave, yet tragically sad, story of Merv Keane and his family. Hopefully it helps other to open up and talk more about what’s troubling them in their lives #OpenMike.

  • So tough to watch the incredibly stoic Merv Keane speaking to the unspeakable on #OpenMike. A tiger by colour and nature. Well done Mike Sheahan too. #gotiges.

  • #OpenMike what a bloke is Merv Keane, what a tragedy he and his boys have been through, how sad for his wife & daughter, thoughts to him & family.

  • #Openmike was very good and very sad all at once tonight. What a brave and strong man Merv Keane is..

  • Felt moved to pay my respects to Merv Keane & family after their recent tragedies. Incredibly brave of Merv to share his story on @FOXFOOTY #OpenMike.

  • Raw tough viewing with Merv Keane on @FOXFOOTY #OpenMike @EssendonFC @Richmond_FC such a strong man & a devastating turn of tragic events. #mentalhealth.

  • Merv Keane a great man who bares all on #openmike @FOXFOOTY with courage not often seen in this format to benefit others #mervkeane.

  • That’s more courageous than any act I’ve seen on a Football Ground, Merv Keane as brave as they come. #OpenMike @FOXFootyLive @FOXFOOTY.

  • Merv Keane absolutely outstanding on #openmike. So much courage to talk so openly about such a tragic situation. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼.

  • Just caught the end of an extremely sombre #OpenMike. Absolute respect and admiration for the way in which Sheahan addressed the intricacies and sheer devastation that mental health disorders can have. Bravo..

  • @FOXFOOTY What a powerful #OPENMIKE - such an important I truly hope it helps someone in pain to open up & communicate..

  • So much admiration for Merv Keane & how he has handled his family ’s a quality person. #OpenMike.

  • This Merv Keane story is devastating. And so elegantly and politely handled by the best footy journo in the caper. Bravo Mike Sheahan. #OpenMike @FOXFOOTY.

  • That #OpenMike episode was I can’t even find the words.

  • Merv Keane, what an unbelievably strong and brave man #OpenMike #Respect.

  • #openMike That was the best "open Mike" ever, and it had nothing to do with football. Merv Keane is a extremely strong human being. Told that story with such grace and courage. Very respectful also, Mike Sheahan. Classy episode..

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  • Richmond champion Merv Keane opens up on the heartbreaking loss of his daughter and wife on OpenMike….

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  • Imagine losing a daughter & Wife without 6 weeks! That happened to #MervKeane so articulate expressing himself & his Thoughts are with him & Fam! Kudos Merv @FOXFootyLive Mike Sheahan & #OpenMike for such a compelling story.

  • #openmike is now trending in #Melbourne.

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  • Such a sad story on #OpenMike. Great interview by Mike and Merv speaking so well in tough circumstances. @AFL.

  • This story is as sad as it gets. Very brave man to go on tv and talk about it. #OpenMike.